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  1. Hi here we have a 2006 X5 3.0d LHD with 52000kms and air suspension on all four corners, which is giving me untold grief, it started last October with"Fault Air Suspension Inactive" red light on dash. So down to my local garage with diagnostic equipment and he says front left Ride Height sensor faulty, so all four are replaced, update carried out and guess what same fault. Then he states that the ECU is at fault so that is replaced with genuine new part, good for about a month then same problem occurs. After several weeks states that ECU is faulty new goods so has to go to BMW dealer for FOC replacement, that takes a month, car returned all good for two weeks and then same fault. So now back at BMW dealer and after two weeks they state that the ECU is faulty AGAIN. Does anybody on here know if it is possible to convert to standard mcpherson strut suspension and if so what is involved i.e. is it a straight swap over?