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  1. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Also on a weekend away in Pembrokeshire at the moment. And as per usual it is raining - most of the times I have got the car out this year it is pouring with rain. Oh well. Still such a nice drive and a place to be. Its absolutley filthy and covered in leaves and that. Will need a good hover on all the door shuts, bonnet and such when I get home. Going to wash it and put it away while I do the suspension parts and paint stuff and then give it another light polish and coating before I use it in the new year.
  2. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Parts are slowly turning up. Pile of stuff from BMW and some tasty suspension parts. There were two options I could have gone for and the only different I could see was price - the stuff I got was £50 cheaper. No idea why! Must be missing something which I have no idea. Also got the springs that give the biggest drop, think it’s 50mm on the front. Still waiting on a delivery from AutoDoc, two weeks I placed the order but apparently they aren’t the fastest. Not an issue. Going to start putting it together next weekend and seeing what I am missing as I can guarantee I have missed something.
  3. KitsonRis

    The " Golden Nugget " BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    How bad are these at rusting now they are getting old? As to me yours doesn’t look too bad and is just starting to go beyond surface rust in some places so should be easily rectified. It’s something I should do on mine but I’m in the philosophy of I haven’t checked it, I can’t see it and it doesn’t exist!
  4. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Car is back from the garage and my bank ballance is a lot lighter. However there was a lot of work done in the end, the receptionist at the garage said it was one of the longest lists of work she has ever had to price up. Worth it in the end. And I think they enjoyed working on it being old BMW enthusiasts. When they took the rear arms off they even primed and painted them black without even being asked. The whole back end is now new (apart from the dampers which is what I am currently sorting out). All in I am very happy with it Went to BMW earlier to get prices on the suspension parts from them - everything apart from dampers, springs, front hubs and top mounts. Turns out RealOEM is not a good place to get an idea of price from. I have posted more details in my OTHER THREAD on the suspension parts I have needed and asking some more advice on price and is it worth having all new BMW parts to heloing the car's value. Change of plans with the body work. As the suspension is going to be a lot more than I thought I am not going to put the car into a bidy shop but do it myself and not have the front end re-sprayed, as I will probably end up getting the whole car done at some point. Being only the mirrors needing paiting red this shouldn't be too difficult. And the black sills shouldn't be difficult either, and speaking to a few people, plus having a good look at them when the car was on a ramp in the garage the other day, the jacking points are not bad, just have gone slightly orange so will figure out the best way to rectify this. Good job I have a garage now so it will now become a mini spray booth!
  5. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Posted this on a facebok group so not sure who has seen this, but been to BMW to get a price on the parts I need and it comes to £511. A lot more than I was expecting, but I was using RealOEM as a rought idea for cost. Good job I didn't just go sod it and ordered it there as I have found out I am missing the front protection plates! Seeing as the ones I had put on the back were £115 I think the price on RealOEM is going to be wrong. I have also had priced up part "GUIDE SUPPORT" which is the rear top mount. I have found THIS part, which is a Bilstein top mount at a better price. I am also going down the Bilstein dampers option so surely this top mount will fit and of good quality. I am also getting my front hubs and top mounts from them so that will be any postage offset. Is there a way of getting this cheaper? As I could spend ages finding all the pattern parts from places like GSF and the internet to save money. But is the time worth it? And also I won't have a BMW recepit in the car folder which surely means something when coming to value it? I am basically on the verge of calling them up to order, just wanting to make sure I was doing the right thing. And if anyone sees I have missed something off the list then let me know, as I am sure I will come to put it all together and have forgotten something.
  6. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Small update.... Had a call from the garage yesterday saying to pop down as he wanted to show me something and get my thoughts on it. Initialy thoughts were "oh, what has broken this time....". But no. He just wanted to tell me the rear wheel bearing change is a nightmare of a job (which I knew and that is the reason I am not doing it!). He had it all apart and was worried that pressing the new bearing in while the hubs and that are on the car would be risky as the hub part is such an interferance fit he didn't want to push the inner of the bearing back out. Just wanted to show me and let me know he was going to remove the rear wish bones. He is also going to replace a few linkages and bushes if they need doing. Also the rear brake disc shields need replacing as they are getting worn and have damaged the discs, antoher reason to remove the wish bones apparently. I did notice a griding noise when I first start driving which I thought was just dirty pads and it is rarely used. Nope, it was this. Gear box oil changed - he said it was black so I am glad that has been done. The mechanic has given the car such good praise being a classic BMW fan, which is good. As many people have said how good it looks but he has actually taken the time to inspect it. He was even surprised that it still has the original under tray and that it isn't damaged. I am pleased someone in the know has looked at it as I don't think (fingers crossed!!) it will cause me any issues if I keep on top of it. While the car isn't with me I decieded to test out some new cleaning stuff I got for my birthday from my brither on the new daily....sticking with BMW I have just recently recieved a new M140i. Took the opportunity as next door have moved out to get a photo of them both together. But yeah, got a drying towel and some detailing spray. The cloth makes drying the car very easy and really impressed. Can't wait to get the E34 back and give it a once over as it was filthy when I dropped it off at the garage. Will probably give it a quick onc over with the fine polish on the machine again if I can find the time. And decision time: Do I go for Bilstein B8 ot B12? The B12's are currently at £745 here which looks like a good deal. If this is a limited offer I could be tempted to just do it now instead of wait until the car is back and I order the other suspension stuff from BMW which was my original plan just to spread costs.
  7. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Yeah they have moved to Eastern Avenue way. I know GSF do SKF bearings as I’ve got one before from them. And I do prefer GSF as you can get 60% discount online. I’ll ask if they supply FAG. I’ll take a wonder down them both. Need to get the car back from the garage before I buy any parts as I don’t know how much this work is going to be and want to try and spread the costs over next month if I need. But progress is being made on this....slowly
  8. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Damn, the stuff I have isn’t the same as what the car is. Oh well. Thanks for the clarification, will amend the list of part I need accordingly.
  9. KitsonRis

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Who knows what part of the hub to measure so I can get the right size? The set of front struts I have bought to refurb have got a hub which the ABS ring diameter is about 84mm. I did ask the breaker for stuff from an early E34 but I am not sure now.
  10. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    Just been down to collect the hub assemblies so I can paint them. Still not done. Slightly annoyed as I dropped them off over a week ago and he only started yesterday on them. Was told the collars holding the dampers in are stuck on. Wondered why the seller didn’t remove the dampers, now it makes sense. Glad I don’t have to deal with them! Going back down after lunch to check on progress. Gutted as it’s pouring with rain so I can’t wash my daily or the girlfriend’s car. And I hate taking a day off work and not using it.
  11. KitsonRis

    Kit's E34 535i

    So the car is in a local garage for the following work: * new fuel lines * new fuel pump and fuel filter * new rear wheel bearings * gear box and diff oil change as I cba to lie under neath it to sort this out. Was a bit weird giving it to a garage. So I chose a local one which I have some faith in. It’s a friend of my brothers and the owner is into his old BMW’s. Told him what I had and he was straight out to have a look at it. He loved it. Then he showed me his E23 that he has owned since new. It made my vgc E34 look like scrap. I think it is in safe hands. Spent an hour on Real OEM the other day getting part numbers for all the suspension parts. Prices all seemed very reasonable which I was surprised about. Only thing I am not getting direct from BMW are the front top mounts, front hubs, ABS sensors and dampers/springs. When I get the car back I’ll order these parts up as I don’t actually know how much this work is going to be! Garage is also stripping down some front hub assemblies as I couldn’t get the hub nut off (very difficult when not on the car!) and I’ve got the day off to start to prep and paint them. Pictures to follow....
  12. KitsonRis

    Coolant leak from drain tap?

    Cool, I’ll have a look at mine again to see if this is the problem.
  13. KitsonRis

    Coolant leak from drain tap?

    At what rate does it leak? As I recently lost all my coolant and I couldn’t find where. It was bone dry under the car which hadn’t been used for a few weeks. Turned on and low coolant warning. I’ve topped it up, used it a fair bit and nothing has been lost. Still keeping an eye on it too. Just trying to diagnose mine. Getting a new rad (might splash out with an ally one...), water pump and nice silicone hoses are plans for the future anyway.
  14. Its booked in this Thursday, going to cost a lot more now! But hoping it will only add to value in the long run.
  15. I am getting the fuel lines replaced on my E34 next week, is it worth getting the fuel pump replaced at the same time while it is all apart? I have no idea if it’s been replaced as I can’t find a receipt for it.