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  1. BMW connected drive app on IPHONE

    Hi Chris, I will be getting a subscription set up soon, in the mean time i dont suppose you can remeber what the instructions were from our friends in Germany??
  2. BMW connected drive app on IPHONE

    I Remeber you saying that you didnt use it, and to be fair when I had a 4 series coupe for a week whilst my car was in for a recall I didnt use any of them other than the sports dials and even they were nothing more than a gimmik... That said im a mug for toys even if i dont use them, if i know they are there and can be had I want them!! its a man thing!!
  3. BMW connected drive app on IPHONE

    Thanks for chipping in here guys, I suspected i needed a subscritpion but oddly have RTTI and have never subscribed to it!!! but it always notifies me of issues on my many journeys over to essex so must be working somehow (im just not sure how) I think I may sign up for 6 months and see what I get from it, I wouldnt mind the ability to see fuel range and send to maps at very least, all the others would be a real bonus too but i guess will come down to age of car (although i suspect it could be made to work somehow with coding) Has anyone done the retrofit of BMW apps on here?? I know you need the FSC code but has anyone done it on an older F10??
  4. BMW connected drive app on IPHONE

    Hi Rob, Thats basically all im after (the options you have) Do you have a subscription to anything?? I dont have subscription for anything so need to know if i get that when i pay??
  5. Hi All, So, I have a 5 series with the following options 6AA Bmw Teleservices Bmw Teleservices 6AB Control Teleservices Steuerung Teleservices 6FL Usb/audio Interface Usbaudioschnittstelle 6VC Control Combox Steuerung Combox 609 Navigation System Professional Navigationssystem Professional 612 Bmw Assist Bmw Assist 615 Extended Bmw Online Information Erweiterte Bmw Online Information 616 Bmw Online Bmw Online I have been trying to get the connected drive app to work on my iphone but it never really seems to do anything or give me any options. MY car is an 11 plate 525d msport and im just wondering if anyone else has had any luck getting this working?? even if its for things like fuel left etc I have registered my car with BMW themselves so it shows the car and VIN in the app, but it just does nothing.. I suspect I need a subscription but cant find a clear answer on this.. Any help much appreciated
  6. Not a great start

    Read many threads on here relating to the car going haywire with all sorts of seemingly unrelated issues, all appear to be because of the battery... given that you hadnt driven it for a fair while I would bet my money on this.. I know another forum member "Mr Ashton" has a BMW trickle charger that was wired into his towbar for when his car sits for any period of time, and it seems he is not alone in doing this sort of thing. There seems to be so much going on in these cars even when they are "asleep" that the battery will wind down over a period of weeks, this will also be compounded when the cold weather starts so get yourself on a trickle charger and let it condition charge the battery for 24 hours, if you find you still get issues after have the battery load tested and that will tell you if its on its way out..
  7. So BMW and Insurance companies now have a monopoly on what tyres you have to buy after you spend an extorsionate amount on a car in the first place???? what a load of arse, as long as the tyres are rated correctly for speed and load etc then why would it cause any extra stress on drivetrain or be any unsafer than runflats??? if anything having non runflats will give the drivetrain an easier time being that little bit more plush.. all runflats are designed for is to buy you a bit of time in the event you get a puncture, it is still possible for it to blow out like any other tyre... also I would argue that any other manufacturer of similar style luxury cars doesnt use runflats, my girlfriend has an Audi Q5 with 20 inch rims and very low profile tyres and all they get is a can of foam to repair a puncture!! no runflats nor a stupid bloody policy of voiding warranties and making you spend half your life on a chat forum trying to find out if you can switch or not!! I would just replace the tyres with decent well specced non run flats and be happy
  8. BMW 520d 2011

    I'd be looking at a fuse/fuses or relay... far too many things going wrong!! A good few of which would relate to each other, a car won't lock if it thinks a door or boot is open so suspect the unit in the car controlling it has issues.. always check the simple things first.. fuses
  9. Steamy Windows ?

    I added 4 large packs of silica gel that you get in furniture to mine, not that i have suffered as yet but preemptive move as i know it happens, we shall see if i get the issue or not
  10. Diesel Depreciation Society

    But isnt this the very point, not only will it involve a complete rethink of infrastructure to make electric cars truly viable, but where is this power coming from in the first place?? it isnt wind or hydro thats for sure, nuclear power maybe??? but we are far from ready to provide enough power to a network of roads, we barely produce enough to power the homes etc we already have... the only real future for vehicles really is hydrogen power, we have plenty of water after all, its Britain!!! may cause the UAE a problem as its all sand and not much else but hey ho, they live the super car dream right now so somethings gotta give!!
  11. Help with iPhone audio - 2014 520d

    My understanding is it needs to be a genuine apple cable as aftermarket ones seem to lack something.. you also need to have the enhanced Bluetooth option which you or previous owner would have specified.. I believe this can be added by coding but not sure if you need an FSC code for it or not.. it would usually show up as an external device.. im sure some of the more experienced members will chime in soon..
  12. Diesel Depreciation Society

    IM going for this...
  13. Diesel Depreciation Society

    i`m currently working on a feasibility study to see if its actually possible, I suspect not but i like a challenge!!
  14. Diesel Depreciation Society

    Honestly, its like them saying they will ban the sale of all petrol/diesel cars in 2040 or whenever it is... flash in the pan, scaremongering bullshit... as has been proved time and time again not all diesels are horrible, smokey bags of rubbish and ones with DPF filters etc tend to be almost as clean as petrol.. the cities banning them are some of the worst polluted ones in the world with dense populations etc, so unless you plan on spending all of your time visiting them im fairly sure you will be fine I own a 525d and dont intend on selling it anytime soon!! certainly not for a sodding eco box Prius pile!!! (id rather eat my own head)
  15. 6WB retrofit to F10

    Thanks for the advice people, on balance im actually looking at doing the 6WA blackpanel cluster instead, you can find them quite cheap, £350 and by all accounts should be a fairly easy process to swap them over with minimal coding... I assume the same still holds true that the milage needs to be less than my current car? Has anyone done this upgrade??