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  1. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Tbh it will be going to a garage for these jobs as I don’t have the time plus help from my brother isn’t readily available any more for jobs like this. The fuel lines were picked up on the last MoT test so should probs look into it! Garage I am going to use he is very into his classic BMW’s so that is always a good sign.
  2. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    That E28 on bodies was mad. And a picture of mine!! @FIVE-OH those are two jobs I need to do on mine are paint the sills and fuel lines. Didn’t realise the sills were a certain coat or you could get something to put inside them. Will look into that too.
  3. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Topped it up with fuel. Did an MPG check, turns out it averaged 28mpg on the last tank....not sure if that is right! Seems far too high.
  4. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    A quick google found an SKF hub kit for £100. Not sure how legit the website was! I’ve used Gates stuff before and that was good quality - it is VAG OEM stuff iirc.
  5. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Yeah I’ve noticed that before using them, it sometimes doesn’t say what brand. Is there an OEM supplier that is any good? As I know my brother buys parts for his Octavia direct from a website in Germany and it’s all OEM stuff and a very good price.
  6. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Just making the list now and using RealOEM as a guide. For the front Hubs and Wheel Bearings the part number of RealOEM is 31211129386 coming at ~$230. I did a quick check on GSF and found the same ITEM for £46. Is this right? Seems like a massive saving for it to be any good. I don't want to have to replace it a year or so down the line as it is an inferior part. RealOEM is becoming a real help with finding the right parts! Got all rhe major parts I need noted down. Although still on the hunt for some struct assemblies....
  7. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Forgot about the ABS and need to account for that. Will add that to the list of parts. I will be sticking with a simple swap so will get the earlier versions for this. Think I will source the strut assemblies and get them looking good first (hopefully in the coming weeks) and then buy all the bits to bolt on over the winter/spring. Sure there will be many more questions if I can’t work it out from my Haynes Manual! Hopefully won’t be working away from home much longer so have the evenings to pull my finger out!
  8. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Are all E34 front hub assemblies the same across all models and ages? Rather have a second set to refurb.
  9. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Excellent, thanks for the advice. Will be putting a proper list now with links etc so it is easy to find and buy without missing out anything. Now that my daily car has sold I have some spare cash to start to sort this.
  10. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Also if someone can move this to the E34 area that would be appreciated as I have put it in the project area by mistake. Sorry!
  11. As it is a rainy day I am getting a shopping list together for the suspension upgrade so I can start purchasing parts. I want to lower the car and siffen it slightly. Doing initial reading I do not want to go down the coil over route as welding is a pain and seems like a lot of work. Best options seem to be the Bilstein B6 or Spax PSX - although I can't find anything to confirm the Spax kit wont need welding. I also want to have a full refresh of stuff while it is all off the car and happy to buy things so i can get everything built up before the car is taken apart (makes it easier when the car is in pieces and more of a straight swap as I can do a lot of it on my own before I get my brother's help). I know the lower arms etc have all been replaced as my friend who owned the car before me was trying to solve a knocking noise so repaced everything - turned out to be a loose sterring column nut! So things like wheel bearings, top mounts, bolts etc is what I am after. I want to having it looking new so want to refurb the strut housing assemby too so would like a second set to get painted up. But beeing a noob I don't quite know what to ask or search for! So far my list consists of: Dampers and lowering springs - not 100% decided on brand yet, suggestions welcome! Top mounts (front and rear) - something like Powerflex / performance parts maybe? Wheel bearings (front only for now, will get the rears done soon) Strut assemblies Bolts - but what and what sizes I do not know What have I missed off this list?
  12. KitsonRis

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    I’m gathering ideas for new suspension for mine. I am wanting to avoid the welding job so was going to go down the route of Bilstein B6 plus lowering springs. Is the Spax set up you have got similar to this and just a direct replacement with no welding?
  13. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Oddly no! But there are a few kicking about on Facebook pages though.
  14. KitsonRis

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Took it to Retro Rides. So many other E34’s there too.
  15. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    It is a little better on even tarmac, so I am hoping that it is just the ground. I am not too fussed though as I am going to be putting it on new dampers and lowering springs in the coming months.