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  1. farzad

    Wiper Speed

    Not quite what you asked, and may be you know it already, but on the wiper stalk there is a little lever with 3 settings. It sets the sensitivity of the auto wiper.
  2. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    Wow, that's amazingly quick Brilliant Not long now
  3. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    Welcome and not long now before you get to enjoy your new car Would you be charging at home ?
  4. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    only a week to go What have you decided regarding a home charger ?
  5. farzad

    Service Booking Sytner

    Definitely worth it..............for me....! Apart from the reduced BIK tax, which has now kicked in for me (love it when the tax man pays me for a change !) it's costing me a fair bit less in petrol+electrics. So for me it's worth it, but it's not a car for daily high milage people.
  6. farzad

    Service Booking Sytner

    Best I've seen on mine in the past year has been 27, which would quickly go down to 26. As the temperatures are dropping, I'm seeing a drop in electric range. Lowest I had last winter was 16...! I wonder if the upcoming service, and possibly any software updates, will make any difference
  7. farzad

    My 530e cable has died

    LOL... Sounds a bit frustrating but good that you got lots of updates. Mine will soon go in for it's first service soon, so I'm hoping it will get those little updates as well. Fingers crossed for tomorrow for you. Hopefully the new cable will do the job.
  8. farzad

    2018-3 now available from Upload Manager

    Thank you Still no sign of OTA updates..... I guess I'll have to do it manually when I get a chance
  9. farzad

    My 530e cable has died

    Good luck Keep us posted
  10. farzad

    My 530e cable has died

    Yep, sounds like the charger, by which I guess you mean the 13A 3 pin one that comes with the car. Have you elimiated any problems with the socket ? i.e. tried plugging in to alternative sockets ?
  11. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    Yes, I did. I went for a 32A tethered installation with Podpoint. I know the car takes a max 16A so going for the 32A is just to future proof for future cars and it was minimal extra cost.
  12. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    I know what you mean.... Mine will be a year old in October, and no regrets so far. I'm sure you will love it too
  13. farzad

    New edrive area in connected app

    Thanks I have an Apple and have always had those screens but they all just show my stats. Must be an Android thing then........or I'm having a very long senior moment.....
  14. farzad

    Delivery Leadtime

    Sounds like normal delivery for spec'd car to me. If memory serves me right, it used to be a lot longer when the 530e first came out.