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  1. It's the IMS (interior motion sensor) Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks, but which 'valve' would you be referring to please? The problem happen - likely when the car is taken over i.e. speed ramps, or uneven road surface. This happened when I was taking it for a test drive. Sometimes it was just fine when I took it for 5 miles drive. Also if having a faulty valve - it wouldnt let me to 'reset' the suspension level by using a car jack would it?
  3. Hi All I have looked up here and unable to find a solution for the issue on my car. Initially thought it would be the airbags but not the case now as they appears to still function - found out by accident! Basically, when I get the SLS warning on dashboard - the rear drivers side suspension is dropped low and yet the passenger rear side stays where it is. (I had issue with needing one new airbag about 3 years ago (as garage says) and this resulted in both sides being dropped to low - I guess this is as per design - levelling out.) When using the car jack to raise drivers rear side to a level (to where it should be) and if I open door/key in ignition and turn one position - the compression comes on and then stop. It is at this point where I can now lower the car jack, the suspension would stay where it should be - which is good as I am able to drive without any bumps etc. But it then will lower other days later - seem to be for 'random' reason. Today when I tried the above step on a slightly sloped road it will not stay up so had to do this on a perfectly level ground and it works. I now believe it cannot be the airbag - what other issue would this be related to? Would it be the level sensor as I thought this relates only to the headlights or does it have dual purpose? Using INPA, I have to set the height to around 576mm as per spec - but after a drive around, the passenger side dropped slightly to around 570 and the drivers side raised to 590. I have left it as it is at the moment and hopefully this does not become an issue for driving? Is INPA ideal for setting height? Hopefully this means a simple solution / fix and I look forward to your replies. Thanks P. BMW E39 523i touring (1998)