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  1. E61 LCI tailgate faults

    Have a new one ot the mix that I think is related. Car blew fuse F10 that ISTA says is one of the body control modules (seems to link to the drivers door?) at the same time the servotronic warning came on, it has cleared after tit took the fuse out twice, I still don't have the car this is coming from the owner but I am inclined to think it is broken wires in the boot shorting out and freaking out various systems. I will be taking the rear speaker out and having a pull to see if I can draw out any broken wires then see if it does anything else silly as I should get to see it tomorrow. *edit, just clicked on the module and one of the pins heads to the servotronic. figures.
  2. WTD: E36 323i or 328i in any body shape !!

    Nevermind, the guy wasn't daft and ripped my arm off so I no longer have a 328 for sale.
  3. Online Parts

    I have used them several times (autodoc), ignore the dispatch times as they are always longer due to parts that show in stock not being in stock, I got a call saying a Meyle HD bush was OOS and they had substituted it with another part that was OE quality, it wasn't it was OEM but standard non the less. I basically went mental down the phone asking how the fuck can they swap a HD part to a standard part and to leave it out the order, it then took them 2 more days to dispatch (9 days) and a further week to refund for the part that I had to pay another £9 for in the UK. Never order if you need it in a hurry. Also it was all in one small single wall cardboard box, 2 wishbones, 2 lollipop bushes and 2 tie rods. Box was shagged but all the parts still in it.
  4. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    You will sell that on here in a couple of days for 7k, repaired wing (ideally a panel beater) and a respray and they will be happy with the car by the looks of it.
  5. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    ISTA+ states on the LCi 535 all it does is affect emissions at low revs and if stuck will take 10% performance off due to the restriction at higher revs but no mention of power loss low down.
  6. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    I would offer you 7k or walk away with that arch, just screams that the owner didn't care. wbac will screw you over so you may as well sort it and get a decent private price for it. You will get good money if it is a clean car considering the stop and go adaptive is sought after.
  7. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    That stuff linked above, is it class 6 flexible cable, the trirated stuff used in car looms will be class 5 hence the issues. The silicon sheath will be more prone to damage so I am struggling to find a benefit as it is only really different in temperature resistance but more likely to get damaged. Had a chat with my brother in law earlier who is a sparky and he said the same, get class 6 in trirated to repair it and not to use silicon.
  8. Seat belt buckle torque value

    cheap enough fix then, I had been thinking about it and as the torque value is so low it I expect it is due to it being lubricated with threadlock to stop it snapping.
  9. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Tagging in here as I am about to buy one with a non opening glass and no fobs working.
  10. To LCI or not?

    I had read that and put it down as one of my best case scenarios Just got to get the glass open 1st!
  11. E61 LCI tailgate faults

    I would be inclined to think that but the nagging doubt is the diversity issue as the car fobs also don't work, wonder if the owners hit it with the jet wash and brought back an intermittant problem?
  12. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I needed a laugh this morning, what a twunt.
  13. To LCI or not?

    Well it does look like I have found "the one" complete with several warts found upon inspection thanks to the forum member I am buying it from and with the carly app. It is a E61 2010 535d m-sport, last of the line i believe. 103k with full service history. owners unknown at the moment as I forgot to ask. Now the warts. Needs an oil service now, do I diy or take it to the dealers (or indy) to keep the service history and consider a years warranty just in case? ( I am leaning towards keeping the history intact for now) Stats are buggered, common problem and easy to fix I hope. Showing all 6 glow plugs dead so probably the controller/relay but I will test the resistance once the inlets off and I can get to them in case any plugs need doing as well. Stats and plug faults are preventing the DPF regen but the ash content is 38g Now the DPF has thrown the can't regen code 480A due to the glow plugs and stats no doubt, I had the same on the wife's mini last month! below are the pics I got sent of the DPF, obviously it needs to regen but I wanted to check it wasn't totally fubar and not worth trying to save ( I won't be gutting it) The other biggie is the tailgate glass doesn't open (it clicks apparently) and neither fob will work leading to either the diversity or module up the swanny and/or the tailgate wiring that I understand is basically unfit for purpose. Sooooooooooo as the car appears to be about the right price with the warts what do the forum members think?
  14. Had a call from the guy selling my next car this morning, it's an E61 LCI 2010 reg I am hoping to buy tomorrow (forum member) The AA mechanic who did the inspection at BCA being a bit of a knob head (actually twunt sums him u better) never bothered to test the glass opens on the tailgate or if the fobs worked, neither do. Now usually I would dive straight into the tailgate wiring loom as the fault after reading threads here but he mentioned he does hear a click when he pulls the button on the wiper arm but it doesn't open. Can anyone throw input in who faced this problem as I never expected him to say it clicks when pressed? I assume either way the locking issue will be the diversity antenna or the wiring loom, or both if I am really unlucky. I am trying to avoid blowing wads of cash from the onset as I already have to do stats, glow plug controller and possibly the glow plugs (all 6 dead but yet to have resistance tested when the inlet manifolds off) so I can get it to regen (hoping the 270 miles it will do tomorrow will burn off enough crap before I do the work) Fankoo
  15. Seat belt buckle torque value

    I bet they don't torque it either, just wang it down good and tight!