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  1. 530e - Just orderd

    Hhhhmmmm......that is a shame.........and a bit short sighted of the company I think.
  2. Less than 2 weeks.....woo hoo ....
  3. Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Keep us updated please
  4. Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Are you sure that when you download Europe using a USB stick, that it also downloaded the UK ? I haven't downloaded any maps using a USB stick, and mine updated to GB, IE 2017-4-R1 with the automatic OTA, while my Europe EVO is still showing 2017-2.
  5. Navigation Update Question (UK)

    My experience is exactly same as yours and mine is showing the exact same info as yours except the last line which is showing GB, IE 2017-4-R1 So for automatic OTA update, like you, I would have thought yours should be showing 2017-4 Strange.............may be a question for the BMW Genius ? I'm assuming the next update will be sometime near the end of March.
  6. Remote pre-conditioning (Heating)

    Your car is not a hybrid, so the warming function of the preconditioning will rely on an optional extra. If you didn't tick that box, then the preconditioning just turns the fan on and tries to get the temperature to the last setting of the air con. So ok for Summer but not much use in the winter. I'm basing this on the assumption that the heating option doesn't come automatically with a 530d.
  7. I like the display key. It's bigger than the other key, but I like the feel of it. It's disappointing though that, at least mine, always shows the wrong electric range. Total remaining mileage matches the car and app, but the electric miles shows low and the petrol miles show high ! Not sure if it needs a software update, or how to do it....! Still, it's quicker to check on the car than firing up the app..........and just how cool is it....
  8. Excellent. Look forward to the pictures of your brand new 18 reg car...
  9. 530e - Just orderd

    18 plate Excellent news.
  10. Some annoying teething problems

    Good to see they have found the problem. Fingers crossed they can sort it out.
  11. I hate gritters!!

    God I hate them too. For some reason I always get them coming from the opposite direction on A roads so twice as much force and nowhere to hide....
  12. I believe it's a 7 digit number.
  13. I'm guessing by BMW you don't mean the BMW genius ???? BMW genius can give you a better delivery estimate.........as long as you've got your BMW order number.
  14. Thank you. What a lovely place to be sat in....
  15. Any chance of some internal pictures golli77 ?