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  1. albion man

    Locking nut will not budge

    The problem is that the distorted locking nut allows some of the turning force applied to the breaker bar to move the socket outwards and slip. I have overcome this twice with two separate methods, each ensuring that the socket cannot move outwards and that all your effort is applied to turning. Method 1 with two people Person "A" holds breaker bar in position. Person "B" repeatedly strikes end of breaker bar towards the wheel nut, and once a rhythm is established Person "A" times his turning effort to coincide exactly with the point at which the hammer lands. Method 2 on your own Park car parallel to a wall. Engage socket with extension and breaker bar and support it with bricks or timber so that it is horizontal. Position a scissor jack between the breaker bar and wall and extend it until you see the tyre wall start to move. You need to make sure that everything is truly horizontal. Give the breaker bar a whack with a mallet. Good luck
  2. albion man

    F11 luggage cover not lifting smoothly

    Warranty claim agreed without any argument. Douglas Park had a used F11 on the forecourt so we were able to do a quick swap which clearly showed that the problem lay in the cover and not in the car. Replacement cover on order from Germany and should be delivered in about ten days.
  3. albion man

    F11 luggage cover not lifting smoothly

    Thanks guys. I'll update after Douglas Park Hillington have inspected it next week.
  4. Everything worked smoothly when I bought the car, but have noticed that the cover now rises very slowly and doesn't retract fully. It is just like a roller blind with a weak spring. Has anyone out there had a similar problem, and is there an easy fix? Car is a Dec 2015 build, ex BMW PGA sponsorship, bought as AUC in June 2017 with under 4K miles in mint condition so there is no question of wear and tear.
  5. albion man


    Thanks, guys. Confirms what I thought given that it does point vertically downwards. I was thrown by the wording "pop open the cover" in Roundy's post.
  6. albion man


    Should there be a cover on the OBD socket? My F11 (Nov 2015 build) doesn't have any cover, although it doesn't look to be vulnerable in any way.