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  1. BMW X5 20" alloys on e61

    I'll try and find out. Also the tyres are 40 mm tire wall. I'm thinking maybe they will be too big for the e61. Ill find out the ofset. Does anybody know the guy with the black e61 these are fitted too? thank you
  2. BMW X5 20" alloys on e61

    Hi all. Can anyone shed some light onto fitting the BMW X5 wheels onto e61. Wondering weather spacers are needed. Wheels are fronts 10"and rears are 11". keen to speak to anyone who has done this. Picture is if the wheels I may buy. Thank you
  3. Bmw 20 x5 wherls

    Ok. Thank you
  4. Bmw 20 x5 wherls

  5. Bmw 20 x5 wherls

    Hi all. I'm new on here and looking for info on fitting the wheels in the attached photo to my e61. Wondering what hat issues I may come across and weather spacers are needed. Also keen to hear from anybody who has fitted these to there car. Thank you