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  1. GoNz0

    How the hell..

    Suspension on a 100k car is a must for me
  2. GoNz0

    How the hell..

    They way I look at it is the inner will also be worn if the outers failed so do the whole tie rod and be done with. You can do one in half an hour. i bought the crowfoot wrench to use with my torque wrench to make sure the job was done right.
  3. GoNz0

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    As the shoes are only for the handbrake they shouldn't wear out but obviously for the price always should be swapped when new discs are fitted
  4. GoNz0

    Touring rear brake lines

    I assume they didn't bother following the setup procedure, download it and go back with it and make them do it
  5. GoNz0

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    You can fire the switch via dealer level diagnostics if you have ISTA or INPA, that's how I got mine open when the loom broke
  6. GoNz0

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    £33 for all 4 bolts, washer and nuts, not moaning as it's another job done.
  7. GoNz0

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Took mine in for tracking under the care package today (7 left) I bottomed out big time going under a diddly bridge on the lincolnshire backroads just after it was tracked 2 months ago, this was the result today. Soon followed by the toe bolt snapping. Luck on our side it came out and they had a bolt to stick in so I could get home (interesting holding the wheel in the green while he nipped the bolt up ) Car now sat in the air again and a bag of camber bolts sat on the worktop. I decided to change some more vac lines today and snapped the end off the accumulator FFS, another £30
  8. GoNz0

    Paying for membership

    You should be able to use paypal without an account, it should give you the option to pay with your card.
  9. GoNz0


    Can also recommend these for shock changes, the little strut tool is ace, shock came out and new one in with zero effort. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Spring-Compressor-Dumper-Strut-System-Coil-Clamp-Tool-Set-Tuning-Kit-Car-Red-UK/292634665751 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BERGEN-2pc-1-2-STRUT-CLAMP-TOOL-VAG-VW-BMW-Citroen-Ford-B1232/152534830911
  10. GoNz0


    Bagged these via cash convertors on Amazon, £99 brand new, £60 less than the average lowest price.
  11. I know Sachs made them for the E61 and I have found the front ones but I can't find anything to do with aluminum rear shocks for my E61, I would rather not pay double for one with a BMW logo on the sticker so does anyone know the right one? The ZF parts finder only lists standard and sports chassis for the rear no m-sport I don't want to go down the Bilstein B8 route as I know from my E36 they are a hard ride, I had been looking at the new Koni special actives as well but as of yet you can't find reviews for them, only the older FSD's Thanks.
  12. GoNz0

    E61 M-sport rear shock?

    I know, can understand a bit in winter though...
  13. GoNz0

    Prices please.

    Can I have the price for the following please. 4x 33526769295 2x 33526764264 Thanks.
  14. GoNz0

    E61 M-sport rear shock?

    Well the car now has a full set of Koni's special actives installed and a few trips out to bed them in. Wow, just wow, this is how a 5 series sport should be. Confident and planted in corners, the level of grip has gone up especially when you floor it out of bends (including the adverse camber coming out of the BMW death trap near Ikea that claims a BMW on a regular basis) The body roll has gone down, I didn't expect that. Speed Bumps are no longer a bottom clenching experience with no thud as you come out of them and the same can be said when hitting the many potholes around here, I no longer need to weave around the smaller ones and getting caught out by one that's' 2 inches deep no longer results in the pothole explosion sound. Things like expansion strips can only be heard and no longer felt. Well worth the gamble of stock or Koni, I can give them the thumbs up and recommend them.
  15. GoNz0

    DPF Questions

    The test is idle, 2k and cut off revs so have a guess and post the results, they will be close enough.
  16. GoNz0

    DPF Questions

    8192.0 mbar reading is the engine off.
  17. GoNz0

    535d technical problem

    google how to reset the steering wheel lock counter and try that, if not remove the steering lock to get you mobile again.
  18. GoNz0

    Touring rear brake lines

    I bought genuines for my E36 to do both rears, was proper pissed off to find 2 long pipes bent in half
  19. I have left the locking nut on the wheel before, then found it still stuck on by some minor miracle...
  20. GoNz0

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Big day for preventative maintenance, I replaced the final parts of the front suspension, Lemforder top mounts, BMW upper and lower spring pads, washers and bearing dust cap, BMW nuts for the top mount and strut, I opted for Koni's new special active shocks (they replace the FSD) all around, not bad at £550 from Larkspeed delivered. New FAG wheel bearings, new BMW discs and Textar pads, my genuine discs have had 25k (20k from the last owner) and both had runout so they had to be swapped as it was not stopping fast at speed even though it has BMW pads. Everything torqued to spec to prevent nasty surprises. Little things that matter, "Normfest Off Shore Silver Ceramic Spray" (carparts for less product code NOR2894449, code final 15 takes it down to £5.57 so buy a can!!!) I bought a tin of this as the tub of ceramic paste is messy as f**k, a quick spray of this on the hub face before mounting the disc means it will come off without a fight and without any corrosion, I also sprayed some on the exposed wheel bearing bolts after torquing down so they will come out easy, they came out quick anyway with my impact wrench but this is insurance against problems. I also decided to use this on the caliper where you are meant to apply paste as it only takes a second to spray it. I went for the paintbrush and ceramique paste for the caliper piston and backplate to save overspray. Took all day and a few hours on Thursday afternoon to do the rear shocks, only downside is I seem to have fubared the front left speed sensor as it is throwing faults so I need to check the cable for damage before replacing it, bloody thing came out easy so I am miffed at that. Car is well planted in corners and the ride is better already, I can't wait to see what it is like when it has bedded in. Thanks to @jake13 for his input on this
  21. I got told the gearbox heat exchanger they sold was made in denmark and it turned out to be a cheap chinese piece of shit that failed in 2 hours
  22. GoNz0

    Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    Post a new topic m8, they didn't pick up on this last time until after I had made a new topic and got them
  23. Buy another of the same and send that one back in 11 months
  24. GoNz0

    Replacing vacuum lines - 530d

    Nothing, your car has a blanking cap fitted, could be due to an electric turbo actuator?