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    1994 BMW E34 520i | Mk7 Golf GTD
  1. Well I've bought the spoiler albeit in Daytona violet as opposed to Technoviolet 🤦🏻‍♂️. The guy wouldn't cancel the sale as I had already committed to buying it. I don't think I'm brave enough to drill into my freshly painted boot lid [emoji85]. I also like the contrast of the smoked indicators and unique colour of the car. A spoiler might make it look like it's trying too hard to be an M5 which is not what I am going for. I will be swapping the comfort fronts for a pair of sports seats, door cards are leather with the wooden trim (after black maple if anyone can help out?). I've got a instrument cluster going in next week from a 525i. This is a little different from my 520i cluster (no VDO etc.) however have been assured it will fit. I think it maybe compatible with an OBC which if is the case I'll also try to source. I suppose it's good to have it and not need it than want it and not have one! If anyone is after a DV M5 genuine spoiler, give me a shout! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Back to black. Fully load regal as I call it [emoji5]. I loved the all red tail lights but legality is an issue in the UK. Managed to get hold of a genuine e34 m5 spoiler in Daytona violet, but having second thoughts about putting it on [emoji848]. Either way would the contrast between Daytona and technoviolet be noticeable off the spoiler? Only pics of it at the mo. Needs a bit of love [emoji1365] The flush back end look has grown on me and I want to keep it a sleeper Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Quick job of the day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Gave her a full wax in the blazing heat ☀️☀️☀️ Back end took me about an hour then I had to take a break [emoji5] The rest took me a bit longer probably because I was gassing out, but boy was it worth it. She is gleaming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Technoviolet and style 32s [emoji1365][emoji1365][emoji1365] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. That interior combo is absolutely stunning man. I love the leather interior and stitched consoles. Good luck with your resto would be great to see pics of it once it's done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thought I'd make an early start today and try get odd bits and bobs done on the '34. Got the scuttles and wiper blade arms off, cleaned up a little under scuttles etc. Just leaves and built up dirt but bodywork is [emoji108]. Gave scuttles wiper arms a good key, two coats of primer before finishing off in satin black. They ended up looking new! Noticed the clips holding the scuttle were mostly missing or broken. Also the wiper blade plastic nut covers seem to be broken too. A few more items on the list! Did the same with the side indicators before my paint ran out! Now it looks very very fresh [emoji851]. With a few breaks whilst waiting for coats to dry and entertaining my nephew, that took me a good part of an afternoon. Still have that power steering pipe leak. Now to risk driving it to Ace Cafe like this or not? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you for the replies! Headlining is non sunroof, in light grey. I was thinking of tackling this myself but hear it can be a bit of a pain. Anyone know of anyone who'd be good at this work? Will I have to remove the cluster to get the colour of the back or do you mean the background of the cluster?(black) Tinted rear lights yesterday with soapy water razor blade and a hair dryer. Happy with the results though may re do one (roughly cut). I haven't washed it since purchase and the colour still shines through. Working my way through the trims and bumper surrounds giving them a clean and light coat of /primer/satin black. I tried plastidip on door strips which looked okay but have to be careful fitting them back on the car as they smudge and can rub off sometimes. Looking to get my power steering pipe leak resolved today, to get it to CarGasm at Ace Cafe tonight! Anyone going? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hey all been lurking around for several years on these forums finally have a reason to sign up! i purchased my e34 520i last week. It's had a recent full respray in technoviolet and has no rust whatsoever (one of my main reasons buying it - I had a prefactlift E30 325i once upon a time which was a rust magnet). I had an e34 535i sport in techno violet and cream leather interior. Needless to say this bought back memories! I will be sticking with the black for now (after front sport seats! I think the rear are same?) It has had a reconditioned auto gearbox fitted and the m50b20 sounds sweet albeit savagely thirsty. It has he electric black leather interior which is more comfortable than my Mk7 GTD heated leather! the car came with a few minor issues needing attention: *power steering pipe leak (low pressure hose) *A/C pump seized *one piece door trim missing (already ordered) *intermittent/crazy central locking! * dash pixels almost dead/ineligible driverside electric recline mechanism link broken (motor working). *sagging headliner im sort of putting off fixing the mechanical niggles as I have a m62b44 and gearbox, ews ecu loom etc. on its way from an e38 740i. I have my daily driver keeping me on the roads for now and my insurance quotations on the e34 are ridiculous (Over £2k..). Just a a few things I need some advice or help with. My car appears to be a facelift right? Wider grille etc? I can't differentiate between the facelift front and pre facelift :s Also, what other e38 bits can I salvage? I have kept the steering wheel and gearknob for now. Brakes? I was inclined to go for the e34 540/m5 upgraded set up as it would be a straightforward fit. Right? If anyone could point me to some e34 specialists who wouldn't mind taking on some work that would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to get my headliner sorted first and foremost. Any trimmers recommended forwards north west London? Slowly but but surely I will get there!! I will try post as and when I start spending time on her. anyway here are some pics of the car. I still need to spend some time giving her a good clean, following some real quality pics (am a photographer by trade!) hope to to meet some cool e34 owners on here!!