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    520d M sport touring
  1. 530d SE or MSport

    OH, I was looking at the 520!!
  2. 530d SE or MSport

    I was looking on the BMW web sight the other day and you can specify 18" on an mSport
  3. I have been wondering the same. I also find when I press the voice activated button on the wifes fiesta I can text via siri and ask siri to make a call. But on my BMW this does not work and I just get a picture of a car on my phone
  4. New Roof or Repair

    A repair will buy some time BUT £4500 for a reroof with acrylic (manmade slates) and insulated would be the way to go. The problem with the repair is they will fix the existing problems, but what about the problems in 5 years. Old slate roofs fail because the nails rust. Unless the repair removes all of the slates and refits with new nails you may be waisting money. I have had both slate and acrylic on 2 different houses. Unless your house is listed and requires slate, acrylic will look the same and 50 plus years will be no problem.
  5. Sport Seats Uncomfortable

    Silly question, do you drive with your wallet in you RH back pocket? I get the same discomfort you describe on journeys over about about 30 mins. If I take my wallet out of my pocket, no discomfort. (no I'm not rich and have a fat wallet!) This is a common problem that physios come across
  6. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Another reply from my Bmw man Hi mate. Apparently, it's a big no-no to turn off stop-start, due to emissions law. That's why it defaults to "on" each time you start the vehicle. You live and learn, eh mate?!
  7. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    I have just asked if he can code it and am waiting a reply
  8. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Hi **** The con census of opinion is that yes, any settings being changed in this way would invalidate warranty; sorry mate. Above is the reply from the BMW main dealer friend with regards coding in warranty I think I’ll be turning my stop start off each time I drive until my car is 3 years old
  9. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Will do. A friend who works at a BMW main dealer is checking it out for me
  10. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    I do the same and turn it off. I don't like the way it stops the engine a fraction before the car has physically stops. I also hate the stop start working at a round about when you have only paused for a fraction of a second before you pull away again. On my wife's 1.0 turbo petrol fiesta you hardly feel it stopping and starting but the high compression diesel stop start is no gentle. I have bought a Vgate plug in and down loaded the phone app so that I can code the stop start to remember the last setting rather than defaulting to on every time I start the engine. I just need to check if coding it will effect the manufacturers warrantee
  11. I think the first question you should ask yourself is "if I get the car sprayed will I keep it or sell it?" If you plan is to keep it long term and enjoy it, your pleasure will outweigh the slight price difference on a car that you are not planning to sell!!!!
  12. I put these on my F11 Msport tourer about a month ago. Very pleased with them and they have the BMW approved *. 2×245 45 18 Goodyear EAGLE SPORT RUN FLAT 100V All season from eBay
  13. 535 d

    I think that's because the government have not got a clue either
  14. 2018 Maps

    Yes it took about 45 mins. I would suggest that you update it when you have somewhere to go. You need the ignition turned on for the update. I didn't realise how long it would take and ended up sitting in the car for the duration. (I park on the street and couldn't leave the car unattended)
  15. 2018 Maps

    I updated mine about a month ago. I borrowed my son's external hard drive. Worked just the same as a memory stick. I suppose it's just a big memory stick! The sat nav does seem to have improved