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    E39 Sport Touring 2002
  1. e39 Sport Touring Removable Tow Bar

    Hi Dan, I picked up a Brink on Facebook recently for £40. Unfortunately the seller didn't realise that some of the bits were missing. A new version of this bar is £212 on Ebay. Does that help?
  2. e39 Sport Touring Removable Tow Bar

    I am after a removable towbar for my 2002 Sport Touring E39 Model. Westfalia , Brink etc. Needs to be complete with electric, bumper cut out if possible
  3. E39 sport front bumper

    Hi Duncan where would collection be from?
  4. I am doing the reversing camera mod using the original tuner and screen. Got the loom, camera and I know that I will need a relay to switch it. I have come up against a problem in that one of the 10mm nuts that holds the number plate light in place has seized to the shaft and is now rotating instead of undoing. Anyone else had this and how did you get round it short of gorrillaing it off and using a new light fitting?
  5. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted Mk4 Satnav Drive. Upgraded to V32 software. Removed non working PDC in anticipation on replacement next week.
  6. Transmission Fluid (Again)

    I cant see any negatives in doing this. My mechanic is concerned that I get the right fluid for him. Says it has to be green. But what do I know!
  7. Transmission Fluid (Again)

    What Mileage are you at - mines on 151k?
  8. Transmission Fluid (Again)

    No sorry its an Automatic - I will add it to my profile now
  9. Transmission Fluid (Again)

    My E39 3.0i Touring Sport 2002, is in need of a precautionary fluid change. I appreciate I might be opening a can of worms.Is there a simple way of finding out which is the correct fluid, short of jacking up the car and reading the label? Thanks in advance
  10. Just Order K-Line

    Arrived in the post this morning, thanks - is there another way to access software other than DVD?
  11. Just Order K-Line

    chris evans
  12. Just Order K-Line

    Hi I have just ordered the K- Line for my 530i Sport 2002. I don't have a DVD drive, is there another way to load the software?
  13. E39 massive parts clear out (3 cars worth!)

    Do you have a MK4 DVD , any PCD sensors or a hazard switch for a 2002 Sport Touring
  14. About to collect my 2002 E39 M Sport 530i Touring

    Ok - so finally collected and drove it back 90 miles yesterday. Most obvious thing is a potential 50p shaped front wheel. I have swapped the spare on to see if this confirms my diagnosis later. Shopping list is starting - DVD navigation 4 as the Gen 3 got wet, front bumper has been damaged 8 years ago on an icy roundabout, hazard switch is cracked and the rubber thing that holds the petrol cap on has perished. Other than that it desperately needs a wash, but BMW can do that on Monday when they sort the Airbag under recall. It smells funny inside as well - not sure if its the fact that they had a dog, me not used to leather or damp. Also when I changed the wheels over it looked like the nearside damper was leaking oil....but I am not complaining given my investment so far
  15. About to collect my 2002 E39 M Sport 530i Touring

    @Yokozuna Very good ! It's actually a surprisingly good drive. I got more the 80 mpg out of it on a run to Leeds the other day. Looks are a bit Marmite but ours is dark metallic grey its a bit less offensive. @Hairyarse he only wants £300 for it - in fact he said I could have it if I didn't tell his Mrs. I can't go wrong at that. That being said when I told my mechanic, he said that he had picked up the same car with 99k on the clock for £200 the other day, then sold it on for £450 on ebay (No MOT though). The same guy he had bought it off had also recently scrapped a 6 Series(the classic one)!