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  1. SharkChris

    Duxford Spring car club visit

    Hello, I will be going from West Surrey. I booked via BMW CC GB and was given a code to use on the IWM site. Weather is looking good so I am looking forward to it!
  2. SharkChris

    New to forum

    Hello, I am wondering If there are any not official meets from here, the weather is getting nicer and want to know if I can drive the greatwhite to be surrounded by 5series over the coming weekend! I am in West Surrey
  3. SharkChris

    M40 E39 convoy from white E28

    I think the guys were going to the National BMW Festival. From the white E28 525e, Chris If you made any pics please share it here
  4. BMW5 Club Appearance on BMW Show Santa Pod 2017
  5. SharkChris

    BMW Show Santa Pod Raceway 02/07/2017

    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, and I would like to know if there has been any preparation for this years BMW Show Santa Pod on the 2/7/2017? It would be great to see a club stand and all ranges of 5 series on the meeting!
  6. SharkChris

    BMW Show Santa Pod Raceway

    BMW Show Santa Pod