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  1. Yes mostly short drives, saying that we did do a run yesterday. I know with my wife's audi there's a sequence to code a key fob.
  2. How can I recharge the key?
  3. Hi people,,, I've problems with my key fob!. It will unlock and open the boot but will not lock the there anyway I can recode the key. Tia,, 525 M sport 2006.
  4. Hi guys and girls.. Does anyone know of anywhere in can get a control module checked and or repaired. Many thanks
  5. Hi guys,,, I have problems with my 525 my sport. Battery go's flat over a 16hr period. I can here a buzzing sound with ign off coming from the throttle / egr body. Anyone have any ideals and is it OK to take off the earth terminal overnight. Thanks.
  6. Hi can anyone help me regarding satellite navigation..ive just bought a 525 my sport 2006, there's no one board sat nav, and I just assumed there would be. Just quickly looking at the manual it mentions something about a cd discs. I need help please.