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  1. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Hi Tim, are they the early cat ear typed and can you supply all fittings? Believe it or not I've sourced correct material so it'll just need some adjustment on the headrest material from a trimmer given different mounting points for the poles.
  2. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Hi Tim, how are the E23's shaping up? Any pine green rears by any chance???
  3. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Thanks for the advice, they do look stunning in your car. It's just the rears i need but good to know e23 are a straight swap. Tim, please let me know once you get the e23's that you have something suitable.
  4. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Hi there thanks for this, it's the early type I'm looking for but for an e28
  5. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Good call, never thought of that. Is it same as uk? PayPal fine etc?
  6. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Hi, thanks for response. They are NLA I'm afraid, the brackets are available though.
  7. Lloydy

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Hi all, I'm looking for what seems to be a unicorn! Anyone know where i can source some rear headrests (early type) in pine green? Maybe even E23 type will fit too? All the best, lloydy
  8. Lloydy

    Correct stereo for 1987 lux

    It was generally Blaupunkt and Pioneer
  9. Lloydy

    Beige cloth seats wanted 1988 e28

    Apologies i don't have any, however if you do source some, and your green seats are the early pine green herringone and you no longer need them. Let me know, as i could be interested.
  10. Lloydy

    E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    What's the best bet, silicone spray / 3in 1?Probably needs it with the current temperatures.
  11. Lloydy

    E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    Great, thanks. If it was the control relay would that not effectively wipe the whole system out? The door lock is hard to turn so will probably try the actuator first?
  12. Lloydy

    E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    Thanks. Is there anyway of fixing or is it a straight replacement with a new one?
  13. Hi all, Hoping you can help. Central locking won't work from the drivers door lock (the lock has also gone difficult to turn with the key). It also won't work when trying to operate from the inside. It does seem to work from the boot etc. Any ideas???
  14. Hi all, and Happy New Yr! Incredibly, BMW still supply full fitting kit for rear headrests! Still looking the actual rear headrests in Pine Green (if possible). Early type which fit E23 / E28. Really appreciate the help!
  15. have checked, front headrests are actually different to the rears too. so back to the drawing board.