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  1. Dryfit

    Expanding rivet tool

    I have "el cheapo" tool for those rivets that looks alot like the one duncan-uk pointed out. I came across set of 2, one curved a little and other curved about 90 degree in a supermarket for like 2-3€ a while ago. Prior to buying the tools i used mini wire cutter to grab and pull the rivet a little and then pull al the way with needle nose pliers.
  2. Dryfit

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Today..replaced voltage regulator on a bosch alternator and replaced dead ibs with updated version. Both died when i was helping my brother to start his car when his battery died in december. His battery was drained to about 9V. Next time if i have to jup start another car i will disconnect battery from my car and jump start from battery alone. It was a great deal on parts and labor from a friend who runs local independent shop (about 80£ for brand new regulator and ibs adapter cable and free of charge for labor and used ibs sensor from 2007 e60). I did not notice at first, but voltage regulator died and was on 11.5V all the time so i had to keep ibs disconneted or my radio ventilation seat heaters and rear defroster did not work. At first i blamed it on ibs since it is known to fail on early e60s and everything worked fine if i leave ibs disconnected, but then i noticed as soon i turn car off and keep radio on for 2-3 min low battery warning came up. Battery vas 6 moths old so i tested it and it was ok, just not charged to full capacity. If i drive every day everithing was fine, but if i leave a car for 3-4 days it would not start, i had to charge the battery first. One funny thing as well, car now shifts smoother, before regulator change it was not so smooth shift from 4th to 5th gear, not a big jerk but noticeable..now shifts are noticeably smoother. Old ibs was probably ok, but change it ayway since updated version is much better and less prone to failure.
  3. Dryfit

    Help with error code please

    It could be one of the cam sensors on that bank. Try to swap cam sensors from bank to bank and see if you get same code or does it change to bank 2, if it does than one of the sensors is bad if not probably one of the vanos solenoids or oil lines are bad. I dont tink high pressure oil pump is faulty, you woul be getting codes for both banks if there is a problem with the pump.
  4. Dryfit

    Blower motor replacement?

    Not super easy but not so hard to replace, i have replaced mine 2 years ago in under 2 hours. It was worn out brushes and collector on fan motor. Fan blades are easy to break, so be carefull. Remember to disconnect the battery first. MASK/CCC and center console needs to be removed.
  5. Dryfit

    Making up wiring looms - trailer

    I did a similar project on a friends trailer few years ago, we fitted resistors in aluminium electronics project box (lots of diferent sizes on ebay) and sealed it with rtv silicone. We attached resistors along the bottom of the box so it acts as a heat sink and attached box at the front of the trailer. Cable goes in the box and much thinner cables are going from box to led lights.
  6. Dryfit

    Winter Tyres

    He totaled his F01on summer 2 month old pirelli tyres anc car had TPMS and tyre pressure was spot on, it was just bad tyres, probably not stored correctly at the dealership.
  7. Dryfit

    Winter Tyres

    Uhm..alpin a5 not that great tyre, it was great on cold dry winter day and good on ice, but on snow it was a disaster. I got stuck in 2cm of snow with my 15 days old alpin A5 and no way i could climb 100m up not steep at all hill to get home. Before A5 i had alpin A4, it was the best i ever had, and no short of performong very well troughout all, even the worst winter conditions but sadly not produced anymore. Last winter i had pirelli sottozero, good tyre but it wears out quickly. If you plan to use winters for more than one season don't buy sottozero 3. All tyres I'm talking about are 225 55 16 size and tried on my E60 525i. Maybe some other dimension works better, i don't know, but my winter alloys are stock E60 16". This winter i'm gonna try continental or goodyear or even some budget winters like Sava HP, that works great on my brothers Mondeo 2.0 and see what happens. I will never buy sommer pirelli again, since i saw chunks of rubber falling out of the inside when tyre was removed from rim. Friend of mine totaled his 740d F01, a few month old pirelli tyre failed at 200km/h on autobahn, luckily everyone walk of uninjured (thank you bmw safety). When they checked remaining 3 tyres 2 of 3 had chunks of rubber 2-3cm big roling inside that came off inside tyre wall. In MHO tyres are probably not stored correctly at the dealer, i will not buy pirelli here cose all pirelli tires come from same dealer.
  8. Dryfit

    How Toxic is your car

    Over the years i bought so many tools that it feels like i have a set of everything
  9. Dryfit

    E61 compressor repair

    No special tools requred as i know.. set of torx wrenches some fine sanding paper and basic tools..i sugest you check compressor make before ordering anything. And replace a piece of hose going to compressor. Its is 6 or 8mm abot 20cm long i don't remember plastic pneumatic hose you can get at any store that sells pneumatic parts. It tends to brake near the compressor cosing it to suck dirt. Another tip: warm up piston ring in hot water before instalation or it might brake during instalation depending on material.
  10. Well..hm.. i personaly would rather buy very good used car than lease and never own.. for the money you pay for 3 years and not even own the air in the cabin.. for me it's better to own very reliable petrol car..at least it's MY car..i can do what ever i like with it..modify..sell if i need money urgently..whatever. But the word here is abot diesels.. no..just no. Sorry to all diesel owners, but just not my coup of tea..leased or owned. Even if i get one as a gift i would probably sell it. If diesel car is apsulete must than i would probably lease some small engine diesel so i can return it and get another if it start acting up.
  11. That is the only way to do it that has financial justification.
  12. Dryfit

    E61 compressor repair

    Those repair kits are ok, noisy compressor is due to worn out piston rings. As soon you fix it the better. Worn piston rings can cose piston to damage the compressor cylinder. First check compressor make before you order repair kit. Check do you have AMK or Wabco compressor. Make sure you polish the cylinder before you put everything together, it will last longer.
  13. I like you too I see we both see past false savings you get with diesel, yes it cost less to get from a to b but it is more money to buy a car in a first place, then more to maintain and even more to fix if something brakes.. even if you are lucky and engine and gearbox stays in one piece during the time you own a car it is still more or the same cost as owning/maintaining a petrol car..and i'm not even taking in account winter cold mornings and watching closly at weather channel or calling a local psychic or tarot specialist to predict will the car start on -15..so why bother?
  14. Im not one of those green freaks, me not liking diesels has less to with emissions and more to do with just dont like to drive a car with such narrow power band...very complicated and cost arm and a leg to maintain and fix if something goes south..not as smooth as petrol and..well you know..it's a diesel..ģreat for trains ships fork lifts and 18 whellers, but in cars..nothing to justify high price and high maintenance..but still..cheathing on test is plain wrong..never had a thing for vw anyway..here there are still alot of old vw diesels on the road and after a while hitting aircon recirculate button as soon you see one is a thing you do instantly and without even thinking about it. To hell with fuel economy, TCO (total cost of ownership) is still higher than same power petrol.. and about meeting emission standards.. car needs to be at operating temp, petrol cars get at op temp much quicker, (including oil and exhaust as well) to meet emisson standards even from 5 6 years ago, so for short trip diesels polute 3-4 times more than stated. Nowdays it almost costs more in eco parts, catalyst dpf ad blue and so on to keep diesel in emission range than engine itself..and for those arguing "but torque.." get decent turbo petrol and have best of both worlds, plenty of torque and power, not so bad fuel economy and maintenance cost a bit higher than n/a petrol but still cheaper than diesel.
  15. Dryfit

    Impact of leaving the IBS disconnected

    Yes but new ones dont quite fit..you need adapter cable from old type connector to new type so that new type ibs fits to pre facelift car. New ones are better and not fail as often as the old ones did, so i will get used new type ibs from local brakers for under 50£ and get an adapter cable when i get to it..for now i will leave it disconnected. Cable is simple 3 pin connector on one end and 3 pin on the other with 5cm wire in between..price is very high for a simple cable, adapter is more expensive than used new type ibs itself..so it feels like i'm being royaly screwed for ridiculous price for such simple cable..i'll try to find pinout and get connector with some wiring from donor car and cut old type connector and solder new type.