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  1. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Where did you buy them? Looking for a deal on 4 at 225/60/r15’s!
  2. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Parked it under my new house for the first time next to its old mate!
  3. New project

    I feel a European road trip honeymoon coming on. Congratulations on both fronts.
  4. Garage recommendations.

    Which tyre do run? Looking at Conti contact5's.
  5. Garage recommendations.

    On the subject of recommendations I've been researching tyres as very keen to gain more of a stable feel (despite recon steering box and new front suspension arms). Please let me know your thoughts on 205/65/r15 v 225/60/r15. Many more options for the smaller size I'm finding. Be great to know if you feel there's a difference that matters one way or another. I like the idea of more rubber on the road but may get a better tyre in the smaller size. Hmmm...
  6. 80's ads.

    I'm a creative directer by trade and have a slight obsession with 80's promotional videos, ads and reviews. I thought I'd share a few as they don't make them like they used too... Enjoy. Kit
  7. Hello. Unlike many of you I'm less handy under the bonnet. I'm moving to the top of Lee Valley on the Herts/Essex boarder. Can you recommend a specialist garage for both my e30 and e34? Have used CPC in Amersham, they know their stuff but got awful service and the car came back dirty as hell. Was far from happy in truth. Thanks in advance. Kit
  8. New project

    Perhaps some factory bbs wheels (205 or 225/60/r15) would suit its original look. I'm thinking of buying Uniroyal Rain Expert 3's as the budget ones that came with my car don't give me any confidence, especially in the wet. There really isn't much choice at this size, that's the only downside. Does anyone know what the original tyre would have been? Michelin I imagine?
  9. Super or not?

    Odd thing was I driving it hard the day before the Mot, both a motorway run and on country lanes (have to say it's taken me a while to heal toe in comfort with the Bmw pedal setup) and hit the 'Italian end' of the rev counter often. But only after adding super and driving in second at 40mph for a while did it pass. Perhaps the latter is what it needed but defo should have cleared the day before. That's why I feel the additive and the petrol may have helped.
  10. Few niggly questions.

    Sorry, can you let me know what you mean by banning the metrics?!
  11. Oh dear it's for sale again....

    Max Power. The magazine that encouraged you to spend money you'd never get back. My favourites where the small hatches that we're body kitted to within an inch of their lives while sticking with the 1.1's to not effect their insurance. Skills.
  12. Super or not?

    Hello My late 520i Touring passed everything on the MOT apart from being slightly over the limit on the lambda test during the emissions check. Sorted by adding injector cleaner into a half tank of Shells Super Unleaded. Got me thinking - is it worth putting in a tank of that say every 4 fills? Or all the time?! In your opinion is it worth the extra money? Before the mot I didn't think to bother with it as I didn't feel I'd notice the performance difference in this or my other cars apart from my old 911. Thanks in advance for you thoughts. Kit
  13. Really does my head in, only option is to drive over 80mph to shut it up at the min.
  14. Looking at either - https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=24152989.110.86175&sowigan=So&Breite=225&Quer=60&Felge=15&Speed=V&kategorie=&ranzahl=1&tyre_for=&x_tyre_for=&Ang_pro_Seite=10&weiter=10&sort_by=preis&rsmFahrzeugart=ALL&Label=C-B-70-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-272988 Or https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=24152989.110.86175&sowigan=So&Breite=225&Quer=60&Felge=15&Speed=V&kategorie=&ranzahl=1&tyre_for=&x_tyre_for=&Ang_pro_Seite=10&weiter=10&sort_by=preis&rsmFahrzeugart=ALL&Label=C-A-71-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-271166
  15. Thanks. Trying to manage the amount I spend but if anyone can recommend a set of tyres that could improve grip then let me know. Think they are - 225/60 R15. Also gear knob has come off in my dad's hand while changing 'enthusiastically'. Dob of glue at the base before sliding back on?!