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  1. s29uny

    detailing weekend

    Hi. Hoping to spend most of my weekend detailing my F10 for the first time since owning ( march this year). Wondered if any one has ever used: https://www.amazon.co.uk/IMISS-Polishing-Buffer-Waffle-C49A-Yellow/dp/B00S2AVF4A/ref=sr_1_7?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1501229317&sr=1-7&keywords=clay+pad rather then the conventional clay bar. Any thought on this? I'm hoping to: snow foam two bucket wash clay dry and inspect for areas which need work on the most maybe compound depending on swirls - it is a white car so I doubt i'll see many Gtechniq nano polish with DA Collinite 915 possibly seal with auto glym So if I can cut the time by using the clay pad rather then the Bar I might consider using. Thanks in advance
  2. s29uny

    Speed camera detector

    i recently bought this : https://www.speedcamerasuk.com/cheetah-c550.htm I found the software to be a little outdated on some of the motorways where they 'had' 50MPH average speed cameras. but overall for motorway check cameras, mobile camera sites, city/town cameras to be spot on.
  3. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/accessories/wire-terminals/phonocar-ring-terminals-8awg Might be a snug fit around the battery terminal but should do the trick
  4. HAHAHA well spotted *Forehead smack*
  5. with contact being made on both ends of the fuse, and the screw tight enough to slide the fuse in but still keep it pushed down along with the side plastic caps being screwed on I cant see how that will add resistance which would cause a drop in voltage. its not a well thought design by Gladen by all means, but as it stands I cant see any other way round it?
  6. There is no way that fuse moving is the plastic screw caps are on tight. the screw would just need to be tight enough for the fuse to make connection.as long as its not floating it wont be a issue.
  7. i'm Assuming the D2 has a Plastic connector which plugs into the Speaker out space? the under seat subwoofers can be wired into + 3 - and + 4 - Good process so far.
  8. You should have two plastic screw type caps which hold the fuse together in the middle. Needs to look like the picture I has attached. Be sure to tighten the Allen key which holds the fuse together - if its left loose then it can play a part in voltage drop or worse no voltage at all. Then all there is left to do is have the fuse siting in line of the power cable ideally as close as you can to the battery ( about 6-12inch's away) and that's your fuse wired to the live. When you wire it all together, its best practice to leave the live connection to the battery til last. Otherwise you have a live cable sparking off the body work discharging your battery. Just have it run to the battery work out where you will attach, but leave it to last.
  9. post some pictures of what you have, I am sure we can puts our heads together and talk you though what needs to be done. the battery located in the roof under the carpet will have several empty studs which you can attach the power cable to, and finding a good earth point will be fairly simple too.
  10. s29uny

    E61 Audio Upgrade

    Sounds interesting. I did think the MB Quarts were Plug and play as its a option I was considering when I had my E60 but decided to go for the Gladen set up myself. would you say you was considering the Focal with adaptors? focal do BMW fit speakers and they are actually plug and play, I have them in my F10 currently Regarding the Crossovers, I made the same mistake back then, I cabled tied the cross over to the existing wiring, I could have sworn I tighten the cables ties but after putting the door on and a day or two of playing fairly loud music I could hear this rattle in the door, took it off and the cross over was all over the place. look forward to some pictures.
  11. s29uny


    I used Maguire's Ultimate Compound for my BMW E60 carbon Black when I first bought it. Just to help remove the deeper swirls and contamination. There after I used Auto Gylm Super Resin polish - Its abrasive, fairly cheap, easy to use and leave sthe car shiny regarding finishing: I used to wax and then seal it to give it a deeper shine. But just as Andrew mentioned I only use sealant on my White car.
  12. s29uny

    New season new look

    the second picture looks amazing
  13. I agree with E39Touring. sound deadening makes all the difference, over time parts of the panel started to vibrate and it becomes sooo annoying. while the doors are off I would deaden them. saves you from having to check them later. I wish I had taken my extreme set up out my E60 it sounded soo good, I was really hoping to pick up a F10 with a good sound system. clearly a mistake 'll not be making again. Best of Luck Tbob. be great to see some pictures of how you get on
  14. s29uny

    New Member - Back in a BMW

    amazing car!! any pictures?
  15. in the E60 I replaced with Gladen extreme 201 with at the time it was the mosconi 120.4 dsp in the F10 I replaced just the 4 inch doors and added tweeters in the wings of the door: https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/focal-ifbmw-s-4-10cm-2-way-component-car-speakers-for-bmw.html Cheapest place I could find them, they are direct replacements, no cutting needed. If you have the base system ( no tweeters in the doors) you can buy the tweeter covers from Ebay for £20 saves you from having to drill any holes. I would also invest in some sound deadening. the focal speakers are surprisingly good for the size of them. i've attached some pictures of what mine looked like and the speaker differences. As a guide to taking the doors off: if you search Bavsound F10 stage one install on youtube. They show you a very detailed step by step