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  1. B17lboro

    new screen - now no auto lights or wipe!

    Thanks for the info HandyAndy. I think in the first instance I will contact my insurance company...ta sshooie - I will do that.
  2. B17lboro

    Climate control

    just an update - had my aircon re-bombed! (it was a little low on gas) and has been fine so far this summer...in fact too cold!! also realised that the front centre air vents can blow hot or cold as you like and independent of the aircon settings....dosey me!
  3. Had my front screen replaced by autoglass due to a crack caused by a flying stone in April. I have just noticed that when the light switch is in 'auto light' switch position, the lights are almost on all the time in daytime. Also the rain sensor for the wiper no longer seems to be adjustable for sensitivity. I have not checked the auto dimming function yet. Anyone had a similar problem?. I presume the car software would have had to be updated after the new screen was fitted for calibration purposes??
  4. Ok winters coming! Now I have stopped the water leak- is it worth getting a set of winter tyres for the coming months?? i have seen some good deals on s/h Oem winter tyres/ wheels on eBay. As it's going to my first winter with a rear wheel drive car I was wondering if it is worth it? I've never used them on a front wheel drive but a couple of friends have recommended them for rear drivers. Also I presume 17 inch wheels will fit on my 520d msport? The air deflectors look like they will be pretty tight.
  5. B17lboro

    Climate control

    Seems to be behaving fine now due to the onset of winter!! Thanks for the replies. will monitor it if we get any more Warm days (ever hopeful) Am I right in thinking if set to auto (is auto led on only) there will be no cooling? Set to auto with aircon (both led's on) you get cooling as required?
  6. B17lboro

    Climate control

    Just a query .. A few few weeks back when we had summer for a couple of days! My climate was blowing cool when set at 21c in the car ... All of which seemed about right as it was around the same temp outside. Then on another 21c day it started blowing hot when still on the same setting. The only way I could get it to blow cold was to switch off auto and select aircon and dial in 16c . This was the same for a couple of days then it seemed to right itself. to me it sounds like a intermittent interior temp sensor? Anyone else have this problem?
  7. B17lboro

    Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    Thanks Matthew. checked it today after last nights downpour and still dry. However lots of leaves sitting on top of the grill!
  8. B17lboro

    Hello everyone! I have a wet floor!!

    Interestingly my family member had never noticed the issue other than saying that last winter that he noticed that the interior was steaming up a lot. the car also has always been parked facing down hill on a very steep drive all its life before coming to me with a flat drive...maybe that had an effect too?
  9. B17lboro

    Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    Thanks to the excellent info on here I finally got around to sorting my f11 out a month ago...and I still have dry carpets. I did the job from above which I found reasonably easy for access ( mind I do avionics on light aircraft so am used to getting into tight places!) A few things to add in to the equation: I took out the wheel arch liner and actually poked the big grommet (where the aircon pipes go to the heater box) out of the way. This allowed me to get some fingers up and scrape out the sludge and leaves in this area. I also used a combination of a water hose and compressed air to wash/blow out the crud. When the hose was on water was also coming out of the hole through to where the yellow bung 'chamber' is. (I just have a hole and no tube on mine!) With the the aid of a long nose plier, it was easy to pull and clip the grommet back into position afterwards. Putting the wheel arch liner back in I lost one of the push through pins on the clips where it attaches to the outer wing...any idea where I can get one?!! On the cover (over the chamber) I drilled a 15 drain hole and glued in an L shaped bit of copper pipe (!!) to take the water away and down. On the top grills at the base of the screen I hot melted some finer mesh on the underside to prevent bigger crud going down in the first place. ( I know leaves will still get down the gap where the bonnet hinge is, but it may help prevent further build up a bit)
  10. B17lboro

    Hello everyone! I have a wet floor!!

    Thanks for the hellos! Lots of fantastic info here already! No unfortunately I got it from a family member
  11. Hi just purchased a very nice 2012 520 touring M sport.... A lot of vehicle! But I have a soggy rear floor on the passenger side. I found this site by googling the problem so I will have a look at the fixes! not the best start to bmw ownership!!