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  1. G30 in the Snow

    Very true
  2. I've had my pre-conditioning on all the time, including the cold spell, and didn't have any problems. With all my previous cars I would pour warm water on the screen and that never caused any damage. As others have said, there must have been a chip there already.
  3. Parking Assistant and Active Cruise

    I've got the Parking Assist, but in the 2-3 month of having the car I've never used it ! I really need to take the car somewhere quiet to try it but the videos I've seen shows the manoeuvre to be quite slow so I've never tried it. I find the 360 camera to be good enough to help with manual parking........as long s I remember to clean the lens often ! I didn't get the Active cruise control, but from what I've seen, I wish I had !
  4. 530e - Just orderd

    Good god. That's a looooooong delivery. Sorry to hear that.
  5. 530e - Just orderd

    Look forward to seeing the pictures.
  6. 530e - Just orderd

    Excellent news. Fingers crossed for pre-xmas delivery
  7. Connected Drive App

    I'm going by memory, but you should be able to find a plus sign to add a car. You will need the last 7 digit code of the car plate, usually found in the driver's door pillar. Put that in, and it will send a code to the car. Put that code in your app, and after a while, could be up to 24 hours, it should connect and send you an email to say it's connected.
  8. G30 in the Snow

    Well, I didn't like to boast..... Actually it's probably down to the new tyres.........I've only done about 3000 miles so far, so the threads must be doing their job, even though they are not a winter tyres.
  9. 530e effect of the cold on the battery

    Yes, same here. My air con is also set to 21C. I always have the car plugged in to my 32A charge point, to which I've added a meter. During these colder days, I can see it using up to 2KW to pre-condition the car, but I still get the three dashes for the range for a few miles.
  10. G30 in the Snow

    Unfortunately my 530e has been fine both on snow yesterday and ice today. I was hoping to miss work but the damn car performed well on the 60 mile round journey on both days.....
  11. 530e effect of the cold on the battery

    Mine has gone down from around the 20 miles range when I got it in October, to around 17 miles. The 17 miles range this morning soon dropped to around 14 ! My air con is always on, and I've set the control to put the seat and steering heating on at anything below 7 degrees. I usually find they are warm enough within a mile of setting off, but I'm sure they have a large effect on the range.
  12. 530e - Just orderd

    That's an excellent reason....! I was buying my car so it was easier not to go to work and just have the new one delivered to home.
  13. 530e - Just orderd

    That's excellent news. Looks like Farther Christmas is visiting you early this year
  14. EV charger Recommedations?

    So lucky. Mine was an arduous 25-30 meter run from one side of the house to the other, going through wardrobes, loft, under loft floor boards, and down a down-pipe cavity...! Ended up having to get an electrician to just run the 10mm cable and let Pro-point to the end connections.
  15. 530e - Just orderd

    Mine is a company car leased through Arval, and I had it delivered to my home. Any reason you don't think ALD can do that for you ?