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  1. Apple CarPlay

    Shame At least you can put that one to bed.
  2. New Car arrived today!

    Thanks for the update carrman. Glad to hear you are enjoying the car. My MPG figures over the 4 or so fill-up have varied wildly, from just over 80 to around 44, depending on what sort of journeys I've had, but the figures matched my expectations. I'll need to read up on the BMW's Charge Now, as I don't know what that does. The one thing that i just love is the preconditioning.........priceless for a morning journey like today's........all defrosted and warm and ready to go....
  3. Apple CarPlay

    Typical So you just need to hear back from people who have Apple CarPlay but don't have Prof. Nav or Enhanced Bluetooth or rear set entertainment....... Problem is if anyone was interested in ticking the Apple CarPlay option, they would have ticked those other options as well.... Unfortunately if the option is greyed out in your BMW account, then chances are you can't get it.
  4. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    You have opened up a whole can of worms with that question....!! I know I'm going to get shot down for this, but I have always used the ASDA fuel as the garage is very convenient for me. I got very descent MPGs out of my F10 with the ASDA fuel. I use the ASDA garage for my motorbike, and my wife and kids all use the same garage. We have been using it for many years and have never had any problems.
  5. Apple CarPlay

    Just looked it up and the Apple CarPlay preparation 6CP isn't dependent on any other options. There is something about "compatibility and functions may vary", but nothing about it relaying on any other options.
  6. Another 530e.......

    After not seeing any new fives for a long time, I came up behind this last night........... What are the chances.....!
  7. New Car arrived today!

    I try, if I can, predict where slow and stop start traffic will be, and use the battery then. I find I'm going from Battery Save to Auto quite often. Battery Save in town is a pain as it means the engine keeps starting and stopping at every roundabout and traffic light. Like Monkeyfinger, I find being in traffic on Auto or Max E is a lot more relaxing.
  8. Apple CarPlay

    Hi and welcome. As afar I know Apple CarPlay is an optional extra. On my Connected account, it shows I can buy it for around £230, so I assume you can buy it as well.
  9. 530e Charging time on a 3.7kW unit?

    LOL.... It could work out to be virtually free, but could cost a few hundred if you are fussy. I am, and it cost me about £500 on top of the rebate. Do I mind it ? Absolutely not. Money well spent......as far as I'm concerned.
  10. 530e Charging time on a 3.7kW unit?

    You are quite right. We are talking about pennies, which seems hardly worth it when you have dropped £40-£50k or more on a car. Running on electric, if charged at home, will cost somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 per mile compared to petrol cost. If you let the car charge the battery, then that will drop the mpg down in to the 20-30 mpg range until it's charged. So if your daily commute is short enough, then why not use a home charger. Not only it's good for the future, where the range of the cars will get longer and longer, but will save you a bit of money in the mean time. For me, the very fact that it will pre-condition if it's plugged in, is worth every penny. Came out the other morning, and saw all the cars frosted up..........except mine. I got in and it was nice and warm......priceless.....
  11. 530e Charging time on a 3.7kW unit?

    That's brilliant and exactly what the car is great for. My journey is 28 miles each way, and no charging at work...........although I'm pushing for it ! I've set the battery to 60% which means the battery will be used primarily until it gets down to 60% after which the ICE gets used. Most of the traffic and start stop near my home side of the journey, so again I use the ICE until I'm about 10 miles from home and then put in in Auto mode, which uses the battery until I get home. This way, I've getting around 70 to 80 mpg. Obviously very different story on the longer runs.with mpg down to around the 40 mark.
  12. 530e Charging time on a 3.7kW unit?

    Thanks for the link.
  13. 530e Charging time on a 3.7kW unit?

    I believe the book says 2.5 hours for a 3.7KW supply, i,e, 16Amps, or 3.5 hours from a normal 13Amp supply. My setup sounds very much like yours Clembo, i.e. distribution board the other side of the house to the charge point. However, I still went for the 7KW option from PodPoint for future proofing. I'm not seeing any benefits in installing the 7KW charger, but then I didn't expect to either. The car still takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge. I have installed a CT KWh meter on the charger, and am seeing between 0.5 to about 1 KW used for the pre-conditioning, with another 8-9 KW to fully charge, so a total of 10KW per day. When looking at costs, I think you can only claim the £500 rebate once, so not sure where you stand when you change your car and get something that will accept 7KW charging.
  14. New Car arrived today!

    Congratulations carrman Looks great, but then it should as it's the same color as mine I'm off this weekend with mine as well. Run down to Torquay and back. Phoned the hotel about charging and they said I can plug it in to their 13A socket ....... in the maintenance shed....