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    e60 535d
  1. Did you ever manage to get this sorted? Stangeley, I’ve had the same issue! Unplugged the CD changer thinking it was a straight swap (like the car it had come from!), didn’t work. I plugged the CD changer back in, and now “CD” is completely greyed out? im familiar with coding and fairly comfident with it so any suggestions/instructions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. hfe96

    Steering Pull

    Did you ever get this sorted? Having the exact same issue on an e60 535d. Running winter tyres on the rear and normal none run flats on the front. Have had the tracking checked and both track rod ends changed last week, if anything it's gotten worse since this!
  3. hfe96

    Steering?! (or lack of)

    Did you ever get this?! Got pretty much the exact same issue but with winter's on the rear!
  4. hfe96

    535d shaking steering wheel whilst braking

    Mine turned out to be spacers causing the shake under braking and occasionally when accelerating. Took them off this weekend, poof! back to a steady steering wheel!
  5. hfe96

    Clunking on take off?

    Any update on this? Did replacing the above part's resolve this issue for you?
  6. hfe96

    535d e60 nightmare rumble :(

    Did you ever get this sorted? Have the exact same issue with my 535D