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  1. I also recently bought a 1987 525e and sorting out a few niggles with it. The clock on mine did not work, but turned out that the bulb had blown, and was a very easy fix. I ordered new window trims yesterday from Amazon.com. I bought two front sets, as I understand you can simply cut down a front to suit the back and is a cheaper way of doing it. I think both of them including delivery was about £90.
  2. Rickp78

    1987 525e cold start niggle

    Hi, I have a 1987 525e and it is becoming harder to start without holding the accelerator pedal down slightly when starting. Until recently, it started perfectly without pressing the pedal, but now it needs a bit of gas to start. The car will start by pressing the pedal slightly, but the revs fluctuates up and down for about 5 seconds until it stabilises. The car then drives fine, with plenty of go and no stalling etc. Once warm it will start perfectly with no need for pressing the pedal. If I do not press the pedal, it fires then immediately cuts out? Is there anything obvious to check please? I was wondering about possibly a temperature sensor or similar? Thanks Richard
  3. Rickp78

    525e fuel leak under intake

    Thanks all. I appear to have sorted this. Although the fuel hose looked quite new, it was the wrong size (too big) and was leaking out at the end! I bought the correct 8mm size and ran it back to the metal pipes on the n/s bulkhead. I also replaced the very perished looking return lines. All seems good now. Cheers
  4. Rickp78

    525e fuel leak under intake

    Hi. I have a late 1987 525e. There is a strong petrol smell on start up and noticed that under the inlet manifold, where the main fuel line connects, it gets very wet with petrol, but then seems to dry up and is ok? Is this a cold start valve or similar? Looks a bit of a nightmare to get too. Anyone seen this please? The fuel hose looks very new and the leak seems to be slightly after the end of the hose. Thanks