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  1. Thanks I got a bit ahead of myself. I should have searched first since as you suggested, this is a common fault. Stripped down the door tonight and low and behold the vapour barrier seal had broken away in several places. I've sealed it all back on now. I'm hoping for a dry floor the next time I wash my pride and joy. Managed to have a good inspection underneath the car tonight and all is well and good. So much better than I had expected I'm really impressed.
  2. @Andrew535i thanks when I get a bit of piece to sort that out I will. Now I have a question about my car. I went over it today with the vacuum cleaner. To my horror I discovered that the R/H rear passenger footwell carpet is pretty damp. No where else in the car is affected not even the boot. Anyone else had this issue. Is there any drain holes that could be blocked or is it a case of replace door seal? Cheers Davy
  3. @Yokozuna what's the best way to post pics on this forum, so that everyone can see.
  4. Let me know if you can see this picture. I will share more as I take them
  5. @Vlady I pick the car up tomorrow so be prepared for plenty pics by Saturday lol.
  6. Finally went to view the car tonight. Looks not bad a couple of bits of Lacquer peeling and a wee bit rust round the boot lock. Took it for a drive round the houses and on to the motorway. Got stuck in a bit of traffic and kept my eye on the temp gauge which stayed bang in the middle. It drove nicely and performed well in comparison to my vectra SXi. No nasty clunks or bangs and was nice and smooth. There was no smoke and no oily patch on the driveway. Checked the oil cap and the oil on the dipstick and there were no signs anything amiss. All the electrics worked as spec. Interior wise someone had decided to paint all the silver trim blue which actually was passable apart from where it had chipped which niggled me. So the to do list is, replace interior trim back to standard. Replace cracked rear light unit. Fit handbrake cable and get the dash cluster programmed to the car. Haggled the guy down to £650 since I need to spend time and money on her. Once I get her how I want her I think she will be a nice example. She has wads of paper work for repairs, mots and services too.
  7. @535i Andrew my sentiments exactly. I'm actually going to look at it tonight. I haven't had transport so that I could go get a look up until now. Also had to sort a few other things out. Messaged the guy and asked if he still had it for sale. He does and I'm off to see it this afternoon.
  8. @Calypso-E34 yep that's the car almost identical to the one I'm looking at. It has those same wheels. This one has tinted rear lights and windows. It's the same colour too. It looks a lovely motor. I need to see it in person and check it all over before I make the decision. Obviously being 15 years old it's not going to be perfect. I'm going to put a handbrake cable on it and a suspension droplink as those are advised for MOT. I'm also going to service it right away and keep servicing it regularly to get the most from it. I've read instances of owners getting 3 and 400k plus out the M54 engine.
  9. Thanks @Vlady just trying to sort my finances and I'll go and have a look at it. I had heard they are a bit thirsty but it's a hit I'm prepared to take. I'd rather have this than a run of the mill car of the same price.
  10. A wee update just had a reply from the owner. The cluster came from a 5 series that was being broken which was showing the moon miles. The genuine mileage of the car is around 130k which tallys up with the previous years MOT.
  11. Thanks yes unfortunately insurance is a determining factor. I believe this one is the 2.2 which performs marginally better than the 2.0 engine. You will have seen some of my concerns on the E39 page. I really do need to see the car to be able to make a decision. I just wondered if I should look elsewhere going on the advert alone.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. @d_a_n1979 yes that's what I meant it's had the cluster replaced, as for the tamper dot I don't know. I'll Google this and find out. The list you give is handy, a nice rundown of what to look for. I haven't been to look at the car yet as I didn't want to waste anyone's time. I just wondered if anyone on here thought it was worth looking at. Going through the MOT history it's had most, if not all the suspension replaced. It needs a handbrake cable and to have the cluster coded. @syncrofred it's £750 but I'd reckon if I haggled and argued the point about the mileage I could take it for maybe £500. Glad to say it's a manual gearbox so not quite the concern that a manual brings with it.
  13. I have been looking online at a 2002 E39 520. It's advertised as an M sport which I'm not entirely sure of but that's not a deal breaker. Haven't seen any interior shots but, externally it looks a beautiful car. It has 6 months MOT and is very reasonably priced. The engine is a petrol which is why I doubt it's an M sport as I thought 520 M sports were diesel so I suspect it's just a 520i. The owner states it has a new dash which will need coded. That is fine I can get this done. My concern is the mileage. I've checked the MOT history and it shows over 206k. Last year it covered an average mileage but, the year before it covered around 76k miles in one year. The years previously it covered regular average mileage. I wondered if the dash could have glitched and skipped the mileage on hence the reason for the new dash. The owner tells me the mileage is roughly 120k. For a car 15 years old that mileage is fine. He doesn't know that I have seen its over 200k. I'm just trying to figure out if he's being genuine or if this car does have moon miles. 76k in one year seems extreme as it equates to roughly over 200 miles a day. This car will be my daily driver so obviously even at 120k miles it won't be 100 percent trouble free. I just don't want to end up with something that's going to need major surgery to keep me mobile. I really really like the look of this car and it's very hard not to let my heart rule my head. I just can't afford to end up without a car if it needs a lot of time and money spent on it. Sorry for such a long post. Cheers Davy
  14. Hello everyone. I'm a new member based in Glasgow, Scotland. I am a full time mechanic for over 15 years. I love all vehicles and of course I have a soft spot for BMW. I currently have an offer of an E39 520. I have some questions regarding this car. I just want to be sure I post these questions in the right place. Don't want to ruffle any feathers on my first day. Hope you're all well, look forward to your replies. Cheers Davy