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  1. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Glued the bit of door card trim back onto the inside of the drivers door as it was flapping about. Seats just need a clean and interior is spot on.
  2. Kit's E34 535i

    Booked in for a new exhaust next Saturday at Infinity Exhausts, little bit excited. Also DA polisher turned up today so can get cracking on that. Pictures to follow.....
  3. M30 Exhaust - advice

    On a performance or race car yes. On a gentle cruiser no. I am not after gains with the new exhaust, just better look and a tad more noise. Any gains are a bonus.
  4. M30 Exhaust - advice

    I was going to get a manifold back system, can’t really justify a custom made manifold at this stage!
  5. M30 Exhaust - advice

    Excellent, must have been reading a non-UK forum thread about the O2 sensor and not being with the car to check makes it hard. So I won’t need an X-pipe then? I presume they are to mix the gases so the sensor can read it better? Or is that wrong?
  6. M30 Exhaust - advice

    I am getting my 535i booked in for a new exhaust and just want some advice on what set up to get. Exhaust is going to be custom made so I can have what I want (noise, sound, looks etc). It’s not going to be loud so was going to have a back box and a central silencer. But what about X-pipe or H-pipe? A quick google says X-pipe and I read that it’s got to be before the O2 sensor, that correct? Is the exhaust system in the M30 engines two pipes that don’t join that come from 3 cylinders each? I can’t check until the weekend as I’m not home.
  7. Project bites off more than can chew

    Snap - my E34 is sort of used for some storage as my garage isn't big enough. Although it is mainly car cleaning stuff, some tools, things to fit to the car and cycling gear. Can also use it as a hiding place for things I haven't told the girlfriend I have bought for the cars.
  8. Kit's E34 535i

    Not much has happened on the car these past few months, not surprising really as it hasn't been used. Although three weeks until I am back at home for work so can crack on with little jobs in the evenings, winning. It has been kept clean, my neighbours must think I am mad as it looks like I am always washing it, or my vRS, but for good reasons! Took it out or the first time last weekend to go on holiday with a group of mates. It chucked it down with rain and we were driving county lanes so it got filthy. They just looked at the car and went "why have you bought some old piece of junk?". I don't think they understand. Although when I took them out it in they were a little shocked on how comfy it was. Was at the Sping Action Day at Castle Combe in it, not on track though. Drove in behind my Stepd Dad in his E36 track car and a few people came over as soon as we parked and complimented both of the cars. One of the lads we were with asked if I was taking it out on track....ummm no. It handles and weighs like a small moon. But it was never a fast car. Once it is polished, coated and had a front end re-spray I am tempted to enter it into the Show and Shine there, although being a very clean standard example I don't think people will get it. Going to look at buying a DA polisher this month to make a start on that. Got my work bonus through so will be booking the car in for a new stainless steel exhaust. Need to sort out a new tape deck and then its pretty much good to go and enjoy for the summer. Road trip to Scotland with the Girlfriend is being planned to go watch the BTCC at Knockhill. However I miss having a track car. Do not panic the E34 will not be stripped or the like. My daily Octavia vRS is just not up to making into a track car I have decided. It drives really well and I cannot fault it, it just isn't a track car. I would describe it like a modern day E34 - it is a comfortable cruiser with a bit of poke when provoked. Will probably end up with a 1.8VVC Metro....watch this space! If I do get a track car the E34 will not be modified but kept standard OEM, which tbh I think will do it more justice and suit it more than lowered and bigger wheels. I think for some reason that the face lift E34 suits the modified look better than the earlier ones.
  9. E34 525i Exhaust Options

    Have you thought about a custom made exhaust system? I had a manifold back stainless system for my old Clio done at Infinity Exhausts (just off M4 junction 18) for £440 including a decat pipe and a cat back for my Octavia vRS for £300 which I thought was good value. I will be going back to get a complete system for my E34. Their workmanship is top quality and lifetime warranty too. You can have what you want with respect to noise levels, sound type and tips. I have a feeling they do cats as well. Might offer more options for exhausts than the ones you mentioned.
  10. Wheels to fit my E34

    After to speaking to a to a few people I’m tempted to keep the standard wheels and keep the car OEM/concourse. I didn’t get the 32’s I found on eBay in the end. Didnt realise 32’s didn’t come in ET15 as standard. Thanks for the warning. I only want original BMW or period parts. Still a learning curve owning this car!!! I wanted to get original BMW wheels from a model of the same period anyway. Thanks for the advice and information
  11. Kit's E34 535i

    passed its MoT test this morning. Pleased about that. An advisory for surface rust starting to show on the rear jacking points. Took it to a body shop on the way home to have a chat about it, his advise was come back in the better weather and get it done then. Makes sense tbh, it isn't going t get any worse sat up in my garage for a month or two. Also got him to quote on a front end respray too so when they have it for the jacking points they will do that, re-paint the lower sills black and the bonnet/mirrors/grill. So wheels will have to wait for now.
  12. Wheels to fit my E34

    What is the standard offset for an E34? The style 32’s I have seen are ET15. PM’d @duncan-uk
  13. Wheels to fit my E34

    Spacers don’t bother me, as long as they are good quality bolt to hub hubcentric ones torqued up correctly! I’ve seen some right horror stories with cheap spacers.
  14. Wheels to fit my E34

    What about 17”x7.5” ones? Found a set for a reasonable price. That website @Blackman linked says they are from a Z3/E36. Wheel but PCD is fine but is the hub size?
  15. Kit's E34 535i

    Found a set of wheels on eBay I am interested in. Asked the seller a few questions and they haven’t responded in a few days. If I’m parting with that much money I want to know a few more details! Will it be worth the gamble and just buy them? The man maths adds up as they won’t need a refurb or tyres and they should go straight on the car (might need some spigot rings).