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  1. Kit's E34 535i

    I am doing the screen through the insurance, so it is whoever they send out.
  2. Kit's E34 535i

    Worked my arse off at work this week puting in extra hours so I could have half day today so I could be home to get the new windscreen fitted. Guys turned up and opened with "yeah we might not be able to fit it", not hello or even an attempt to do it. They then took some trim off to reveal clips that are glued in behind the glass which are likely to brake if they run their tool to remove the glass. They knew this before they turned up. Got on their iPad to check if their supplier has them in stock which they can get them in for Tuesday - if you knew this why didn't you order them last week when I phoned up?? Not ideal as I am not arround to in the week to get it replaced. I am off to the garage tomorrow to pick my other car up and I will ask the guys in there if they will fail the MoT test on the crack in it as it is them that are going to be testing it. The crack is under the rest position of the passenger side wiper - it is a 2" diameter circle which looks like it has been made when the wiper arm has been knocked agaisnt the screen.
  3. Kit's E34 535i

    Not much has happened this past week. Ordered number plates, ended up with metal pressed ones. Will get them fitted next weekend. Booked the car in for a new Windscreen on Friday. With that done I can then refit the wipers, which I still need to buy, and scuttle. Going to tax it next month and use it for a bit as it hasn’t been used since September. Got Castle Combe Spring Action Day in April for it to be ready/driveable, it won’t be going on track. Will be weird going without a track car. Doubt that I will get it polished and coated before then. But that’s not the end of the world as it’s a long term project.
  4. Kit's E34 535i

    Oh really....pm’d
  5. Kit's E34 535i

    Also started on sorting out the stone chips on it too. The bonnet and grill surround does need a respray so not too fused about them. But there are some other marks on it. So I have dabbed them in with red paint and then when I machine polish it the car it will smooth them off and blend them in.....so I have been told!
  6. Kit's E34 535i

    Another productive day on the car. Refitted all the black plastic trim that had some love. Looks so much better. Hard to get a photo of it, the best I could do was this, which is still an awful picture! Need to get some number plates made up. Thinking metal pressed ones with a black border and no GB logo but still legal with font and markings. Used to get them off eBay without needing to send off documentation which made them easy to get, but I can't find a seller that does this anymore and all asking for documents. Bit more of a faff but understandable. Found some G-techniqs C4 Trim Restorer in my box so did the door trims and bits of black on the doors next to the windows in this. So much better now. Set about the light surrounds with some Autosol polish. Again looks a lot better Before: After: Then I used the clay bar I bought the other week. Never done it before and was quite easy to do. Probably helped by the fact that the car is already spotless so didn't really need doing. But as I am going to machine polish it in the next few weeks I thought it would be best. I will also be using it on my daily Octavia vRS to see the improvement on that!! I was given a fake period tax disc for it. I am born in October 1989 hence why it is for then. Annoyingly the car was first registered in December 1989 so not quite right! But no markings to a car on it so I can't see why I can't use it? So I bought a period looking BMW tax disc holder for it to go in. I haven't fitted them yet as I need a sort out a new windscreen first as this one is ruined.
  7. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Refitted all the black plastic trim to the bumpers and grill as they had some love. Then clay bar'd it ready for machine polishing in a few weeks.
  8. How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    Bought mine in August 2017. I’ve done 1000 miles in it myself so far.
  9. Kit's E34 535i

    Have managed to do some more jobs the past few days. The biggest one being I have started to paint the black bumper trims so they look black again. The one piece needed a bit of filler primer on it as there was some like stretch marks on it. The front gril removal was a right pain, such an awful design! Also took the wipers off and the scuttle plastic and that has gone back to black Just need to lacquer them all, which I am currently doing now, just got to waste time between drying! It's not a glossy lacquer, just something to help make the paint have a bit more protection against stone chips. Got some goodies for Christmas. First was a battery as the old one had failed. Held no charge and wouldn't even power the car on or turn any dash lights on. Then my brother got me some detailing stuff for when I get around to it. He has the coating on his car and it is amazing. And also the tyre clearner/shine stuff. it is very good. I also bought a clar bar ready for when I DA polish it, which I will be doing once all the plastic trim is black. I just need to get some advise from my brother on what DA machine and polish etc to use. He loves all that stuff so will ask him first.
  10. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Removed the bumper trims, wiper arms, wiper scuttle and head light surrounds and primed them up to repaint black. Hopefully this will give the car a fresh new look. Still need to do the door trims and the lower sill area black too.
  11. Wipers

    Cool, thanks for the help!
  12. Wipers

    @Blackman photos as promised. Also read your project thread too (nice build!) and saw the post about the wipers. By the looks of it the E36 arm wont fit so I am stuck with the original style blades. Will get the Bosch ones I put in a link earlier in this thread. Driver's side: Passenger side: Driver's side wiper (currently being painted hence the odd colours!) The E36 one I looked at yesterday looked like the passenger side wiper on my E34 and like all the other wipers I have seen - just a nut that goes onto the motor bit/linkage. I have never seen one with a pinch bolt like the driver's one. Also not sure what that grub screw on the top does.
  13. Wipers

    Thanks for the advise. I’ll give it another check tomorrow. Didn’t realise they could come with a second motor. I only had a look at the E36 but I don’t think it would fit. I was expecting what you have got, just a straight swap over. Might not be the case!
  14. Wipers

    Just getting around to doing this job, and deciding to go with the swap on the drivers arm so I can fit aero wipers. Looked at my step dad’s E36 and that drivers side wiper is different to my E34. The one I have just taken off has a pinch bolt holding it onto the motor and the E36 has a normal bolt like every other wiper I have seen. Is this right @Blackman? Or am I missing something?
  15. E34 Headlamp Washer

    Need a passenger side head lamp washer for my E34 (pre face lift).