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    BMW E60 530d, Insignia SRi CDTi
  1. Adymorris

    Gearbox Issues (I think)

    Thanks - I'll check to see if I have that bit of software I've had loads of codes flashing up over last few months on & off when the original battery started to show signs of being knackered I'd put this down to the battery not supplying enough power to the various items that were flashing up on the idrive as being faulty The battery was replaced with a Yuasa 900A - so same rating as what was in there to start with I did have the voltage checked on the alternator before & after the battery was changed over and all was OK on both occasions Now, even when the battery is charged the car struggles on acceleration when you put your foot down but it can be persuaded to increase speed slowly by using manual gears or by feathering the throttle
  2. Adymorris

    Gearbox Issues (I think)

    No battery has not been coded to car I do have some BMW diagnostic software on my laptop (not used it that much as is mostly in German) is coding the battery easy to do?
  3. Adymorris

    Gearbox Issues (I think)

    Brand new - I changed it a couple of months ago thinking it was the battery, I had the alternator voltage checked and all was OK so changed the battery for a new one, that problem came back once the cold weather came back
  4. Adymorris

    Gearbox Issues (I think)

    Hi guys, i've got a 2004 530d........ Got a bit of a problem with power and changing gears, initially the car would go into what I would describe as a sort of limp mode in that I’d be on the motorway press the accelerator and the engine would rev but not really gain speed, I’d stop turn off then carry on and it would reset, last few days switching off has no effect.What’s happening now is that I can accelerate up to approx 60 then the power dies off but revs still go up, it’s holding on to gears too, if I move my foot, ease off then press down a bit it sometimes changes up and increases speed gradually but not as it should. It will cycle through gears in manual, if I’m doing say 50 in 6th I press to floor and it kicks down to 3rd (i'm assuming this is to do with the kickdown feature) I do also have cold start issues where my red (sometimes yellow) battery warning light comes on, followed by the ABS/steering/braking & gearbox warnings which cycle through the idrive display.
  5. Adymorris

    Fault Code reader - C110 or C310?

    Sounds good I'll get one ordered Thanks Jimmy
  6. Adymorris

    Paris E60 530d

    what materials did you use to polish the headlights? Looking clean btw your mate's mate was a dirty so & so wasn't he lol!!
  7. Adymorris

    Fault Code reader - C110 or C310?

    So cost wise, that's the K-Line diagnostic cable @ £28.99 inc shipping? - What's on the "replacement DVD's?
  8. Adymorris

    Fault Code reader - C110 or C310?

    Hi guysI'm looking at buying a code reader for my 2004 E60 - looking on ebay and amazon there seems to be a glut of what I'm assuming are Chinese clone units - are these units OK and is there any I should avoid etc - the price seem to vary for what looks like the same unit, obviously I wanna save a few quid and if the same unit is £15 cheaper from another seller - i'd be inclined to go with the cheaper option if you know what I meanNext question is which one C110 or C310?Thanks
  9. Adymorris

    Hi all

    Just joined, located in north Nottinghamshire ive got a 2004 530d