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  1. Remote pre-conditioning (Heating)

    Your car is not a hybrid, so the warming function of the preconditioning will rely on an optional extra. If you didn't tick that box, then the preconditioning just turns the fan on and tries to get the temperature to the last setting of the air con. So ok for Summer but not much use in the winter. I'm basing this on the assumption that the heating option doesn't come automatically with a 530d.
  2. I like the display key. It's bigger than the other key, but I like the feel of it. It's disappointing though that, at least mine, always shows the wrong electric range. Total remaining mileage matches the car and app, but the electric miles shows low and the petrol miles show high ! Not sure if it needs a software update, or how to do it....! Still, it's quicker to check on the car than firing up the app..........and just how cool is it....
  3. Excellent. Look forward to the pictures of your brand new 18 reg car...
  4. 530e - Just orderd

    18 plate Excellent news.
  5. 530e - Just orderd

    Hi All Just joined and here is my 1st post. Ordered my 530e last week, and have been quoted a 25 week delivery, i.e. around Jan 2018. Seems very long, so would be good to hear if others are being given similar delivery times. I'm a company car driver and my work commute is about 28-29 miles each way. My present car is the 520d. My 1st BMW after more than a decade of MBs. What a brilliant car. Love it. No charge points at work, yet, but hope to charge round the back ! My next headache is going to be installing a charge point at home. Problem is the cable route from dis. board. 16a would be very easy, but for future proofing I like to opt for 32 amp. If anyone knows of a good company around the Swindon / Wiltshire area, then please let me know. I see others have posted their options, so here are mine :- JA92 G30 530e SE Saloon B48 2.0 C2Y Bluestone LCRI Cognac/Black Dakota leather 248 Steering wheel heating 3DS Display Key 465 Split-folding rear seats 4LF Fine-wood trim 'Fineline' Ridge with Pearl Chrome trim finisher 4T8 Exterior Mirrors - folding with anti-dazzle 575 12V power sockets 5A1 LED foglights, front 5AC High-beam Assistant 5DN Parking Assistant Plus 6NW Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging + 6WD WiFi hotspot preparation
  6. Some annoying teething problems

    Good to see they have found the problem. Fingers crossed they can sort it out.
  7. I hate gritters!!

    God I hate them too. For some reason I always get them coming from the opposite direction on A roads so twice as much force and nowhere to hide....
  8. I believe it's a 7 digit number.
  9. I'm guessing by BMW you don't mean the BMW genius ???? BMW genius can give you a better delivery estimate.........as long as you've got your BMW order number.
  10. Thank you. What a lovely place to be sat in....
  11. Any chance of some internal pictures golli77 ?
  12. Have they given you a delivery date ?
  13. Yours is same colour as mine Golli77...........excellent choice....
  14. Very nice Northern Monkey.........but only 50 miles ???? How can you resist driving it ???!!!
  15. EV Range

    yes, I believe you are right. During the colder days, it seems to start drawing electricity around 20 minutes before departure time.
  16. Excellent news. Yes please.
  17. EV Range

    It's strange how our cars seem to differ. I always have mine plugged in and the precondition is set to finish within 5 minutes of when I actually leave the house.
  18. Woo hoo.......... It will feel like a very long weekend as well......but well worth it....
  19. Connected Drive App losing VIN info

    Mine is working fine.
  20. EV Range

    I've done nearly 5,000 but these days it's showing 19 miles range. When temp was nearly double figures it went up to 20, and when it's colder it goes down to around 18. One thing I have noticed that has surprised me, and that's the effect of Air con. Doesn't seem to make any difference if it's on all the time or off............the range stays the same.....! But the heated seat / steering wheel soon drops the range if I don't turn them off as soon they warm up.
  21. Cognac leather

    Nice Same combination as mine Is this a stock picture ?
  22. Remote Services

    Don't be disheartened.........this is a useful feature for cooling the car down in hot sunny summer days..............surely we will get some this year.....!!
  23. Remote Services

    Aha that explains it. For non-electric / hybrid cars, the climate button only turns on the fan. The heating up part is an optional extra. It's the same with my 520d F10. The Hybrid / Electric cars have a "heat exchanger" so don't need the ICE to run to generate heat. Sorry, not what you wanted to hear.
  24. Remote Services

    What car have you got ? Are setting a time for pre-conditioning, or pressing the "Climatise Now" button ?
  25. Oooh...not long for yours either.....