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  1. Monkeyfinger

    530e charging fail

    As a follow up, all sorted seamlessly at Snows Portsmouth. Obviously had a software update done as part of the module work, and had to spend some time changing car settings again. Interestingly I now have a dipping mirror on reverse, which never happened before. I don't need it as I have cameras, but worth knowing it must be included in the current software.
  2. Monkeyfinger

    530e charging fail

    Just to update...this has been diagnosed as KLE module failure and being replaced shortly. This seems to crop up reasonably often searching online, and tbh always disappointing that this could fail in 12k miles. Anyway, still under warranty, so not too much of an issue.
  3. Monkeyfinger

    Massive surprise when collected my new G30 today ☺️

    I've yet to see another Bluestone on the road...some of the other greys look similar, but definitely not as good!
  4. Monkeyfinger

    Pick 5 options only!!

    Also whatever the self driving thing is called, with the adaptive cruise. 360 camera system also great.
  5. Monkeyfinger

    Pick 5 options only!!

    Agree... but adaptive lighting is also great, as is adaptive cruise
  6. Monkeyfinger

    530e charging fail

    Very...going to try and find dealer other than Southampton to get it in earlier. A bit of trawling on the web seems to indicate failure of a particular module as a cause. Car charges on battery control mode, but mpg drops to around 30...
  7. Monkeyfinger

    530e charging fail

    Random fault developed overnight- 530e refuses to charge, just saying charging power too low. This happens on my Podpoint and my BMW mains charger. I've tried different charging rates in the car but with no effect. Bloody annoying and have a service appointment in 3 weeks! It's like trying to get an appointment at my doctors... anyway, has anyone else had a similar experience?
  8. Monkeyfinger

    New 540 ordered...

    Lovely car...suggest you get some Dodo juice leather sealant on those chairs as soon as you can. It reduces transfer but makes cleaning much easier when it's needed.
  9. Monkeyfinger

    Charger given up the ghost?

    Do you have a public charge cable to allow you to check no issues with the car itself?
  10. Monkeyfinger

    Massive surprise when collected my new G30 today ☺️

    Same here - find the lights truly awesome at night, and no issues with other traffic
  11. Monkeyfinger

    Not run flats on the new car

    Wouldn't dream of getting rid of mine, and very happy with the ride.
  12. Monkeyfinger

    Not run flats on the new car

    I like the idea that I won't have to stop in the event of a flat...I guess that's really the point. Without direct comparison, I love the way mine ride with VDC. So I'm very happy with them.
  13. Monkeyfinger

    Active Cruise images

    It looks fairly generic bmw back end to me, but I can check. First world problems as always...
  14. Monkeyfinger

    530e cooling fan

    Ok...officially stopped worrying
  15. Monkeyfinger

    Engine oil level high

    Why can't we just have a dipstick? Worked just fine for 100 years...