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  1. Changed stat - now no hot air.

    This is just a case of a mechanic thinking he knows better rather than finding out how to bleed that engine type. I am sure he will sort it or I wouldn't be paying a penny.
  2. Probably old stock as well, on my e36 I needed a rear window seal, didn't find the invoice in time, it lasted 18 months. I found the invoice 3 days after the 2 years were up, pathetic considering the 1st ones lasted 18 years!
  3. Changed stat - now no hot air.

    It didn't work for me on my 535d but once the engines warm turn the engine off and turn the heater speed knob to activate the electric pump and fan to keep the car warm. Should do the same thing.
  4. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Last time I dropped something into the engine bay it wound up on the reinforcement plate behind the front under panel, bloody thing.
  5. Aircons playing up!!!

    Have a look at the condenser as you will probably see signs of oil on it where the hole it, maybe even green if it has a tracer dye in already. As mentioned above you are better off buying the o-rings from BMW, only a couple of quid when I had to do this job on my wife's mini last year. Hella parts are usually the same parts fitted in the factory and made by Behr.
  6. Is ISTA P safe to use and update

    Had a read over the weekend and it seems you can't change the vin without a programmer, you would need to set it to default (uncoded with ff ff ff ff ff) then add it to the car and update it with ICOM.
  7. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Excellent news, no doubt you will find the bastard once you have fitted every single last nut and cover to the engine
  8. Scratches on monitor screen

    Same with mine, I may have a crack at it one day.
  9. Scratches on monitor screen

    Only by taking the rest of the anti reflective coating off unfortunately.
  10. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    I think it was hiding near the glow plug module on top of a pipe.
  11. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Yep, I kept looking until I found it.
  12. Winkfp update kombi module with dcan cable

    You don't need to update it to get the default back, just upload an empty FSW_PSW.MAN file and it will load the defaults.
  13. Then you will need to check if it is the fan then figure out what you can replace it with if it is a dead fan.
  14. As you already said you have a dcan cable I would close ISTA-P and head over to the bmwcoding forums to get some help.
  15. Manual wheel alignment?

    I have used string to get a basic setup so I can get to the tracking place, you would be mad to track a BMW with string and not a proper alignment.