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  1. Aaron1875

    Increased emissions light again

    Thanks I may take you up on it and cone up for a remap !
  2. Aaron1875

    Increased emissions light again

    To rule out the Air filter bring incorrectly seated I stripped it down checked over lines again Checked that air filter was sitting correctly it kind of was stripped cleaned air filter housing and sprayed elec contact spray into maf and hoovered out any debris in housing, Replaced filter minus the sponge sleeve The only difference I’ve noticed is it responds better I’m hoping it may take a while for light to go off, haven’t driven it much. However I still get a nasty discernible pungent exhaust smell when start up from cold, however when the engine warms there’s no smell. It was this smell that alerted to me previously to the cracked manifold that I had had replaced. I bought a cast iron one and got my Indy to replace it. I’ve complained on a few occasions about the smell since and I said that I reckon they’ve not seated the manifold or maybe down pipe correctly. Do you think a leaking exhaust would trigger the increased emissions light ? I can’t hear the manifold blowing or feel exhaust gases escaping ? All the EGR pipes and cooler pipes are intact ? I just want that damn light off and the smell on start up to go away ! Lol
  3. Hi hope your well, its been a while, I previously posted this issue back in oct 2017 when the fault manifested again, My cars a 56’ reg Jan 2007 pre Lci 525 d D25 engine with later spec electronic controlled VNT it has long life left on DPF and has covered 88k mls The increased emissions fault code cropped up in 2016, to rectify the fault I changed the airflow sensor which yielded no result but then subsequently changed the EGR after the car lost power and went into limp mode. The EML and increased emissions light went off however returned in summer of 2017. I then had some other faults on reader regarding glow plugs etc and noted that engine temp was not holding at optimum so changed both stats, also changed 3 faulty glow plugs, glow plug controller, EGR vacuum controller and whilst everything was stripped off blanked the swirl flaps and changed seals. (Note the car did not require software update to eliminate the eml for swirl flap removal) also all the vacuum hoses were intact and looked pristine and healthy and held vacuum. Anyway changing one or more of the aforementioned components rectified the increased emission light. In June this year but having done very few miles since rectifying the fault (cos I rarely use the car) I sent it to a local Indy for oil servicing and asked him to swap out the oil breather as well as change fuel filter (but leave the air filter which was practically new from when I serviced it myself few months earlier), but after a few weeks with limited miles being covered the increased emission light popped up again. I left the car unused until August when Jake 13, from this forum helped me and stripped down inlet, re-examined EGR and all hoses, checked MAP sensor on inlet cleaned it ensured it’s working correctly cleaned EGR cleaned ensured EGR was holding vacuum checked spring all fine, ensured all vacuum hoses were secure and not split, they were all solid in healthy condition. Ensured the EGR boost vacuum controller was working, note I don’t have a vacuum boost controller for turbo because the vacuum distributor rail is blanked off for that because mines the later type, We also ensured the vacuum rail orifices were unblocked and cleaned them to be thorough. Re assembled everything in correct order. Reset using INPA and light went off for a day but sods law came back again. ( the fault code that accompanies the increased emissions on INPA states EGR limited airflow EGR negative deviation, this is the same consistent message I left it cos I went abroad but now I’m back and I’m using the car and I hate seeing the eml, I was wondering as a last ditch attempt if you could shed any light on whether there’s any truth that an incorrectly seated air filter or air filter housing could cause this light warning message ?
  4. Aaron1875

    Anyone with DIS to Reset ELV

    All Sorted Reset No more bong and annoying warning light All Thanks to Jake 13’, he’s a Gentleman ! Also appreciate the offer Misterbish,
  5. Aaron1875

    EGR failure?

    Just out of interest what scanner did you purchase ?
  6. Aaron1875

    Help! 530d msport poorly

    Get a Cast iron manifold from eBay as cheap as £50 X8R offer them inc gasket sets the original steel ones are wafer thin and crack, you can strip it down and it maybe worth sending off your turbo to be reconditioned and rebalanced
  7. Aaron1875

    Anyone with DIS to Reset ELV

    I’ll google see how far you’re at really appreciate the offer mines is a 2007 non lci 525d Msport, Would your software be compatible ?
  8. Aaron1875

    Anyone with DIS to Reset ELV

    Thanks for replying Mines a 2007 non lci so most likely yours would work, Kline which I believe yours would be Where you based ?
  9. I had my Vehicle in for MOT and while car was up in the air the MOT tester’s lackey was rocking the steering rather vigourosky on lock to lock, I had to lambast him to stop, anyway the vigorous tricking exposed an advisory for drivers side inner tie rod and slight movement in track rod end ball joint, so being finicky I decided to get them done straight away. I left Mot station the car was fine no errors. I went to a mates garage and had em replaced. The key was in the ignition so he could turn the wheel So we could lock it as needed to access bolts. Also when he had to Torque the bolts off I manually held the steering wheel so as not put strain on the steering lock or rack, however despite this after completing the job, the dreaded red steering lock warning sign came up,I had the vehicle tracked and have since parked it up. The steering lock mechanism works on and off and car starts fine but I dont want the counter in CAS module to run up above threshold value and eventually lock it out so hence this post ! Anyone in West Midlands near Birmingham got DIS Edibias software and know how to reset ? Will treat you to a drink lol! Thanks in advance
  10. Aaron1875

    535D What Additives

    Mineral based is what you need so it burns better and mines green https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302248196109
  11. Aaron1875

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Yours will be vortex, they’re all interchangeable the old loo roll types and vortex. The old loo roll tend to be found on older models such as E46 and E39’s, though I’ve read some BMW service places started reusing loo roll types as a service option to be changed every three services. According to my BMW Indy he said the plastic vortex type, though less likely to clog, was just plastic no filter, allowing oil to condense and fall back down oil tube whereas the loo roll filter element actually separated oil from the fumes and thus acted like a proper oil separator preventing oil gunking the vacuum hoses to turbo and EGR, the only thing with loo roll type it requires changing minimum every three services.
  12. Aaron1875

    535D What Additives

    What’s peoples thoughts on using mineral based low ash 2 stroke oil. I’ve seen positive posts about using 3 ml per litre, apparently it helps with lubricity, because our uk diesel has Low Lubricity, due to the process of removing the sulphur (for low emissions) drying out the diesel, which in turn apparently wears Injectors pressure pumps prematurely, it’s also apparently meant to help diesel combust better more efficiently thus in turn leading to less particulates blocking EGR and DPF’s. i have also read it cleans fuel system too and after a couple of tanks and change of fuel filters, mechanics have often commented how clean the fuel filters have been after using the 2stroke. I took plunge and tried it recently, I was always sceptical about additives such as STP fuel injector cleaners, Redex and Millers too. The only additive I’ve ever used is Bioboost which is a cetane enhancer and has detergent properties too, A friend of mine gave me a barrel. He produces biodiesel and I got idea from him and use trace amounts to produce a better burn and works out much cheaper than filling with V Power. However in regards to the 2 stroke oil that I recently used, I can honestly say that straight away I noticed a discernible difference in diesel noise, less injector noise and smoother operation of engine and cleaner exhaust fumes, sweeter smell too. Ive only used fraction of the tank and am receiving positive benefits. I’m going to monitor the mpg because it’s supposed to help combust the diesel more efficiently and completely. i will keep you posted.
  13. Aaron1875

    E60 525d M-Sport Brake disc size

    Zimmerman were original equipment, you can get cross drilled variants too, which are what I’ve been looking at,
  14. Aaron1875

    E60 525d M-Sport Brake disc size

    Real OEM lists both sizes but how do I know what will fit mine is there some kind of code ?
  15. BMW 525d M-Sport jan 07 pre LCI Just for future reference I’ve seen some bargain Zimmerman cross drilled disc pads combination, so thought I may purchase them for future use when current Brembo ones expire (they irritate me cos they occasionally squeal) also im considering a remap and with potentialy 30-50 bhp gains could do with extra braking performance. Real OEM indicates 310 mm standard and 324 mm for extra braking load or service vehicles. (its bizarre that fronts recommended are 310mm and rear are 320 mm ? why would rears be greater diameter ?) will I be able to use the 324mm ? Will my carriers accommodate this size ? and if they do could I also go bigger 348mm, which I believe commonly found on 535d ?