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  1. Stressed

    Run flat tyres puncture repair

    It's not the repair that is the problem it is the damage done to the side wall by driving on a flat tyre. They are designed for you to drive on, but this costs you a new tyre!
  2. Stressed

    Run flat tyres puncture repair

    Apparently one of the east london national tyres repaired a run flat that burst and caused an accident and they were successfully sued. They had relied on the driver saying he hadn't driven on it flat but the side wall failed. They now have a national policy of NO RUN FLAT repairs
  3. Stressed

    Pulling to left when braking

    Have you done the same checks on the rear brakes?
  4. Stressed

    Standard charger failed? 530e

    Tax benefits only really help out the company car user, unfortunately they don't pose much of a benefit for the private buyer apart from £150ish in road tax. Therefore for the private buyer it comes down to the actually purchase and running costs.
  5. Stressed

    Standard charger failed? 530e

    I also know a tesla is more expensive. I just don't think 20 miles seem much. I would would be a private owner, not company car. That might be why my view is negative on the electric mileage. I would have to work out the figures for Diesel v Petrol and Petrol/electric MPG carefully. Thanks
  6. Stressed

    Standard charger failed? 530e

    I do find it concerning that 15 to 20 miles is the range when a Tesla claim 250 to 300 electric only. I really want my next car to not be diesel, but probably petrol hybrid, surely 100 mile should be what we are looking at? I also wonder why BMW only do the 530e in a salon and not a touring
  7. Stressed

    Hit & Run Help !

    Unfortunately if you are insured fully comp the MIB won't help at all with the car claim. They will only get involved if you are 3rd party or there is an injury claim. The MIB was set up by government and unfortunately this is the way they set it up.
  8. Stressed

    530d SE or MSport

    OH, I was looking at the 520!!
  9. Stressed

    530d SE or MSport

    I was looking on the BMW web sight the other day and you can specify 18" on an mSport
  10. I have been wondering the same. I also find when I press the voice activated button on the wifes fiesta I can text via siri and ask siri to make a call. But on my BMW this does not work and I just get a picture of a car on my phone
  11. Stressed

    New Roof or Repair

    A repair will buy some time BUT £4500 for a reroof with acrylic (manmade slates) and insulated would be the way to go. The problem with the repair is they will fix the existing problems, but what about the problems in 5 years. Old slate roofs fail because the nails rust. Unless the repair removes all of the slates and refits with new nails you may be waisting money. I have had both slate and acrylic on 2 different houses. Unless your house is listed and requires slate, acrylic will look the same and 50 plus years will be no problem.
  12. Stressed

    Sport Seats Uncomfortable

    Silly question, do you drive with your wallet in you RH back pocket? I get the same discomfort you describe on journeys over about about 30 mins. If I take my wallet out of my pocket, no discomfort. (no I'm not rich and have a fat wallet!) This is a common problem that physios come across
  13. Stressed

    what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Another reply from my Bmw man Hi mate. Apparently, it's a big no-no to turn off stop-start, due to emissions law. That's why it defaults to "on" each time you start the vehicle. You live and learn, eh mate?!
  14. Stressed

    what are the stop start rules for diesels

    I have just asked if he can code it and am waiting a reply
  15. Stressed

    what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Hi **** The con census of opinion is that yes, any settings being changed in this way would invalidate warranty; sorry mate. Above is the reply from the BMW main dealer friend with regards coding in warranty I think I’ll be turning my stop start off each time I drive until my car is 3 years old