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  1. Heavy rain, Water leak

    F45 door leaks water inside, F10/11 won't. Simple as that! F45 owners fix your vapour barrier and additionally take a look at your "yellow grommet". F10/11 owners go straight to "yellow grommet" or, as in my case (LHD), go nuts because neither of these is the problem.
  2. Heavy rain, Water leak

    F10/11 vapor barrier can leak water through, but not inside the car. They will leak water between two door seals, where it can then leak further to door sill (correct term?) or pour out when you open the door.
  3. Heavy rain, Water leak

    I found mayor blockage there, water just accumulated and drained very slowly. So yes quite a problem. However, my car is LHD and I have no yellow plate. Also the floor and subwoofer were wet on right side (or passenger side for LHD). Any ideas for that? Right now I'm waiting for my UV dye to arrive and I'm planning to soak the car with it.
  4. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks for the idea! Will order some UV dye and a lamp right now and hopefully finally reveal the problem. Now there's some hope again (y)
  5. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Definitely. It has rained multiple times now, the tape is still intact and whole sill seemed dry on both doors. I'm actually out of thoughts now..
  6. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Rear passenger floor still wet..
  7. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Did some massive testing today - poured water to every possible hole and got nothing! Well, almost. Sunroof drains are okay, all four of them. Vapour barriers were leaking on both passenger side doors and these got re-sealed. Also removed sill cover plates and sealed plug holes with temporary tape for testing. Water from windscreen flows where it should and does not come inside. However I did find quite a blockage of leaves and dirt from below the bonnet hinge on driver's side (LHD), but the leak is on passenger side and the water wasn't coming inside the car. Weather forecast promises heavy rain for whole day on Monday (18.09). We'll see on Tuesday if these little fixes changed anything or not and whether the water still finds it's way to inside of the car.
  8. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yes, there is this plastic cover which is removed in video, but it's not really watertight and water leaks thought these plug holes into sill. Looks like most of the water inside sill is designed to drain through holes somewhere near front wheel. The mystery for me is still why is there a connection between sill and the bottom of subwoofer..
  9. Heavy rain, Water leak

    What the hell is this for??? Basically it's like this: your vapour barrier leaks and water builds up between two door seals. Water has then no other way to go but through sill cover plug holes which leads to the bottom of subwoofer!? Here's also a picture with subwoofer still in place.
  10. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Still, the inner seal is in contact with door trim panel and leaking water could only go between inner and outer seal, where it can stay until the door is opened or flow away though sill cover plugs (which leads to where..?)
  11. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Actually no. There are two seals - inner and outer. Outer seal sits against car body and inner is against trim. So when vapour seal leaks, the water flows between these two seals.
  12. Heavy rain, Water leak

    I can't find anyone else complaining about soaken subwoofer either. The water seems to originate somewhere around B pillar, maybe even from B pillar itself. Second possibility is vapour seal. If the seal leaks, the water flows between two door seals and from there it can somehow get into the car. Through sill cover plugs for example? My best guess is that the water first flooded the subwoofer and then flew over to floor once the subwoofer was filled. From my understanding clogged sunroof drains usually flood more the front passenger foot area below glove box, right? In my case the floor was dry below glove box.
  13. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hello, I've just registered to have a word on this superb thread here. Besides everything else mentioned in this thread, has anyone encountered a wet carpet on passenger side along with soaked woofer? Woofer itself is located below the carpet, but a little higher than the bottom of the floor and after investigating a little I would suggest that the water came from somewhere around B pillar. The water on this image came only from subfooter. Luckily it still works after drying.