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  1. for anyone interested, the Rolec charge point got delivered today. I've taken some pictures for your info.. EVWP1140.pdf
  2. Thanks for this information G30 It's quite useful to have a heads up on these changes. Cheers
  3. Slev, for your info my drive to work and back is about 28 miles each way, and I hit a bit of traffic and some traffic lights, as well as get to do normal driving on A roads. I regularly get around 53 MPG these days. The attached picture shows what I have managed to get before hitting traffic lights ! My 520d has now done over 80k, and I have kept a spreadsheet of every fill up with the miles traveled, and actual MPG, and how it compared to the car's MPG figures. I have seen a gradual improvement from the low 40's. During winter I seem to get around 45 and then around the 53 or so in the summer. Hope this info helps you a bit
  4. Good luck with the test. Let us know how you got on.
  5. My journeys are around 1 hour each way for work, but have done 4-5 hour journeys, and even toured Europe, and have never had a problem with the standard seat on my F10. Not being comfortable in the seat on a car like that has to be very disappointing. I'm guessing it is the car seat and not due to stressing your back doing something else....
  6. You are quite right. I just thought it will save a bit of bother later if I Could get it. The form says if you don't have it, then you should provide it within 28 days of the delivery by emailing it to them. I just know I'm going to forget, although I doubt there will be any repercussions.....
  7. Contacted BMW Genius this morning hoping to get the VIN number for my OLEV grant application. They confirmed code 5055 and delivery W/C 10th or 17th. That means it's been at 5055 for about a week. Unfortunately they can't provide the VIN number and he told me to contact my dealer for the number.
  8. Rolec have said can't have both the KWh meter and the Time Clock as there is not enough space.
  9. Oh I see What a pain Not sure what to suggest really....
  10. So as an update, had a good conversation with Pod-Point and their price is a fair bit lower than Phoenix, which makes my decision easier.
  11. Funnily enough I have a normal 13A socket just the other side of where i want the charge point, but since I want the 32A version, I have to run a 10mm twin and earth through 30 meters of walls, cupboards, loft, and down a down pipe to get to the charge point. Looks like we have identical set ups. I too have a separate garage near the charge point, but it's fed with only a 2.5mm cable
  12. I think the problem might be that you are talking to the garage and not BMW directly. I have a feeling if I contact my garage, they will just tell me the original January date. The key could be in having the 7 digit order number, starting with a 4. Then you can talk to BMW Genius, who can see the actual production schedule. It might be worth talking to BMW Genius any way, and see if, knowing the dealer details, and your details, and the car details, they can find your order number.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion carrman I just checked and unfortunately I'm not in an eligible area. Shame.
  14. With the delivery of my 530e being brought forward by a long way, I've had to get my skates on and sort out charge points for both work and home. Today I ordered a Rolec EVWP2104 tethered charge point for work. I included the Access door locking, KWh meter, and the Time clock. Should arrive in about a week's time. For home though, not so simple so far...... I've been talking to The Phoenix Works and to Pod Point. Both their electricians, having seen the photos I've sent them, are now saying it's probably better for me to run the cable from distribution board to near the charge point myself, which I'm happy with. I've got prices from Phoenix today, for with and without them running the cable. Prices seem so much higher than I had envisaged.......oh well. Hope to get Pod point prices tomorrow. That's as far as I've got so far, but will update as things progress.
  15. Yep, noticed that on the other site. I guess that's good for the US buyers, although I have no idea how long it takes to get to UK from Germany.