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  1. Monkeyfinger

    DAB Radio problems.

    Also listen to Planet Rock in the Southampton area. I find it cuts out in a number of specific locations, and my previous Mercedes did the same. Personally I think it's a DAB issue, and it's just a pain that there is no FM option for the station I listen to.
  2. Monkeyfinger

    Wiper Speed

    Agree with comments on wipers. But my personal experience with owning 3 Audis, was great cars let down by numerous electrical faults. My 5er has been great in comparison, but I guess I will need to wait and see how it goes over the years..
  3. Monkeyfinger

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Come and drive mine...it will be a revelation. Maybe the weight of hybrid battery helps.
  4. Monkeyfinger

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Sorry, don't believe that for a moment. My car is still 'silent ' after nearly 2 years ownership. I would suggest there is another problem involved, but I'm no expert either...
  5. Monkeyfinger

    Best use for menu shortcuts?

    Not really bothered with the buttons so far, and most can be reached through voice. My trouble is forgetting what I have set. I use battery control fairly frequently, which is useful for the hybrid.
  6. Monkeyfinger

    Best use for menu shortcuts?

    How do you set a button for a nav destination?
  7. Monkeyfinger

    The 7 Series then...

    How are the massaging seats? Fancied them on mine, but too much to pay unless they can be really justified.
  8. Monkeyfinger

    530D - Buyers Regret

    Where u going to put the 530e? Just saying...
  9. Monkeyfinger

    Driving experiences, etc

    It's Goodwood, but I guess sponsored. Includes good quality coffee and biscuits too. I think the cost was reasonable and you get 3 or 4 sessions in a range of M cars.
  10. Monkeyfinger

    Driving experiences, etc

    BMW one at Goodwood is excellent. My son did it a couple of months ago...I think he enjoyed blasting around in the M5. Very professionally run and no idiots present.
  11. Monkeyfinger

    530D - Buyers Regret

    Time to leave it now...there's a good range of G30/31 cars, and generally we have all bought what we wanted, within our own budget. The best car is the one that's best for the individual...
  12. Monkeyfinger

    530D - Buyers Regret

    The one at the front of the queue?
  13. Monkeyfinger

    Frozen wing mirrors

    Had the same, and also on my last car (Merc). I don't imagine there's a particular water trap, but normal frost always seems to cause this. Probably worth getting some lubricant sprayed in there for the winter. Not sure what's best though...
  14. Monkeyfinger

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Yep, mine too. Maybe rattles and creeks are the exception, not the norm?
  15. Monkeyfinger

    Fitting Rear Dash Cam to rear window - electrics

    I'm considering this, but was planning on either directly plugging into the 12v accessory socket in the boot or make a more permanent connection to the socket wiring itself.