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  1. Turns out it's my iPod, try'd another 2 an both fine. So good an bad news ha ha no idea why mines not working tho thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks mate, all the cables look fine, I've got an iPod classic so it should work ok an it's fine with all my other stuff but still to get my brothers iPod off him lol
  3. Hi guys, glad to have joined up! got the kit and fitted after reading many of the post here and else where. The kits working great, doing everything except play the dam iPod lol its charging it, waking it but always says "no iPod" I've double checked everything, even plugged the cables in both ways as some say it's can make a difference? nothings working, hesitate to say the cables done in because it's charging it, some times it's in full charging screen others it will play away to its self while charging. Mall other functions are working fine tho. cars an E46 M3 (2004) any help welcone cos I'm stuck lol john