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  1. 535D What Additives

    Mineral based is what you need so it burns better and mines green https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302248196109
  2. E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Yours will be vortex, they’re all interchangeable the old loo roll types and vortex. The old loo roll tend to be found on older models such as E46 and E39’s, though I’ve read some BMW service places started reusing loo roll types as a service option to be changed every three services. According to my BMW Indy he said the plastic vortex type, though less likely to clog, was just plastic no filter, allowing oil to condense and fall back down oil tube whereas the loo roll filter element actually separated oil from the fumes and thus acted like a proper oil separator preventing oil gunking the vacuum hoses to turbo and EGR, the only thing with loo roll type it requires changing minimum every three services.
  3. 535D What Additives

    What’s peoples thoughts on using mineral based low ash 2 stroke oil. I’ve seen positive posts about using 3 ml per litre, apparently it helps with lubricity, because our uk diesel has Low Lubricity, due to the process of removing the sulphur (for low emissions) drying out the diesel, which in turn apparently wears Injectors pressure pumps prematurely, it’s also apparently meant to help diesel combust better more efficiently thus in turn leading to less particulates blocking EGR and DPF’s. i have also read it cleans fuel system too and after a couple of tanks and change of fuel filters, mechanics have often commented how clean the fuel filters have been after using the 2stroke. I took plunge and tried it recently, I was always sceptical about additives such as STP fuel injector cleaners, Redex and Millers too. The only additive I’ve ever used is Bioboost which is a cetane enhancer and has detergent properties too, A friend of mine gave me a barrel. He produces biodiesel and I got idea from him and use trace amounts to produce a better burn and works out much cheaper than filling with V Power. However in regards to the 2 stroke oil that I recently used, I can honestly say that straight away I noticed a discernible difference in diesel noise, less injector noise and smoother operation of engine and cleaner exhaust fumes, sweeter smell too. Ive only used fraction of the tank and am receiving positive benefits. I’m going to monitor the mpg because it’s supposed to help combust the diesel more efficiently and completely. i will keep you posted.
  4. E60 525d M-Sport Brake disc size

    Zimmerman were original equipment, you can get cross drilled variants too, which are what I’ve been looking at,
  5. E60 525d M-Sport Brake disc size

    Real OEM lists both sizes but how do I know what will fit mine is there some kind of code ?
  6. BMW 525d M-Sport jan 07 pre LCI Just for future reference I’ve seen some bargain Zimmerman cross drilled disc pads combination, so thought I may purchase them for future use when current Brembo ones expire (they irritate me cos they occasionally squeal) also im considering a remap and with potentialy 30-50 bhp gains could do with extra braking performance. Real OEM indicates 310 mm standard and 324 mm for extra braking load or service vehicles. (its bizarre that fronts recommended are 310mm and rear are 320 mm ? why would rears be greater diameter ?) will I be able to use the 324mm ? Will my carriers accommodate this size ? and if they do could I also go bigger 348mm, which I believe commonly found on 535d ?
  7. Can someone confirm exactly what type of fluid goes into E60 Active Power steering (mines a 2007 525d MSport) dipping with a clean white towel mine currently exhibits reddish brown fluid ? It states ATF on cap but I’m thinking the CHF green sticker could have fallen off, but I was thrown when dipping the fluid. should I flush ? and how much will I require for a reservoir suction drain refill type flush ? (I dont want to start disturbing pipes and banjo bolts and I have use an oil extractor) just want to know how much the whole system takes
  8. Having scoured breaker yard adverts with either no luck and eBay pre owned ads all wanting £100-150 (mostcwithout beng a complete set with tool kit etc). I happened upon this, do you think it’s reasonably priced ? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222401893432
  9. E60 MV2 wheels

    Tuvoc I’m assuming your referring to the vehicle in your profile pic ? If so those are a different style altogether to the MV2’s that were fitted to the MSport
  10. E60 MV2 wheels

    My car underwent a health check at BMW Sytner following some recall work, they pointed out the rear tyres were shot, I only recently took ownership of this car from a family member and wasn’t aware that most E60 MV2 18’s Msport wheels are non staggered, whereas the 19 spiders style as per my previous E60 535 msport were staggered I find this bizarre considering all the E39’s 17’s and 18’s M parallels were all staggered. I even checked real oem and there it was in plain text the offset and width are same part all the way around no option like the 19 spiders, anyone know the bmw logic for having a square setup
  11. High Emissions light 525 d 56'reg

    I got car back from RSJ Independent BMW I left it with them for the last week and half. I had both EGR and Main thermostat which Indy supplied.( Car now warms up quickly and stays consistent at optimum temp whether pottering around town or on highway ) I also had the Glow plug controller (which I supplied) changed, which requires removal of inlet manifold, which was also decoked. Indy also removed swirl flaps changed gaskets and fitted blanks that I supplied, checked all vacuum hoses and resecured whilst refitting, ensured no leaks. Lastly Fitted and registered new Exide battery that I supplied, and completed final diagnostics and cleared fault codes, all of the above work all in for £250. and best news is no more High emissions EML, I believe the high emissions light could have been triggered due to, a. vacuum hose potentially being insecure on EGR, that’s just a guess based on what’s was posted above, and because the Indy didn’t highlight this but may have been too preoccupied stripping it to notice. He did say the vacuum hoses were all intact and not deteriorated. b. The only thing the Indy pointed out was slight leak on one of inlet manifold gaskets, all which were replaced with swirflap blanking kit. this could have been a possibility c. this is probably a stretch but the replacement battery ironing out glitches in various ecu’s. I’m sure I read some post somewhere that various fault codes inc high emissions light was triggered by low battery and surges in alternator charge. d. The replacement glowplug controller allowing glow plugs to work properly, coupled with the replacement EGR and Thermostats ensure the car attains optimum temperature and runs leaner thus lowering the exhaust emissions. Incidentally this also satisfies all the conditions for a successful DPF Regen. Food for thought Prior to even rectifying the high emissions fault I still had 100k mls left on DPF status in the I drive menu. However rather than allowing the possibility of unnecessarily clogging the DPF due to faults highlighted above I thought best to get them rectified as prevention is better than cure ! It would have been nice to accurately pin point the high emissions fault to one particular underlying cause but alas we are we’re at !
  12. E60 Swirl Flap size anyone ?

    It went in for the glow plug module replacement and whilst the inlet was off I had all gaskets and blanking plates fitted. The original flaps were actually in really good nick and weren’t heavily crudded gaskets too, but thats probably down being a low miler and to fitting a new EGR and Engine Carbon Clean last year. So took above advice and preemptively replaced so jobs a good one !
  13. BMW Recalls

    Thanks Andrew I checked that out before but it appears BMW are dodging the Brake Servo issue even though DFST website highlight it across the range, they acknowledged the BMW battery clamp needs doing because I’ve never taken it in (was preoccupied with my new F30 3 series M sport since 2014 but which has now departed) and started to refocus on this old timer which had since more or less new.
  14. BMW Recalls

    Will do
  15. BMW Recalls

    My variant is a Jan 2007 pre LCI 525 d MSport 1. I've read about Brake servo seal and oil contamination affecting the E60's 2. and the risk of fire due to faulty battery cable clamp, 3. ZF Auto Gearbox Mechatronic sleeve incorrect fitting causing oil seepage The above issues potentially pertain to my model has anyone referred back to bmw and had issues corrected.? Is it an issue if the recalls are dating back to 2010? or even prior ? will BMW honour them ? heres Link to a useful site that highlights recalls and technical service bulletins http://ukcar.reviews/bmw-5series-e60-e61-2003-problems-recalls/