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  1. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    I used the M License plate holder, but not the one from the stealer Licence plate base primed M 1 51112694213
  2. Thank you all for your replies. Issue is now solved. After checking and replacing ALL front links with Meyle parts, changed tires, checked balance, alignment front and rear For future reference: It was a faulty tire valve on the rear left tire that was keep deflating the tire to about 2 bar, all that was enough for the car to wobble when braking from around 60mph, STRANGE but TRUE !!! Valve replaced and all tires checked at 2.5 bar, drives like a dream no wobble at ALL. Thanks again for all your help that guided me to the rear part
  3. Hello Dan, Thank you for your reply. Yes I did check all of them for uneven wear, no signs of overheating or excess brake dust anywhere ... Rear arms where double checked and they are fine (as I was told by my mechanic). One thing that keeps buzzing in my head is that the previous owner had the known issue with the tri-lights on the dashboard, ABS/ASC etc and replaced the front ABS sensors, which apparently was not the problem and after I replaced the ABS Module with a good one and re coded the problem was still present. Maybe and I say maybe they are aftermarket and they are causing the problem sending wrong signal to ABS Module? Lets hope that someone faced the same problem and I will find a solution OR I will live with it LOL
  4. Greetings from Cyprus, Had this issue a while back and not being able to sort it out yet. Steering wheel wobble occasionally when braking from 50-70 miles while on Highway on my 530i '01, does not do it all the time. So far I have done ALL this : 1/. New rotors front and back, new brake pads, rebuild all 4 calipers with original ATE kit, changed brake fluid. 2/. New rims and tires balanced . 3/. All front control arms changed, wishbone, lower strut and steering tie rods. 4/. Checked all bolts and nuts of the suspension for any slack or any loose bolt. 5/. Wheel alignment done. Anybody has any idea what it might be wrong? Thanks in advance for any help/idea given. Regards Theo