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  1. Steering wheel wobble when braking on 530i '01

    Hello Dan, Thank you for your reply. Yes I did check all of them for uneven wear, no signs of overheating or excess brake dust anywhere ... Rear arms where double checked and they are fine (as I was told by my mechanic). One thing that keeps buzzing in my head is that the previous owner had the known issue with the tri-lights on the dashboard, ABS/ASC etc and replaced the front ABS sensors, which apparently was not the problem and after I replaced the ABS Module with a good one and re coded the problem was still present. Maybe and I say maybe they are aftermarket and they are causing the problem sending wrong signal to ABS Module? Lets hope that someone faced the same problem and I will find a solution OR I will live with it LOL
  2. Greetings from Cyprus, Had this issue a while back and not being able to sort it out yet. Steering wheel wobble occasionally when braking from 50-70 miles while on Highway on my 530i '01, does not do it all the time. So far I have done ALL this : 1/. New rotors front and back, new brake pads, rebuild all 4 calipers with original ATE kit, changed brake fluid. 2/. New rims and tires balanced . 3/. All front control arms changed, wishbone, lower strut and steering tie rods. 4/. Checked all bolts and nuts of the suspension for any slack or any loose bolt. 5/. Wheel alignment done. Anybody has any idea what it might be wrong? Thanks in advance for any help/idea given. Regards Theo