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  1. +1...amazingly great when it gets proper frosty.
  2. Nice spec...I'm not fussed about HiFi, so would have swapped HK for the useful stuff! Hope it arrives soon, and I know you will love it.
  3. Monkeyfinger

    Connected Drive update

    But annoyingly it doesn't say infinity mpg, it says 0mpg. Makes no sense...;-)
  4. Monkeyfinger

    Connected Drive update

    Yep...especially since the fuel consumption read in the car is maxed out at 90mpg. I now know I got over 200mpg driving home yesterday, straight from the app.
  5. Monkeyfinger

    Heated Seats

    Definitely not an option with standard sport seats...a pity.
  6. Monkeyfinger

    Heated Seats

    Can you?...how we do that then?
  7. Monkeyfinger

    Service Inclusive

    . That's what it says on BMW website.
  8. Monkeyfinger

    Google maps finally

    Anyone know why I'm suddenly getting a 'no internet connection' message on the idrive when using Spotify ?- working fine on Android until a week or so ago. And yes, I have my mobile data switched on...
  9. I find the active cruise or whatever it's called is brilliant for my slow commutes on the M27. Also particularly easy to control and monitor through the HUD. Occasionally I have the car steer itself, but that is only really useful in stop start traffic at low speed. If you consider these things all as assistants only, I think they work well.
  10. Monkeyfinger

    Heated Seats

    Interesting...My back was aching, so i whacked them on No2 this morning at 12c outside temp. They felt bloody hot to me, as they did all last winter...
  11. But the standard system is perfectly 'adequate' if you just enjoy a bit of music or radio in the car. Impossible to help with this as only the individual can decide if it's worth their money. Personally I wouldn't contemplate it, but I understand those who do...
  12. Yes, they are a revelation
  13. Full adaptive LED are awesome - I keep on auto setting and it's fascinating to see the beam pattern adapt around oncoming vehicles and sweep around corners. Seriously consider if you like a fast nightime drive. I've never been flashed by oncoming traffic, so I assume they are not too irritating to both others.
  14. Monkeyfinger

    Delivery Leadtime

    Was doing a bit of twisty country lane work last night - full electric mode is really good fun if speeds are around 30 mph. You have to carefully weigh up how you would use the hybrid to ensure it makes economic sense, and it does for me!
  15. The HUD with sat nav is far more than just cool, and removing the need to glance down at the instruments or to change tracks or radio channel, is a safety benefit. But as always, it has to be weighed against the option cost.