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  1. Dunlops sport maxx rt2 here. a lot of grip on dry and wet really happy. As for the acceleras what to say!!!! people spending money on expensive speakers and gadgets for their cars but when is time to change tyres they dont want to spend the the extra money for their safety.
  2. thanks for the quote. i will try to take it out this weekend in order to clean the contact areas to see if will improve.
  3. Yes is WF05 KCA
  4. i will try to take it out and clean the earthing contact and this springy contacts with the window in case that makes a different.
  5. Hello Could you please give me a price for a new Diversity Antenna amplifier? i think according realoem the part number is 65209193832. my car is an 05 E60 530d Thanks Paris
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply. i have changed the battery on one of my keys by de-soldering the old one and soldering back the new one but didn't made any difference on the locking/unlocking distance. Now i'm starting having poor reception on my radio that is why im suspecting the diversity antenna.
  7. Hello all i would like to ask you something. Im starting loosing the Radio reception and in combination with the poor locking/unlocking distance (i have to be in half a meter from the car) and after reading all the posts in here i think i will have to replace my Diversity antenna. What i would like to ask you is the realoem is giving me 3 part number with 3 different frequencies Checking my key at the back i found that says 868 MHz. is this means that im looking for a diversity antenna with part number 65209193832 ? Where i can get a new part except main dealer? Thanks in advance Parsi
  8. I can't comment on this. but what i can say is that Castrol edge 0w30 and 5w40 have written at the back for BMW Longlife LL04. That is why im confused with Castrol.
  9. From the other hand Magnatec 5w30 says at the back LL04
  10. Im not convinced that Castrol edge meets the LL04 There is nothing at the back saying about LL04
  11. how i can understand when the car starts the regen?
  12. What is the bedding in procedure?
  13. i was thinking to buy the 5w40 to be honest. My car have 145k on the clock so i think will benefit from an oil that is not getting thin when the ambient temperature is high. also summer period i will be on euro trip and i will be visiting countries with temperatures close to 40 degrees Celsius. What is your opinion on this.
  14. i need your opinion on this please. Im a bit confused. Castrol EDGE Titanium FST 5W-30 (that is really popular in here) according with the label behind doesn't meet BMW's criteria. In the other hand the same brand but in 0w30 or 5w40 viscosity meets the LL04. Should i use the 0w30 or the 5w40 instead? What do you think?
  15. Is your car 530d with 535d brakes or standard 535d? Do they fit behind standard 530d wheels mv2?