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  1. Dazp30

    My 535d

    Mines is mapped to stage 1
  2. Dazp30

    E60 front lip

  3. Dazp30

    E60 front lip

    Might leave it for now as would probs kill it as soon as I parked lol
  4. Dazp30

    Anyone used ecotune?

    The wheels look perfect bud. Good power from yours too.
  5. Dazp30

    E60 front lip

    Looking for an aftermarket front lip for my e60
  6. Dazp30

    Anyone used ecotune?

    Stunning 530 mate
  7. Dazp30

    My 535d

    Couple vids when I went up quarter mile best time 13.5 side by side with e60 m5 shame I never got it on film
  8. Dazp30

    My 535d

    Few more of the 5
  9. Dazp30

    My 535d

    Been a while but some more pics
  10. Dazp30

    E60 front lip

    Hi looking for front lip that will fit onto m sport front bumper thanks
  11. Dazp30

    535d intercooler retainer clip

    Tbh mate that was next on the cards lol Was thinking wire coat hanger but all sorted just now