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  1. farzad

    530e cooling fan

  2. farzad

    530e cooling fan

    After saying I've never seen that, it's happend to me twice in two days. Short journeys but noticed the vanes open and fan running after switching off. By the way both journeys where done 100% on battery.
  3. Good to hear that I was begining to think I was the only one experiencing it. Cheers
  4. Good point I'll try finding it and see what happens. Thanks
  5. Forgot to say it was back on RTTI this morning.....
  6. Interesting..........I was in the car from about 4:30 for an hour or so, and it was on TMC all the way....
  7. Coming home after work today (5th July) noticed no RTTI, only TMC. Has happened a few times over the past few month. Anyone else noticed it ?
  8. farzad

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Thanks Carrman I think I will wait a week or so to see if the OTA kicks in.... I got my car in Oct, and I've only ever seen the OTA update once.
  9. farzad

    530e cooling fan

    Interesting. I've never seen that on my car, but with I'll keep an eye on it.
  10. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Took notice today ! and unleaded 95 is €1.55 at Carrefour supermarket and €1.677 at a local Total garage.
  11. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Yes, thats my thinking too.
  12. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    I go to France more with the bike than the car, and the tag is a bit useless with a bike, so I've never bothered. It's pretty quiet at the moment anyway. Petrol is just under €1.60 at the moment.
  13. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Not as if it was in auto mode. It will use the ice while driving and the battery when going slow, but will charge the battery back to 50% when ice comes back on. Something like that any way ..... who knows what the BMW boffins have programmed ! I'm in France at the moment and have put the battery mode to 100% so it charges on motorways. Bit of a waste but nice to drive through the slower town speeds on battery. And dont even get me started on the motorway prices.....
  14. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Forgot to ask... If the A/C was on when you turned the car off, then the range will take that in to account, i.e. it will assume you will use the A/C when you next drive. I've found the A/C reduces the range by about 20%, ie if the range is showing 20 miles, it will go to 23 or 24 if you turn the A/C off.
  15. farzad

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    You will get used to the ups and downs of the range soon enough ! Enjoy these numbers before winter sets in.......!!