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  1. We're the battery terminals properly tightened up, as I get the steering warning Everytime I disconnect th battery. Also I get the Christmas tree one time when the battery was super low. Also have you checked the rear spare wheel compartment for water, although that is usually accompanied by water in the battery compartment. Other than that I'm no help. But having just drove 1000kms of a 3000km trip I know how capable and comfortable these cars are on long hauls. Hope it was just a glitch!
  2. Here is my E61 in 18' with 245/40 R18 with 20mm spacer and 50mm bolts. I'm looking to replace these wheels with 20' Alpina and switch to 25mm spacers but I have yet to look into the best tyres. As you can see there is plenty of space but this has air suspension on the back.
  3. Pre lci is also the same.
  4. That sounds very reasonable! I have two quotes for the t/c replacement only, one from ZF Service Center Kassel @ 3995€ and one from a Inde in Berlin for reconditioned replacement and swap for old one at 1500€. But my thoughts were when the box is out best to refurb as you mention above. Though Solenoids and rubber pieces in addition. Where are you located?
  5. I have recharged my battery today having had that symbol periodically for the last year. It was less than 25% since I got it. So my advice would be to out it on charge for a day and see. It has worked for mine which is now charged to 100%.
  6. Fixed mine today. Took out the rear lights to see where the hoses exits. Reach in and pull up firmly to release the first rubber seat, then you can see another 100mm of hose before it hits the end - it's this but that's blocked typically. The advise was to pull until it pulls of the hose from the end... You can hear it dropping. My hose was such that I was worried it would rip in the wrong place so I cut the end leaving about 80mm left. Then push back through and re-seat. Repeat on the other side. Then I tilt opened sunroof and poured a litre of water around the sunroof making sure that a fair bit went into the sunroof drains... Then joy as the water poured freely out each side of the rear bumper. With that I hope the problem is solved.
  7. You make it sound like drop the car in the morning, pick it up in the afternoon lol. Just out of interest what would you charge for the refurb mentioned above?
  8. Someone asked me to look into getting De plates for using when showing their car? I can't find the post anymore since it's not in my 'activity' list. I can ask the question but would prefer to put you in direct contact with the Kontakt. The only issue is that he does not speak English, only German or Turkish. Like I said it's a tricky issue here with plates. Any plates provided will be old but they may be reissued to a new registrant, so of course they are for show only. Sorry but that's the best I can do. With all this Brexit shit I want to keep my nose clean as I may need a visa within two years. Whoever you are let me know whether this is workable and then I will ask the question, thanks.
  9. Have you checked the fuse? It's in the boot above the battery, so you will have to crawl through. (Actually I am thinking of the electronic pull close - I am not sure about the fuse for the switch, you will have to check)
  10. I chipped mine last summer, was supposed to boost power to about 330ps and 720nm. It did make a difference for sure but then all I did was worry about the gearbox so I took it off again.
  11. I thought it should be more like 640nm? Anyway BMW are notorious for understating their figures I would expect more. The box is rated to 700nm if I remember correctly.
  12. Had a look today and it's impossible to reach from underneath. Therefore, it's the quick and dirty method or take off the rear bumper.
  13. Can't really tell from the audio but mine makes a droning noise that I would say fits your description when it is regening. Mine is pre lci and does not indicate when it's doing it, but over time I know the signs. Therefore you might be able to rule this out if yours actually tells you when it's regening.
  14. It's true. I have done mine and I don't notice any difference.
  15. Btw BMW tend to know very little about the ZF boxes as all they do is replace them.