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    1999 523 SE manual, rust green
  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Well the ham fisted previous custodian of my car managed to break one of the rear number plate bulb holders, in his desire to fit those awful led bulbs everywhere. Don't worry, I've got rid of most of them - I mean, bright blue side lights...yuk yuk yuk. Anyway, led's had been shoved in the rear number plate holders, but the broken one hangs down, gets wet, and surprisingly doesn't work. An eBay search just brings up pages of these - complete units. Will these work?
  3. Har. Well given my lack of tools including a spring compressor, a complete strut seemed a good idea.
  4. Anti roll bar bushes, drop links and a complete strut from a BMW breakers all ordered. Now where did I put my tools...
  5. Thanks for all the really helpful replies. I haven't received the reg document back yet, but I have a feeling its been owned by some retiree who little used - 6000 miles per year average is quite low, and the general condition of the cabin, with everything original and working. I'll look at these parts and see how we go!
  6. New tyre on the front to replace a perishing 11 year old one!
  7. Thanks for that, I thought that gap in the anti roll bar bush looked a little suspect. Given the age of the tyres (11 years! Tyre fitter was amazed!) I wouldn't be surprised if replacing the rears improves the handling somewhat...
  8. Well, a trip to the tyre fitter for a new front tyre gave the opportunity to have a look underneath. I could be wrong, but this looks rather like a leaking damper to me - reason for the knocking? I don't know. The tyre that came off was in poor state, with a lot of cracking and tread damage, but the tyre fitters view is that it was consistent with the age of the tyre rather than significant suspension problems - the tyre was 11 years old according to the date code! Yikes! The rear tyres are a similar age, so I'll be replacing them too soon, but they seem to be wearing fairly evenly. I'm curious about this wire sticking up up, that looks like it should be attached to something - I wonder if it's part of the cause of all the warning lights on the dash, although the brakes are excellent.
  9. I do indeed have some steering shimmy at times, and shudder under braking, as well as clonking from nearside front mainly, which is where the badly worn tire is...
  10. Here are the advisories, ignore the tyres, already sorted... Exactly what arms does it refer to?
  11. My last car was a Mitsubishi Colt, which appeared to have no discernible suspension at all, and clattered over the bumps like a skateboard. My tired E39 may not be able to decide which end to offer a corner first, but glides along like a Rolls Royce in comparison! I invite you to watch in horror as I run my shed on the proverbial shoestring! It should be entertaining if nothing else... I'll post up shortly the advisories on the recent MOT, and perhaps you can tell me which parts they are - instead of replacing everything cheaply, I could just replace the worn parts with quality items...
  12. "It wasn't always a cheap car..." That's very true of course, and fine machines need equally fine maintenance to conserve the correct behaviour and feel. Sadly I don't have the large enough wallet presently...
  13. Does this kit contain everything needed, apart from dampers? Also, do I need any special tools? I have a reasonable range of tools.
  14. Yes, well it seems that having the tyre reseated on the rim and correctly inflated has helped rather! It's going back into the tyre place tomorrow for a new front tyre, so I may get the others given the same treatment. Parking the car on completely flat ground shows that it does indeed lean towards the drivers side, however since some of the older buying guides mention that as a "characteristic" I'm not overly concerned about that. I'm slightly more reassured now, since I was wondering how such a bad handling car could have passed z recent MOT. Despite blowing up the rear tyre every 3 days it must have loosing air quicker than I realised. 20000 miles on cheap components? That's probably about as far as this car will go before the scrapyard. There are in fact no rattles or groans from the rear, but there's quite an orchestra up front.
  15. Get that tyre to stop leaking at the rim, and be quick about...