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  1. Remote Services

    Bit difficult for me to say...! The terminology always confuses me, but I ended up talking to BMW and I got it simply to be able to send locations to the car.
  2. G30 Preconditioning

    That's what I've read as well.
  3. 530e - Just orderd

    Congratulations. Pictures please. As for rear view mirror, I'm guessing you are talking about the anti-glare lever ? If so, then there isn't one as that's automatic
  4. Remote Services

    It's a personal thing really...... I have bought my F10 company car for my wife and I had no hesitation in making sure I paid to have the remote services continue. As soon as the next 2018 map update is out, I'll be updating the maps as well.
  5. G30 Preconditioning

    I believe it does use the high voltage battery, if it needs it. The manual says preconditioning will operate if "High-voltage battery is adequately charged or charging cable is connected". So I guess depending on outside temperature, it might draw some charge from the battery. By the way.....24 miles range ?......I've never seen that with my car And you are absolutely correct..........it's a bloody nice car
  6. Where do you put your iPhone?

    I have an iPhone 7 with a wireless charging case, and fits nicely where charging pad is on my G30, with plenty of space left over. Also, I thought there was another USB port within the center console, so there should be no need to dangle wires across the gear lever......
  7. remote viewing?

    Absolutely priceless.....
  8. Blimey.......that's really good. With my car fully charged this morning, it showed a range of 16 miles, which promptly dropped to 15 by the time I got out of my drive...!
  9. My experience was that Lex didn't know the BMW order, but they told me which dealer was supplying it. And it was the dealer that looked up the BMW order number for me.
  10. Who have you asked for the order number ? Lex or the dealer ?
  11. +1 Should have said that I have a tethered charge point at home and there is no charging facility at work, so my cable hardly ever gets used.
  12. By the way, have you tried ringing Lex or better still, the dealer that Lex is dealing with, to get the order number that BMW recognises ? You will get a much better idea of the deliver date from BMW Genius with that info.
  13. Well, by my experience, the 14 mile round trip should see you use no petrol even during the cold months of winter. As for a charging cable, if you are looking at it from a financial point of view, then it probably wont be worth it unless you can charge for free quite often. I bought a Type2 cable, and made a 13A extension cable (to keep all my options open), and keep them together with the cable supplied with the car in a gym bag. I've had my car since Oct, and probably put that bag in the boot twice....!! However, the couple of time I did take it and used it, it felt good to know the hotel was paying for the few electric miles I was driving !
  14. my g31 order

    That's a lovely looking car Congratulations. Enjoy
  15. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    I too sometimes don't find letting the engine stop convenient so all I do is push the gear lever to the left so it goes in to sports mode just before I stop. That keeps the engine going.