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  1. 530e - Just orderd

    Congratulation. Lovely looking.
  2. Congratulations.......at last......
  3. Wow, that so odd, and soooo annoying.... Hope you get a proper answer soon.
  4. Do you use the Display Key?

    I use the display key most of the time. I just like the feel of it and when I use the normal keys, they seem rather old fashioned to me ! Also the normal key is a bit annoying as I find I lock the car too easily when I don't mean to. I don't like too many keys on my key ring so don't care that I can't put it on a key ring. Actually, thinking about the screen, I wouldn't want to keep it so close to other metal bits. The only problem I have found with the display key is the it shows lower level of electric charge while showing higher level of ICE range, but always shows the correct total range.
  5. Power socket

    No, I should have made that clearer actually. As for the 530e owners, when the car stopped charging, the voltage of the boot power sockets dropped to 12.4 volts...........interesting....
  6. Power socket

    The car was unlocked when I opened the boot. Not sure what the point would be of the power socket becoming live when boot lid is opened, and then turn off when boot lid is closed. It should either be on or off when the engine is not running. I remember that last year when we took the F10 520d for a European tour, when ever I plugged the cool box in while loading the car, the cool box started straight away,
  7. Power socket

    I got back home about 1/2 hour ago and just went out and plugged my meter in to the boot power socket and it gave a reading, so looks like it stays on. By the way, for those with the 530e, the reading was 14.1 volts !
  8. 530e charging

    By the way, congratulations on your new car. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am. If you fancied, you could always put up some pictures of it for us.
  9. 530e charging

    I haven't seen any problems with partial charging or discharging. I just plug and unplug when ever it suits. The battery system is clever enough not to let itself be fully discharged. So although it tells you it's at zero, in reality there is still some charge left to ensure the battery doesn't suffer.
  10. Delivery Leadtime

    Ordered July 2017 October 2017 530e + a few extras
  11. G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    Wow...such pessimism.......I'm sure it's totally unjustified for BMW......LOL...
  12. Collection day!!

    Congratulations. That's a lovely looking car.............and so shiny. Nice to see it sitting on hard ground rather than snow ! At least with the snow gone you can "really" play
  13. Collection day!!

    From what I've found out, use of driver or transporter depends on the distance.
  14. Collection day!!