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  1. Update. After talking to BMW customer service who were very helpful my car isn't one of the recalled ones. However, the condenser as it turns out is fine and it just needed a regas. There aren't any leaks and things are now cool again.
  2. Does anyone have any information on the 'apparent' recall for certain F10's to replace the aircon condenser? My aircon has just failed and the car is going to an independent specialist next Tuesday to be examined. I understand that the Efficient dynamics flaps are the problem as when they open they leave the condenser exposed to all the road crap flying up. Cheers for any advice.
  3. Thanks for the info SS. I will buy the lead and app as I want to be able to code. I need it for Android though so I will search for that. Cheers.
  4. Cheers for that. I did coding on my VW's and want to be able to do the same with my F10. I'll contact Jimmy.
  5. Hi, I'm new to BMW ownership and have just bought a 2010 F10 525d. After years of using VCDS on VW's I have no idea what is available for BMW. Any help and/or links would be most grateful. Thanks.
  6. The interior is black leather, anthracite headlining and I'm not sure of the correct description but the inlays are a dark greyish wood.
  7. Yes it is. It's similar to the old dolphin grey. I think it suits the car perfectly.
  8. After many years of VW ownership I've now joined the BMW club. The spec is fantastic including the 19" wheels.