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  1. Kit

    Best garage in Herts/Essex?

    Yes he mentioned he was at a Bmw dealership around the time when my cars were new. Just the sort of bloke (or woman) I was looking for.
  2. Kit

    Best garage in Herts/Essex?

    Great thanks, gave him a call and he sounds like he knows what’s what. Will book both in for a service and once over soon.
  3. Kit

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Fuel has never worked properly (owned the car 10 years), goes to full before eventually showing the correct level. However has started moving around more. My research says it maybe the grounding nut getting lose or the board itself. Only started doing it yesterday, will drive it later to see if its a constant or intermittent problem. Annoying! Thanks Kit
  4. Hello, After moving from London a while ago I’m looking for someone new to maintain my e34 and e30. I live (literally) on the Herts / Essex boarder. Any recommendations of someone with a healthy amount of experience to deal with the niggles on these aging monkeys would be great. Thanks Kit
  5. Kit

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Will look into both, thanks. Would this explain the intermittent idle issue and the odd immobiliser issue? Temp gauge has started jumping around on my e30 also, seem to be getting lots of niggles of late. I blame the recent hot weather!
  6. Kit

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Here is the trouble maker herself.
  7. Kit

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Oddly, after a day of using the car a lot (10 starts and stops ish) I started it a few hours after I got home (Immobiliser issue nowhere to been seen after the keyfob reset) and the engine started roughly before searching/cutting out - like when you get a new battery and the ecu sets the idle. It did little when I revved it, maybe jumping 1000rpm in a block before going down again. I left it overnight and it started fine today. All very odd, any ideas welcome (again!). Thanks Kit
  8. Kit

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    After it failed to start again today (not at a petrol station!) I got the AA out again, starter motor was tested and spins perfectly however was getting no power. Was clearly an immobolliser issue, he knew about the by-pass point in the glove box that I never found despite its slightly obvious location. Put the fob (knew it had a use) against it and then the car started, a bit of a rough turnover but now seemingly ok. Does anyone know a good alarm / auto electrition around Herts / Essex (Ware - Harlow), clearly there is something up with it. Or maybe by bypassing it once it will have reset (he says hoping). Thanks Kit
  9. Kit

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Hello, I will try my best to keep this brief. I have had an odd intermittent issue with starting my 1995 520i Touring. I changed the battery about 4 months ago and everything was fine, I then stored the car for a month or so and it started no problem. On my drive back home after it was sitting I stopped for petrol, once filled up (not to full) I turned the key and nothing. As if the immobiliser had kicked in, no noise from anywhere in the engine. I locked it with the windows slightly open so then closed them thinking it maybe that. I played around with locking the doors / opening them, then eventually after a lot of messing about I turned the key and it stuttered into life - straining to do so. When I got home I left it for 5 mins locked, and then it started fine, a few times. A week later I take it for an MOT (passed), it starts fine sounding totally normal and was on and off a few times in a few hours, then I go to get petrol and it happens again! It won't start! This time noting could get it going, it was pushed back to the garage (luckily opposite where I was stranded) and they could not push/bump start it or get the starter motor to make any sort of movement / noise. I called the AA, he thought it was an alarm / immobiliser issue. After doing something to get the starter motor to crank over for a second or two (not with the key) I gave it a go as normal - it started fine! And now it seems to be ok. Any ideas? Could opening the petrol cap do anything! Very odd as when it does start all sounds and seems normal, when it doesn't its like the immobiliser is engaged - all is dead apart from all the normal lights on the dash / radio etc. Guessing I need an auto-electrician? Or a new starter motor? Or a alarm reset - it's a Corba 7928 which I believe is factory fitted? Any idea welcome! Thanks Kit
  10. Kit

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    Took a few years for the dealer to sell that then! Guess production still stopped in June 1996 despite the odd R and S plate?
  11. Kit

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    Maybe not as rare as I thought then!
  12. Kit

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    Hello, While looking at old photos with my girlfriend I found her late farther had bought new an e34 touring similar to mine, I was surprised to see it as a ‘P’ plated car. Guess this was a rare beast as it was registered after the last models were made in June 1996 (please correct me if i’m wrong!). I looked via the ‘MOT history check’ page on the DVLA’s website and it no longer seems to be on the road sadly. Thought I’d share as it caught my eye! Kit
  13. Kit

    M5 valet today. Results

    A very nice motor indeed. There’s a bloke looking for an M5 for a photo shoot (topic on the main page).
  14. Kit

    Headlight bulb swap.

    Hello, I now live in the countryside and have found that my headlights / full beam (standard Halford bulbs I think) don’t travel far enough and don’t feel bright enough generally for the roads around here. 1. What bulbs do you recommend (that fit in the standard fitting), seen some GE halogen ones that say the are ‘90% brighter’ than standard so was thinking of getting them. 2. Is there a guide to changing headlight bulbs? I’m less of a mechanic than most of you but can handle simple jobs like this. Thanks Kit
  15. Bluetooth works well, as long as your device has Bluetooth turned on before the stereo turns on it connects almost instantly. No trouble talking on the move. Feels well made generally. Only issue is the person that fitted it for me (bit of wiring needed to be tidied up after some bad work by the previous owner) probably didn’t connect the wire that lights up the buttons. Only the screen lights up (a sort of orange). Does not stick too far out the dash either. Thanks Kit