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    Computers & historical aircraft maintenance and restoration at my local aeropark
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    E36 328 sport & R55 Mini Cooper
  1. I wish I had F/G money. I have £7000 to spare for a car, was going to spend 7500 on Wakey's as it was really really good until I found out it had no DPF and a tune as that doubled my insurance on the spot. Fancied the 535d this time around, I buy cars to take on the majority of the work myself hence looking for a decent example and possibly chucking a years warranty on it in case anything happens, If I bought an F10 it would be a 520d for that money and no, just no the 525d was totally underwhelming against my 20 year old 328!
  2. My quest continues, I very nearly bought wakey's but decided against it as I am looking for a stock car as far as engine mods go. It has got me thinking about sending the diff off for the LSD mod as that looks like one of the best things you could do to a 335d engine! And the CIC upgrade, hell yeah it's also on my list.
  3. Done thanks.
  4. Yes please let me know if the dealers aren't that interested and lowball you on the px price, I am sure we can work something out
  5. Less than you would sell it to me for as i expect they will offer 5k looking at book prices this morning Out of interest, what would you be looking for instead of px? Cash waiting (after a trip to the bank) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. Just a little bit jealous!
  7. Very nice, I daren't ask the price as you obviously got trade and mates rate And yes it would be perfect for me!
  8. Rare as rocking horse poop to find a sport with comfort seats but I can live with the right SE model, the only reason I want comfort seats is the sports seats are the same as what I have in my 20 years old 328 and I don't find them comfy on long trips. I dare say I could do the late night back from Cornwall in less than 6 hours without stopping if it wasn't for me cramping up in the sports seats. Also, anything around 10 years old will no doubt be needing new springs and shocks at some stage so I could always put in Bilstein B8's in and drop it on m-sport springs but I really like the m-sport looks in the E61
  9. If that was an M-sport it may be worth more but it is just an SE spec, might throw a 7k offer and leave it with him.
  10. Yep, online quotes are coming back between 5-6k for it, I know it is worth more but I would say more like 7k considering it's a private sale.
  11. I found this, has everything I want in an E60 (I can live without active cruise) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182746237623? £9k seems well overpriced though, even with the seller saying it's mostly motorway cruising. Anyone care to chip in with a realistic price to see if I can persuade the wife to let me go over budget
  12. Still looking for an LCI but not many showing up in my price range, apart from Autotrader, motors.co.uk, gumtree and ebay where else should I be looking?
  13. Thanks, Jimmy, how quick can you get one out as your eBay stores saying away until October?
  14. Enjoyable and informative read, shame it came at the expense of a full rebuild!
  15. Wheel bearing?