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  1. RobM

    Window tinting of my 530 GT

    Your profile says you're in Fareham... so give South Coast Tints in Southampton a call. They are very high quality and reasonably priced, and they'll gladly talk through options and combinations of tinting with you (e.g. very dark on rear, lighter on sides).
  2. They’re also one of the worst for slightly unusual tyre sizes, sadly. I always buy tyres for my Mrs’ Leon there, but they can’t supply the 275 width tyres I need for my F10.
  3. That's annoying. I'm terrible for ignoring things that are 'normal', so I'd love it to tell me nothing, if nothing needs to be said. That way, when something does pop-up, be it this indicator or an amber / red light, I know I need to pay attention.
  4. My car is fully up-to-date with servicing and doesn't need to be touched for another 19k miles... yet it feels the need to tell me this every time I turn the ignition on. Is it possible change this so it only tells me when I'm closer to the next service? I can't see anything in the menu options, so is it something that can be coded? All tips gratefully received
  5. I'm finding the same but for 18" staggered, the rears are always £75-100+ more expensive. Worse, the choice for the rear tyres is so limited, if you want a matching set on all four wheels, you have very little to choose from. Case in point... For mine, Eagle F1's on the front are £100 each, on the rear £187.
  6. RobM

    What do you all get on full tank?

    With normal driving, about 750 to a tank. It can be higher if traffic and my right foot is kind (800+ indicated is as good as I've seen it), it can also drop to 700, but rarely lower. It got better after the remap, it's a lot more consistent now.
  7. RobM

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    I know it’s still early days, but how are you finding the Dunlop’s? I’m seriously considering them (non-runflat) as the price seems very good.
  8. Had a four-wheel alignment done. It never ceases to amaze me how far the alignment drifts out in normal driving; it’s less than a year since last doing it and it needed some hefty adjustments. Hopefully it reduces the horrible noise my tyres have been making... early signs are promising.
  9. RobM

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    The only problem with 18" wheels on the F10, is if you have the staggered setup it significantly reduces your tyre options and increases the price. The CrossClimates, for example, don't seem to exist for the wider rears. I'm still deciding whether to ditch the runflat's, which have been a complete pain. I've never struggled to get wheels properly balanced more than I have with this F10 and its runflats. I've also developed some weird noises as they start to run down. All common complaints and all supposedly resolved by go-flats, but... go-flats can go-flat and is that potential inconvenience worth the benefits?
  10. Find a good wheel alignment centre as well and have the car looked at. It's worth doing annually since it's fairly cheap and should make your tyres behave better and last longer. Make sure it's a proper four-wheel alignment check though, not just tracking. I can highly recommend the imaginatively named Southampton Wheel Alignment Centre if you're anywhere near.
  11. RobM

    F10 530D Diagnostic tool?

    For a mobile solution, I bought this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06ZZXN17B And the BimmerLink app for iOS. BimmerLink helped me track down some specific fault codes that general ODB2 readers couldn't see. The ODB2 WiFi module also works with BimmerCode, if you fancy a bit of light-touch coding as well.
  12. RobM

    Europe Next-2019-1

    Is that offer open to everyone? I have a lifetime code and usually have to email a random chap in China to send me a link... I'd much rather talk to somebody here!
  13. Format is as ExFAT instead, the files are too big for FAT32. There are tools and guides online for Mac and Windows to help.
  14. There's nothing to suggest any other software company cannot do the same. If you're dealing with a reputable company with a proven history of developing good quality software, the risk is no greater than BMW doing it. At the end of the day they're both doing the same thing; they have to since the software itself isn't changing and it only works in one way. All they can do is adjust values. The risk is those values are taken to a higher level than is safe, which is where the point about reputable companies come into play - they should know the tolerances of the hardware and should have done their research first. If us lot on an Internet forum can speak at length about the tolerances of a gearbox, it's fair to assume people who work with them for a living know the tolerances too. IMO, it's too simple to suggest that an engine or gearbox remap will harm the engine, as that assumes you're constantly pushing it to its limits. A lot of the benefit of each comes from responsiveness, quicker changes, smoother changes, and making progress easier at all speeds. I benefit from my engine remap every day, but I don't drive foot to the floor every day. Sure, you can hammer it all day long, but if you do that in a standard car you'll be risking its reliability anyway.
  15. RobM

    Remap or not?

    I can't comment on the 535D remapping, but I've had my last three cars remapped and none suffered any negative consequences and all saw an increase in MPG. I ran a remapped Octavia VRS for 70k miles, a remapped Leon FR (which my Mrs now has) and both regularly saw +10MPG on pre-remap figures. My current 520D was remapped circa. 25k miles ago and I get 55MPG on the daily commute, 60MPG if I'm trying to be good, which is +5-10MPG from pre-remap figures. The beauty of it is when you're just plodding along normally, you get the benefit of more torque, which means acceleration needs less revs (higher gear), fewer gear changes and therefore results in better MPG. But when you floor it, you get all the power and torque performance benefits! At first though, you'll floor it everywhere and your MPG will be terrible