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  1. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Recently Ive had a volvo hire car to visit other sites for work, both times ive been given the new S90 with a 2.0 turbocharged 235 HP engine in, and whilst quick it certainly doesnt feel as quick as my 5 series, nor does it sound anywhere near as nice!!! I drive these hire cars always comparing to my own car and so far none have persuaded me that id want another brand... in fact i now find myself considering a 640 Gran coupe (i like the style and interior a lot) so basically in 10 months owning a 3.0 F10 i find myself firmly on the 6 pot gravy train, 2.0 engines just dont have the character or appeal anymore
  2. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Ive got a 6 pot 525D and "NO GO???" errr, its got plenty of shove and not remapped yet, £300 quid remap sees it somewhere around 270BHP... but I dont see the need, its plenty quick enough for our roads
  3. What's worth coding on an F10?

    have a look here, few PDFs to download http://f10.m5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=907307
  4. M Sport suspension

    So what you`re saying is BMW suspension, spring or airbag is shite??? I will have a look again when I get home and see if it does the same thing.... but my god ive never spent so long worrying about different things to go wrong on a car in my life... my old octavia VRS went through thick and thin in 5 years of ownership and all that ever went wrong was a pressure sensor!!
  5. M Sport suspension

    Mine is an F10 so it seems like I may have dodged a bullet then as I`m reading about plenty of failures... Still gives me a question mark over what I felt in the car though!! very odd but will have a closer look when i get home later.. option 704 according to the vin decoder
  6. Registering my car with BMW.

    Mines def a CIC unit, I was thinking it could be age of car too, mines 2011 so imagine BMW have made a good few changes to the way it all works with newer cars
  7. M Sport suspension

    Hi all, this should be a fairly straight forward one to answer (most likely Mr Ashton) but can anyone tell me do cars with M-sport suspension fitted have airbags at the rear??? I suspect not but i`m almost certain that when i got in the car this morning to move it I felt the rear rise up, and my daughter has commented before whilst standing outside the car that the rear looked low.... I cannot see anything obvious when I look into the wheel arch just the usual strut but no obvious spring either.. It was dark this morning so figured guys in the know on here could tell me (or girls to be politically correct) I`m sure they don`t have airbags just on the rear but you never know with the way BMW spec individual cars.. Thanks in advance
  8. Registering my car with BMW.

    when did that change?? wish it was a simple as that when i did my car a few months back, utter ball ache waiting for BMW to do its thing...
  9. Registering my car with BMW.

    If you want to use things like connected drive etc then you have to register with an account on the connected drive portal, then fill in a form and mail it or email it to BMW with proof of V5 for them to tie them up together, pain in the arse really!!
  10. Audio upgrade F10 - A different approach

    Hi Mathew, So having the BASE setup with no AMP (explaining why it sounds so poor) would the wiring be in situ for me to just add a factory AMP if i found one on EBAY or something?? then give the speakers an upgrade at a later date??
  11. Coding services needed. East coast Scotland.

    Graeme, You are better off adding your request in this section of the forum http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/forum/103-f07f10f11-2010-2017/ Thats the link for all FXX series BMWs for everything, the CODING part of this website doesnt appear to see much action Dave
  12. Driving In France Breathalyser

    I always thought France was just a country you drove through to get to somewhere nicer like Italy or Spain.... I guess this post is evidence that i`m wrong and people do actually drive to France and stay!!
  13. Replacing the grilles

    Brute force fella, although i must confess to not having to use too much when i did mine, they seemed willing to come away with minimal persuasion!! Did you go for a nice long drive first and let the engine warm up?? I also suspect you may have had a slight fear of damaging the bumper so as a result held back.... something i wasnt prepared to do and just went for it!! Pleased its done though and yes it makes a world of difference, pleased you are happy with the results
  14. F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    So contacted my INDY garage that have been servicing my car and are German car specialists (not just BMW but also MERC and PORSCHE among others) and here is the reply I got.. a little pricey but saves me going to Germany and they have a sterling reputation in the BMW circles Thank you for your enquiry reference the ZF transmission oil change on your BMW. We recommend replacement of the transmission oil and filter at 80,000 mile intervals. The price for this replacement is £488 inc. parts, labour and VAT and also includes the replacement of the electrical sleeve that is very prone to leaking transmission oil. I hope that this is the information you require and if I can help any further or to arrange an appointment please do not hesitate to let me know. Many Thanks, Daniel PMW Ltd. 01245 4967 So my car will be going to these guys when needed, FYI they are based in Chelmsford Essex so hopefully will be close to some of you considering getting this done and if not then you can make a day of it and get to visit sunny Essex!!!
  15. F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    Hell of a journey to get a gearbox serviced, really is a shame they dont expand over here and have a service centre, im fairly sure they would get a lot of 5,6,7 etc owners in for gearbox services (lets face it no one really believes BMW and its LIFE policy) I`m only on 66,000 miles so think I will hold off for a bit, may take the trip one day but in the mean time keep us all updated on how it goes, the experience as whole of visiting and how well they look after you, and then the end result and how it feels when driving. Good luck and enjoy the road trip