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  1. E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    What's the best bet, silicone spray / 3in 1?Probably needs it with the current temperatures.
  2. E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    Great, thanks. If it was the control relay would that not effectively wipe the whole system out? The door lock is hard to turn so will probably try the actuator first?
  3. E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    Thanks. Is there anyway of fixing or is it a straight replacement with a new one?
  4. Hi all, Hoping you can help. Central locking won't work from the drivers door lock (the lock has also gone difficult to turn with the key). It also won't work when trying to operate from the inside. It does seem to work from the boot etc. Any ideas???
  5. Hi all, and Happy New Yr! Incredibly, BMW still supply full fitting kit for rear headrests! Still looking the actual rear headrests in Pine Green (if possible). Early type which fit E23 / E28. Really appreciate the help!
  6. have checked, front headrests are actually different to the rears too. so back to the drawing board.
  7. Thanks for the update. My understanding is the actual headrests are the same. It's the metal poles that are attached to the headrest are different front and rear as the front go straight into the seat and the rears are curved over the back seat in order to go through the rear parcel shelf. Can you send me some pics of the headrests? All i need to do then is find some rear e23/e28 rear headrests in any colour to attach the poles to the headrests as i understand they just screw into a metal plate at the bottom of the headrest??? As ever, thanks very much...
  8. I think possibly the front headrests fittings are different to the rears? Are your headrests the early type with the tips either side? If so I could be interested
  9. Thanks, i do have some material otherwise that would have been really handy.
  10. Cheers. Good thought. I do actually have some material bagged up, so if there's any around in a different colour I could recover potentially. Thanks
  11. Thanks both, I know it's a rare colour. Thanks for the contact details too, I'll try him tomorrow.
  12. Hi all. Just a quick question to see if anyone knows where i can source a set of early type rear headrests in pine green for my E28? Happy to pay a good price. Thanks all.
  13. E28 heater temperature problem

    Cheers! I'll get some spares I feel!
  14. E28 heater temperature problem

    Cleaned out filter it was dirty. Went for a run, coolant light came on, checked over the car, the new water valve I fitted from main dealers 5 months ago is toast. It's sprung a leak! Back to Halliwell jones I feel for a free replacement. Thanks anyway.
  15. E28 heater temperature problem

    Ps, let me know if you have any other thoughts on what it could be.