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  1. Stressed


    And if it pours make it 4 !!!
  2. A while back another watch on my station attended an Rta M25 junction A13, car under the back of a lorry. The drivers head was in the back seat and mobile Phone in hand mid text. Poeple don’t learn
  3. Stressed

    540 + power kit + insurance

    Just talked with my son who works in insurance. He has just confirmed that if the power kit option is at the point of ordering the car new from BMW as an optional extra it would not be classed as a modified car. If you had it fitted by a 3rd party or BMW after the car had been bought it would be classed as modified and you would have to declare it.
  4. Stressed

    540 + power kit + insurance

    Is the power kit an optional extra when you order the car? If it is surely you give the insurers the reg number and it will show them what model/power it is via the DVLA.
  5. Stressed

    1 series reverse gear

    I've just added to the BMW family with a 67 plate 118i sport to replace the Fiesta my wife had stollen. It's and absolute bugger to get into reverse gear. It is so stiff to push against the spring, i'm struggling with my buggered shoulder and my wife isn't strong enough. Anyone know if this is a known problem? If it doesn't improve in the next week or so I think the main dealer is going to get a visit. Thanks
  6. Stressed

    Best courtesy car ever!

    I'd love to have an extended test drive to get an idea of "real" mpg. i've done 200miles mixed driving and 300 miles (steady 75mph) London to Bristol and back this week/weekend and only got 44 mpg out of my 520d tourer.
  7. Stressed

    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    The other worry is what date will they try and bring it out to the M25
  8. Stressed

    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    I wonder what other taxes the government will put up when they stop getting tax from petrol and diesel. Lets face it we pay 75 to 80% tax on fuel now. I also this this shows how out of touch governments are with the "average man". I would guess the reason most people don't own an Euro6 car (Sept 2015 onwards) is because they can't afford one. In the government policy they are only giving those who live inside the north circular a couple of years to replace their cars. When the LEZ was changed my 2003 VW transporter was worth £4500 (a bloke from Wales bought it) A Euro 6 replacement £15k plus. I now don't own a van!
  9. Stressed

    Run flat tyres puncture repair

    It's not the repair that is the problem it is the damage done to the side wall by driving on a flat tyre. They are designed for you to drive on, but this costs you a new tyre!
  10. Stressed

    Run flat tyres puncture repair

    Apparently one of the east london national tyres repaired a run flat that burst and caused an accident and they were successfully sued. They had relied on the driver saying he hadn't driven on it flat but the side wall failed. They now have a national policy of NO RUN FLAT repairs
  11. Stressed

    Pulling to left when braking

    Have you done the same checks on the rear brakes?
  12. Stressed

    Standard charger failed? 530e

    Tax benefits only really help out the company car user, unfortunately they don't pose much of a benefit for the private buyer apart from £150ish in road tax. Therefore for the private buyer it comes down to the actually purchase and running costs.
  13. Stressed

    Standard charger failed? 530e

    I also know a tesla is more expensive. I just don't think 20 miles seem much. I would would be a private owner, not company car. That might be why my view is negative on the electric mileage. I would have to work out the figures for Diesel v Petrol and Petrol/electric MPG carefully. Thanks
  14. Stressed

    Standard charger failed? 530e

    I do find it concerning that 15 to 20 miles is the range when a Tesla claim 250 to 300 electric only. I really want my next car to not be diesel, but probably petrol hybrid, surely 100 mile should be what we are looking at? I also wonder why BMW only do the 530e in a salon and not a touring
  15. Stressed

    Hit & Run Help !

    Unfortunately if you are insured fully comp the MIB won't help at all with the car claim. They will only get involved if you are 3rd party or there is an injury claim. The MIB was set up by government and unfortunately this is the way they set it up.