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  1. Odd thing was I driving it hard the day before the Mot, both a motorway run and on country lanes (have to say it's taken me a while to heal toe in comfort with the Bmw pedal setup) and hit the 'Italian end' of the rev counter often. But only after adding super and driving in second at 40mph for a while did it pass. Perhaps the latter is what it needed but defo should have cleared the day before. That's why I feel the additive and the petrol may have helped.
  2. Sorry, can you let me know what you mean by banning the metrics?!
  3. Max Power. The magazine that encouraged you to spend money you'd never get back. My favourites where the small hatches that we're body kitted to within an inch of their lives while sticking with the 1.1's to not effect their insurance. Skills.
  4. Hello My late 520i Touring passed everything on the MOT apart from being slightly over the limit on the lambda test during the emissions check. Sorted by adding injector cleaner into a half tank of Shells Super Unleaded. Got me thinking - is it worth putting in a tank of that say every 4 fills? Or all the time?! In your opinion is it worth the extra money? Before the mot I didn't think to bother with it as I didn't feel I'd notice the performance difference in this or my other cars apart from my old 911. Thanks in advance for you thoughts. Kit
  5. Really does my head in, only option is to drive over 80mph to shut it up at the min.
  6. Looking at either - Or
  7. Thanks. Trying to manage the amount I spend but if anyone can recommend a set of tyres that could improve grip then let me know. Think they are - 225/60 R15. Also gear knob has come off in my dad's hand while changing 'enthusiastically'. Dob of glue at the base before sliding back on?!
  8. Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows where to find a OEM roof rack (and even roof box) for my 1995 Touring. If not OEM what's best for the roof rails. I'm moving house soon so the touring will be put to work. I mentioned a few things in my previous post, one being the windscreen wipers hitting the plastic base of the screen, only above 80mph does it stop thanks to the air pressure! Is there any bodge / hack ways to stop this as I hear it's a big job to sort. Secondly when cold the clutch judders the car away, lasts for a few stop-starts till things warm up. Again if I get this looked at is there any simple solution I can try first before having to fully change the clutch? Thirdly, I had the wheels balanced recently, they were way way off. Perhaps the bbs wheels are no longer true. Does anyone know of a good place to have them restored or swap them for restored plus cash? Lastly the silly question, the large air vent on top of the dash, what's it really for? Additional air for the screen and cabin? Or is it more an ambient way to have fresh air come through? I find every other vent works a lot harder when it is shut. Thanks and happy weekend. Kit
  9. That is one nice project to have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks. A whack in the door released it. Still sticks but at least I know how to get it moving. Thanks Kit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I love my e34 touring but I don't think it will ever not have a niggle somewhere. Currently hoping someone can get the alignment right so my steering wheel goes straight when I do! Yours looks nice and tidy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks. Sadly I'm more of a driver than a mechanic as my bills suggest!
  13. Yes I got the 911 in 2010, the 912 was a project when I got it, but knew a good car was there under the neglect. All a bit silly price wise now.
  14. It's a numbers matching 1967 912 five dial. The others a 1988 3.2 Carrera Sport in diamond blue metallic. Love all my cars for different reasons but the simple shape of the two mentioned seems to connect with people. The 912 especially garners a lot of attention. Glad you like them all. Kit
  15. It's no project. Majestic but not a fan of corners. Great to float about in. I do love my E30. Had it for 10 years, got it at 38k. Very lucky to own this too. And this is currently being restored. I only drive German as you can see. Thanks Kit