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  1. BMW books

    @duncan-uk did you manage to get the rest of these shifted?
  2. How can I find out my factory spec

    That is a good thing that it can't be clocked so to speak. I'm sure I had read that there is a way to sync the cluster to your car. I believe the correct mileage is stored in the ecu so when the cluster is synced it will then show the right one. The original cluster is in the boot minus it's fascia. I've found a company that can repair them. I think that might be the best plan. Obviously I don't know to what extent it's failed. Id need to plug it in and see what is wrong with it. Id rather have it's correct dash in it. I just thought I'd be better leaving the current one in that way I don't cause any problems lol.
  3. How can I find out my factory spec

    Thanks very much @supertramp101 I'll check them all out. If this Jimmy is programming/diagnostics I wonder if it has the capability to code the second hand dash cluster that's fitted to my car. The car can be driven normally with it and all the gauges work but I think accessing the hidden/service menu is restricted due to the VIN of my car being different to the one that's coded to the dash. Also it shows the incorrect mileage. Ive seen on the forums that there are ways to do it but with out software etc it's not possible.
  4. Buying advice for 520

    I'll be getting that for it's MOT in January then. Thanks
  5. Buying advice for 520

    Quite right, why give your money to a garage when a bit of time on your part gets the job done. Gives you a bit of pride in your car as well, knowing that you not only own and drive it but, maintain it as well
  6. How can I find out my factory spec

    Interesting, I was wondering what relevance the numbers had. Personally, if it had a front bumper with black inserts from new then that's the way I'd like it to be. It would bother me if someone came up to me and said "do you know your car has the wrong type of bumper"? I must say, this forum has a great bunch of knowledgeable people willing to offer helpful advice. I've had lackadaisical responses on forums I've joined for other cars that I've had. Perhaps it's been the way I've worded my messages. Someone interpreting it differently to the way it sounded to me when I wrote it for instance. I always try to be pleasant and respectful when posting messages and, I've had the same back from members on this forum. Would definitely recommend this forum to other BMW5 owners
  7. Buying advice for 520

    One of the droplinks does have a small amount of play on it on mine but doesn't look too hard to do. New plates ordered. Goodness knows what possessed someone to modify the plate to look like that. There had been a few questionable mods on the interior as well. Like you say each to there own but I've put the trim back to silver. A previous owner had done it in blue and it looked seriously tacky.
  8. How can I find out my factory spec

    Managed to get the decoder on another site. My car has 337 M sport package and 705 M sport suspension li. Not sure what the li stands for. Still nice to know my car was specced this way.
  9. How can I find out my factory spec

    @supertramp101 wow some interesting points there, you seem to be pretty clued up. It's info like that which really interests me. I'll check springs for the markings you mention. My rear bumper does have black inserts and on inspection of the pics I have of it when it was for sale, the front bumper had black inserts as well. Presumably I can just replace the ones in my current bumper with black, rather than replacing the complete bumper. Or are there other differences I've missed. I'll keep trying the vin decider but it seems to start loading then freeze for some reason. Now I can't wait to get the back seat out to check for this sheet you mentioned about. Thanks for the very helpful info. Cheers Davy
  10. How can I find out my factory spec

    Thank you @Rosie I'll try that. @adamhearn I do know the front bumper was replaced but going by pictures that I presume were taken before it was replaced I think it's the same. Which style of bumper(s) might it have been fitted with. The interior headlining is black. I've been told this is one way of being reasonably sure that it's a genuine sport package car as it's apparently quite difficult to change. Given the standard of repairs/modifications some previous owners have done I doubt they would have gone to that extent. My V5 states it as a sports edition. Where as my insurance specifies it as simply a 520i sport.
  11. New member from Scotland

    Thanks mate, just need to get a nice new set of reg plates on and I'll be happier. Now that the bigger stuff is dealt with I'll start getting round to the more niggly things.
  12. New member from Scotland

    As promised here are some pics of my car. It was suggested I should start a thread in the projects section. I'll do that and I'll post pics and progress reports there.
  13. Buying advice for 520

    Hopefully this works. It's meant to be pics of my e39
  14. Buying advice for 520

    I have details on how to attach pics. Will set up the relevant account to do this. Nice idea hadn't thought of starting a project thread since it's my daily but I'll be constantly fiddling with it so seems like a reasonable idea.
  15. Buying advice for 520

    Just to finish up with this post and, in case members haven't seen my posts elsewhere I ended up buying the car. Definitely not disappointed. I got it for a good price and have had to spend relatively little on it to get it right so that I can use it daily. Thanks for all your hints and advice. Cheers Davy