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  1. New Grill Fitted

    Did you just pull these or loosen the bumper??
  2. i Myself had a little look at the location of said Grommet and the cover and although i didnt tackle the job this weekend ive had a look and feel around for the cover plates 4 torx screws and can easily get my arms to it and thats without removing the engine cover on a 3.0 D engine.. i did however pull at the bottom of that plate and didnt see any water run out so still think mine is door barrier, either way ill tackle this on sunday all things being equal.. good luck with your car and let us know the outcome... I would add your post to here http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/116098-heavy-rain-water-leak/ and close your one though, maybe admin can do this for you??
  3. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks fella, finally had a chance to browse this thread a bit more and seems like I need to be looking at this grommet so going to do some looking tomorrow.. I'll have a read of your thread and message you if I've got any other questions.. thanks again and hope you and the family had a nice xmas and new year
  4. Heavy rain, Water leak

    No need to remove the engine cover you can work from the top quite easily, don't attempt to remove the panel without being sure you have removed 4 off torx screws there is one hidden on the passenger wing side, quite difficult to view it from top but feel around and you will identify it. this is my panel in place showing where I drilled it to allow better drainage Can anyone point me in the direction of where I'm supposed to find the yellow grommet as I look at the engine bay? 3.0 Diesel engine if that matters?? thanks all, need to sort this soon, very pissed off.....
  5. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Ok, firstly happy new year to all... and now in continuation to this thread having dried out the passenger rear footwell yesterday, and parking the car on a flat road completely different from where I normally park it, I came out today to find the carpet soaked again having not been driven anywhere so no motion of the car pushing water to the back.. check drivers side rear and still bone dry as is the rest of the car. now when I opened passenger side door once again water pissed out of the bit where the door card joins the door, and was also loads in the weather strip around the door (noticed a tiny pinch on this which I suspect could be an issue in itself) the drivers side was bone dry when I didn't this so something Is def not right on that side of the car... I'm still more convinced it's the door than this bulkhead thing... Video attached of pulling on door card, tell me if you think this looks normal?? IMG_0769.mov
  6. Heavy rain, Water leak

    How is it that the yellow grommet at the front of the engine soaks that specific spot in the passenger footwell?. Just seems very odd that water can get to that spot and not any where else?. I'm by no means saying it's not that but previous experience has been door membranes... I will read the thread so I can see how to access this grommet and will check it
  7. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well I get it pouring out when I open the door and shake it back and fourth... the rest of the car is bone dry only the passenger footwell so can't see how an issue at the front would affect only the rear footwell?? Also given that there is so much water leaking from the door but it doesn't do it on any of the other doors makes me very suspicious the issue is specific to that door and that side of the car... I had this on a skoda years ago and fixed it using bathroom sealant but on a car that was 40 odd grand new!!! FFS it's a joke... but need to fix it and not going to be screwed by BMW for the pleasure so any help appreciated
  8. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi all, so ive finally fell victim to a really wet passenger rear footwell, I did a quick look around and noticed that if I pull on the door card slightly more water flows out so I assume I have an issue with the membrane in the door and not this grommet problem I keep seeing... anyone got any advice/pictures of how to do the door card or if indeed it has been traced to a door card issue? Thanks
  9. 2018 Maps

    Hi Stressed, By "sat nav improved" what are we talking about?? ive got the 2018-1 maps to update but wonder if its actually worth doing?? does it give anything over and above just a few new roads??
  10. Middle 'headlights' do what?

    However you can take solitude in the fact that are driving a nissan Joke, quite possibly the worst car in the world ever!! they clearly have no taste, sense or anything at all therefor they are complete and utter morons whos life is filled with wall paper past and growing ethnicly sourced green beans on an alotment..
  11. Not BlackCD!!! which i would have used if it had worked.... havent figured out why i need the connected drive stuff though
  12. ProNav Question

    I second Tech-yodas advise here, got buttons 7 and 8 set for home and better halfs house.. now yes i know exactly where both of these are, but its handy to get the traffic on the journey and suggested arrival time..
  13. BMW Bavarian motor woe

    When I said Child, i meant my 2 year old who didnt have the pleasure of meeting you that day.. but i know what you mean.
  14. How secure is your car...

    Agreed, but for the people breaking in with a screwdriver to steal a car chances are they get paid to steal it (few hunderd quid) it then gets handed on to the people that ship it abroad for the real profit... i cant imagine the people at the top getting thier hands dirt, can you??
  15. 2012 m sport 520d spec

    Looks very simlar to my 525 which also has the 3.0 n57 engine in it, creamy smoothe with a nice little rumble when giving it a foot full... lovely car and not a bad price that one!! I second the Xenon and adaptive, its great...