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  1. Steve540

    e39 M5 rear seat

    Recently purchased a Le Mans blue e39 m5 interior but it is missing the rear seat. Just the bit where your back rests against Thanks
  2. Steve540

    LED Angel Eye bulbs.

    The 520s lower power angel eyes look brighter due to the time of the day at which that picture was taken. The pic was also a for sale picture so I used a SLR camera which is why its such good quality. The 540s lights are way brighter though. Yes there is canbus flicker from both angel eyes which is perfectly normal for LED units since they are so power sensitive. The flickering doesn't last long
  3. Steve540

    540iA transmission grumble

    My 97 540iA has decided to develop a grinding noise when under loading. When you put your foot on the accelerator at cruising speeds there is an awful grinding noise from the transmission. The revs also fluctuate slightly. Once your foot is either lifted off or pressed harder into the pedal the noise stops.It used to only happen at like 50mph in 5th and 30mph in 4th when the car needed to change gear but its not happening more often in a wider range of speeds and gears.The best way to grasp what I'm saying is by listening to the videoIn the video I have my foot on the pedal maintaining a constant speed which causes grinding. Im lifting my foot off and on to make the grinding more noticeable. Pressing too hard results in the car changing into a lower gear which is what I do in the end of the video.Thanks for your time
  4. Steve540

    LED Angel Eye bulbs.

    Here are comparison pics of my old 520 with 6watt LED angel eyes and my 540 with 40 watt cree LEDs 6 watts look good in day light when taken with an SLR as you can see i imagine 40 watts to be even better!
  5. Steve540

    FS: E39 Black interior door/ dash trims

    Hi are they still available? Are they origonal oem piano black or painted?
  6. Steve540

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    No problem Your thread inspirers me to start my 525 project lol
  7. Steve540

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Did u sell TUI 540 reg? You made some job of that car Im from Ni not too far from will and have bought alot of him
  8. Steve540

    Northern irish 540

    After reading liam97's interior transformation thread it makes mine look crap lol So my car started out with electric memory comforts sand beige which is very dated in 2017 So i finally found my favourite interior off all time... nappa champagne <3 .. maybe its walknappa not sure but, its amazingly soft and pretty rare Back seats are in ok condition but the rest is pretty poor unfortunatly. I was pricing around to see what it would cost to fully refurb them but it seems to be a few hundred per seat!! So i plan on attempting re dying. The door handles on the door cards are also leather My biggest concern is the drivers seat as its all folded and wrinkled as you can see in the pics Anyway ill worry about that when i finish the installation new m stitched steering wheel installed and chrome clock rings still alot of work to do need to.. Wire in the heating feature of the seats Refurb seats Refurb door cards Install black roof cloth to match my freshly dyed black parcel shelf! And most importantly find a leather center consol to dye champagne Id like a leather lower and upper dash but ill settle for just the consol.. for now lol Ive been searching ebay and theres one for £250 but thats way over budget :s for a student running a v8 Steve
  9. Steve540

    Northern irish 540

    . NWJW My exhuast looks a bit like this But its rotten and needs replaced So in planning on removing the back box and replacing with stainless steel pipes
  10. Steve540

    Northern irish 540

    Sorry guys i only seen your replies today! Thanks for your interest and compliments Ive been spending too much time on the american forums lol
  11. I must go and check out your thread if i have any trouble with codes id appreciate your help! At the moment though the airbag light has completely stopped working.. it doesnt light up during ignition Which isnt a good thing lol
  12. I just installed champagne sport seats in my 97 sand beige electric confort 540 I spliced in new yellow plugs Everything is working as it should including the memory function I havnt sorted out the heating function though. Not to sure how to I think a loom is needed and a new switch pannel with heated seat buttons I havnt scanned the car to clear the airbag codes either That will probably be a headache
  13. Steve540

    Steering wheel fitment help

    Thanks for your help I cant wait to finally get rid of this awful square steering wheel..
  14. Steve540

    Steering wheel fitment help

    Hi ive a 97 540 under going major interior surgery.. so i thought id buy it a new steering wheel to match its champagne interior! So i got a single stage m sport steering wheel off a breaker who assured me it would fit my car. But it doesnt seem to be as straight forward as i hoped I know its probably obvious but how do i detach my old steering wheel Theres a wire running into the steering column as u can see and the wires coming out of the new wheel look completely different and theres 2 off them Do i have to swap slip rings?
  15. Steve540

    E39 restoration project.

    I was looking for some inspiration as im in the process of changing my cream interior to champagne And i think ive found it. To invest £1750 into an e39 that isnt an m5 means im not alone lol I currently fighting with the fan motor Eugh the new one i got from the dealer was cracked and shattered to pieces when i turned it on! So i put the old one back in and i cant keep it from rubbing and vibrating agaisnt the cover!!! I like topaz its a little lighter than montreal blue