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  1. Kit

    M5 valet today. Results

    A very nice motor indeed. There’s a bloke looking for an M5 for a photo shoot (topic on the main page).
  2. Kit

    Headlight bulb swap.

    Hello, I now live in the countryside and have found that my headlights / full beam (standard Halford bulbs I think) don’t travel far enough and don’t feel bright enough generally for the roads around here. 1. What bulbs do you recommend (that fit in the standard fitting), seen some GE halogen ones that say the are ‘90% brighter’ than standard so was thinking of getting them. 2. Is there a guide to changing headlight bulbs? I’m less of a mechanic than most of you but can handle simple jobs like this. Thanks Kit
  3. Bluetooth works well, as long as your device has Bluetooth turned on before the stereo turns on it connects almost instantly. No trouble talking on the move. Feels well made generally. Only issue is the person that fitted it for me (bit of wiring needed to be tidied up after some bad work by the previous owner) probably didn’t connect the wire that lights up the buttons. Only the screen lights up (a sort of orange). Does not stick too far out the dash either. Thanks Kit
  4. Link to my mine: https://www.continental-automotive.com/en-gl/Trucks-Buses/Interior-Cabin/Infotainment/Radios/FM-AM-Radio-with-USB-Bluetooth
  5. Not sure, however here is the info pdf: They also do a slightly dufffereht CD player version: https://www.continental-automotive.com/en-gl/Trucks-Buses/Interior-Cabin/Infotainment/Radios/FM-AM-Radio-with-CD-USB-Bluetooth Hope this answers your question. Kit
  6. Hello. As a man who likes the factory look I wanted to replace the after market stereo that came with my late 90’s Touring. But I wanted Bluetooth so went on a mission to find something that felt right. In the end found a Continental unit and had it shipped from Germany. Apart from having the silver surround on the volume knob painted black (I’m that picky) it fitted right in. Search ‘Continental bluetooth car radio’ and some options will come up if you fancy turning your e34 into a massive phone. Thought I’d post incase your looking for something similar. Sounds great too! Kit
  7. Kit

    Door lock issue

    Brilliant response. Thanks Kit
  8. Kit

    Door lock issue

    It locks when using the key in the door. however it didn’t open correctly when unlocked using the key in the drivers door. Sometimes it works with the remote, sometimes not. It’s quite stiff when pushing down with a finger. Any advice welcome. Happy new year. Kit
  9. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I went to a good old fashioned petrol station mechanical car wash and got rid of 6 months of dust and dirt.
  10. Kit

    Door lock issue

    Hello. My 1995 Touring has what I presume is the original remote central locking and alarm fitted. Only the passenger door stick doesn’t always go down so stops the car from locking itself. Is this a simple fix (as in it just needs freeing up with some wd40) or is there a bigger problem lurking under the door card? Quite annoying as have to open the back door and reach to manually push it down which then locks all the doors. No issues opening it up. Apologies for raising such a boring problem. Kit
  11. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Where did you buy them? Looking for a deal on 4 at 225/60/r15’s!
  12. Kit

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Parked it under my new house for the first time next to its old mate!
  13. Kit

    New project

    I feel a European road trip honeymoon coming on. Congratulations on both fronts.
  14. Kit

    Garage recommendations.

    Which tyre do run? Looking at Conti contact5's.
  15. Kit

    Garage recommendations.

    On the subject of recommendations I've been researching tyres as very keen to gain more of a stable feel (despite recon steering box and new front suspension arms). Please let me know your thoughts on 205/65/r15 v 225/60/r15. Many more options for the smaller size I'm finding. Be great to know if you feel there's a difference that matters one way or another. I like the idea of more rubber on the road but may get a better tyre in the smaller size. Hmmm...