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  1. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    Tbh mate that was next on the cards lol Was thinking wire coat hanger but all sorted just now
  2. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    Cheers bud
  3. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    Got clip from eBay 15bucks sorted it today . Glad it's running properly again. Ecu light stayed on so reset it with torque app was happy it worked . Does anyone know what the water temp should be as I can check it on the app. Cheers
  4. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    Will any other clips fit like 525d 530d?
  5. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    Well scrapys had none took one from a golf turbo but that was just a bit thicker and didn't fit. Can't get a response from breakers maybe just to small a part for them lol help
  6. 535d intercooler retainer clip

    Thanks bud going to have a look at local scrap yard today hopefully find something
  7. Hi guys my retainer clip broke on bottom left intercooler pipe. Does any one know where I can get one of these as local bmw have told me they only come with pipe and thats 250bucks or does any other ones fit . Thanks
  8. My 535d

    Spiders painted black
  9. My 535d

    Went to black alloys
  10. My 535d

    Thanks mate
  11. My 535d

    When I was younger had dark marks under my eyes lol so my mate called me sad dog eyes lol funny thing is his name was pie face so the dog part stuck
  12. My 535d

    Thanks mate
  13. My 535d

    Cheers mate
  14. My 535d

    Cheers bud dp is for Darren Paterson and my nickname is dog lol so for 250 can't go wrong