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  1. Stressed

    G30 petrol or diesel

    With the driving I do 190BHP from a 520d is more than enough 90% of the time. That's why the 530i is on the list. I think a 48hrs test drive of the 540i would be needed to convince me I won't need a mortgage to run it! As my post said heart says 540i BUT!!!
  2. Stressed

    G30 petrol or diesel

    I did 20k last year but will probably do 12 to 15 this. I'll be buying with my own money. I do have a LTD company for H&S training but only work part time and with the low turn over a company car or lease isn't cost effective. I'm better off using my own car and claiming expenses. I'd be looking second hand. At 22 month old my 520 with 13k on the clock was nearly half price of a new car.
  3. Stressed

    G30 petrol or diesel

    I have a 65plate F11 520D I've been looking at the G30 and asking myself petrol or diesel. Heart says 540I, but why wouldn't it! Realistically I know that the 540i will drink petrol especially with mixed driving with a town bias. I generally get 40-45mpg from a tank and nearer 50mpg on the motorway. What experience have petrol owners got with the 520i 530i and 540i. I've been thinking 530i is the way to go. X drive or not is the other question? Thanks
  4. Stressed

    Text message on display

    Just wondering, can't you just push the voice button on the steering wheel and ask your phone to read it. That's what I do on my 65 plate F11. The voice button just operates Siri!!
  5. Stressed

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    When I was looking for my car I ruled out any car with more than 18" because of the ride
  6. Stressed

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    245 45 18
  7. Stressed

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    19000 miles ago I fitted a pair of Goodyear eagle all season runflats to the rear of my 520d. They gave great rear grip and drive throughout last winter. They still have over 6mm tread depth. I paid £250 plus fitting via eBay. This week via eBay again I got another 2 fitted to the front £260 fitted. I have found this a much better option having all seasons rather than swapping summer and winter wheels as I did on the front of my previous A4
  8. Stressed

    Too many thieves about !!

    Can the keyless entry be turned off?
  9. Stressed

    From 520d to an X1 18i

    Oh! They gave me a Mini Clubman Cooper S 2L auto petrol last time, I thought that was a great little car. I assumed the slightly harsh ride was down to the sports suspension. The Mini was completely different to the 2 series. If the 2 series "mummy" wagon was your first introduction to BMW I'd walk away!!
  10. Stressed

    From 520d to an X1 18i

    I’ve been given a 216d people carrier type thing whilst my 520 is in for work. What a cheap piece of metal. Harsh noisy ride. Everything feel cheap/budget. my wife’s 118i feels 10 times better built and a more comfortable ride. cant wait to get my 5 back
  11. Stressed

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    I ran my VW Transporter Kombi on 245 45 18 Chinese tyres for nearly 10 years. I know it's not as powerful as my BMW but 70mph up and down the country winter and summer, great value and never had a grip issue wet or dry. I had budget winters for my A4 with no complaint for 4 winters, and budget summers. AT the end of the day to be sold new in the UK they have to meet a minimum safety standard. Budget tyre normally wear our quicker. Lets face it the big brand names contract their manufacture out to companies in China half the time and the Big brand companies own a lot of the budget tyre makes as well. Even on my commuter/instructor motor bike I've ridden miles on budget tires and wear life has been a but shorter. Didn't put budget on my 1000cc V twin sports bike though because you could be riding to a "higher" level especially when doing advanced training. You have to ask realistically "am I going to be riding or driving at the limit"?
  12. Stressed


    And if it pours make it 4 !!!
  13. A while back another watch on my station attended an Rta M25 junction A13, car under the back of a lorry. The drivers head was in the back seat and mobile Phone in hand mid text. Poeple don’t learn
  14. Stressed

    540 + power kit + insurance

    Just talked with my son who works in insurance. He has just confirmed that if the power kit option is at the point of ordering the car new from BMW as an optional extra it would not be classed as a modified car. If you had it fitted by a 3rd party or BMW after the car had been bought it would be classed as modified and you would have to declare it.
  15. Stressed

    540 + power kit + insurance

    Is the power kit an optional extra when you order the car? If it is surely you give the insurers the reg number and it will show them what model/power it is via the DVLA.