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  1. RobM

    Europe Next-2019-1

    Is that offer open to everyone? I have a lifetime code and usually have to email a random chap in China to send me a link... I'd much rather talk to somebody here!
  2. Format is as ExFAT instead, the files are too big for FAT32. There are tools and guides online for Mac and Windows to help.
  3. There's nothing to suggest any other software company cannot do the same. If you're dealing with a reputable company with a proven history of developing good quality software, the risk is no greater than BMW doing it. At the end of the day they're both doing the same thing; they have to since the software itself isn't changing and it only works in one way. All they can do is adjust values. The risk is those values are taken to a higher level than is safe, which is where the point about reputable companies come into play - they should know the tolerances of the hardware and should have done their research first. If us lot on an Internet forum can speak at length about the tolerances of a gearbox, it's fair to assume people who work with them for a living know the tolerances too. IMO, it's too simple to suggest that an engine or gearbox remap will harm the engine, as that assumes you're constantly pushing it to its limits. A lot of the benefit of each comes from responsiveness, quicker changes, smoother changes, and making progress easier at all speeds. I benefit from my engine remap every day, but I don't drive foot to the floor every day. Sure, you can hammer it all day long, but if you do that in a standard car you'll be risking its reliability anyway.
  4. RobM

    Remap or not?

    I can't comment on the 535D remapping, but I've had my last three cars remapped and none suffered any negative consequences and all saw an increase in MPG. I ran a remapped Octavia VRS for 70k miles, a remapped Leon FR (which my Mrs now has) and both regularly saw +10MPG on pre-remap figures. My current 520D was remapped circa. 25k miles ago and I get 55MPG on the daily commute, 60MPG if I'm trying to be good, which is +5-10MPG from pre-remap figures. The beauty of it is when you're just plodding along normally, you get the benefit of more torque, which means acceleration needs less revs (higher gear), fewer gear changes and therefore results in better MPG. But when you floor it, you get all the power and torque performance benefits! At first though, you'll floor it everywhere and your MPG will be terrible
  5. RobM

    Remap or not?

    Do it, but declare it to your insurance company - nothing is undetectable if you know exactly where to look. It's highly unlikely that an insurance company would remove the ECU and go searching for signs of a remap, but in my experience the insurance premium increase is fairly small, so it's not worth the risk. Just factor it into the cost of the remap. I 100% recommend remapping though. The feel, economy, performance and overall drivability of the car will improve. IMO, it's the best value for money option you can add to your car.
  6. RobM

    Coding Costs

    I've seen references to DD Coding online numerous times, talking about things like 'gearbox update' and 'chassis update' and how big the improvements are - do you know what he's referring to?
  7. RobM


    Or buy the cheapest old laptop you can find and dedicate its use to this sort of thing. Consider it a tool.
  8. RobM

    Anyone else had this?

    It's orange as it's a warning. Just like the open door is orange when the rest of the car is silver.
  9. It's a real shame they don't appear to offer these in 275 width. It rules it out for anybody with the staggered wheel setup.
  10. RobM

    F10 DAB issues.

    The DAB aerial in the F10 is a lot weaker than most other cars I've owned, but if you're having regular dropouts I'd bet you it's something you have plugged into one of the electrical / cig sockets. I've had USB phone chargers that totally ruin DAB signal, and the moment they're unplugged the signal stabilises. If you have a dash cam, satnav or anything similar plugged into the front or the rear sockets, try removing it for a while and see what happens.
  11. I leave the lights permanently on Auto and the Angel Eyes are on all the time, with the dipped beam turning on only when the light level drops. When this happens, the dash displays a logo showing the lights are on and the Angel Eyes dim (or, they were, but I coded them to be 100% all the time).
  12. RobM

    Phone mounts.

    I use a Brodit cradle with a Brodit ProClip. Not cheap, but very solid and very safe. The ProClip screws into the dash by removing the climate panel, so it's incredibly secure and it sits at a nice height; out of eyesight, yet within reach and easy to see. You have a choice of cradles, but I went for an adjustable one (so it works with and without cases) with a Lightning passthrough port. I then use an iPhone cable, routed along the side of the armrest, into the glovebox where my USB port is (it would be easier if it was in the glovebox). This means I pop the phone in the cradle and it starts charging and is available as an external device to play music through.
  13. Nope, just means you haven't found the damage / change / missing thing yet.
  14. RobM

    Wheel Balancing

    A direct replacement, so Falken FK510 again. Part of the warranty claim process insists on replacing them with as close to equivalent as possible.
  15. RobM

    Wheel Balancing

    Update... Replacement tyres were fitted today, after the garage clarified the warranty process. I've only had one quick drive since but it feels immediately better, back to before this saga began. I need to cover more miles before I'll be entirely satisfied though. Now I've just got to hope Falken find a problem and I get my money back!