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  1. have checked, front headrests are actually different to the rears too. so back to the drawing board.
  2. Thanks for the update. My understanding is the actual headrests are the same. It's the metal poles that are attached to the headrest are different front and rear as the front go straight into the seat and the rears are curved over the back seat in order to go through the rear parcel shelf. Can you send me some pics of the headrests? All i need to do then is find some rear e23/e28 rear headrests in any colour to attach the poles to the headrests as i understand they just screw into a metal plate at the bottom of the headrest??? As ever, thanks very much...
  3. I think possibly the front headrests fittings are different to the rears? Are your headrests the early type with the tips either side? If so I could be interested
  4. Thanks, i do have some material otherwise that would have been really handy.
  5. Cheers. Good thought. I do actually have some material bagged up, so if there's any around in a different colour I could recover potentially. Thanks
  6. Thanks both, I know it's a rare colour. Thanks for the contact details too, I'll try him tomorrow.
  7. Hi all. Just a quick question to see if anyone knows where i can source a set of early type rear headrests in pine green for my E28? Happy to pay a good price. Thanks all.
  8. E28 heater temperature problem

    Cheers! I'll get some spares I feel!
  9. E28 heater temperature problem

    Cleaned out filter it was dirty. Went for a run, coolant light came on, checked over the car, the new water valve I fitted from main dealers 5 months ago is toast. It's sprung a leak! Back to Halliwell jones I feel for a free replacement. Thanks anyway.
  10. E28 heater temperature problem

    Ps, let me know if you have any other thoughts on what it could be.
  11. E28 heater temperature problem

    That's great Dave, certainly worth a try, especially as I've completed the most expensive option first!
  12. Hi all, I have replaced the heater valve on my e28 with a new one due to the age old problem of it being stuck on hot. Temperature adjustment works while the cabin is cool, i.e. Temperature changes when I turn the dial hot or cold. Once the interior is hot it gets stuck on hot even when the dial is on 16deg. I dropped the windows when driving to let the heat out the car and it then correctly started blowing cold air again and operating correctly! Any ideas? Could it be the interior temperature sensor?
  13. E28 Interior / Rear Seat wanted

    Mick you are a legend! Thanks for the advice to contact ivo christov.! Michel Mak had come back to me having searched around for 3 weeks and has got me exactly what I want. Great advice guys and thanks all very much. Hope to help you guys in the future.
  14. E28 Interior / Rear Seat wanted

    Ah well all, I've not had any joy as yet! Managed to locate 2 in the correct material but wrong style. Thanks to everyone who had tried to assist.
  15. E28 Interior / Rear Seat wanted

    Cheers Mick. Thanks for assistance, your knowledge of what's on sale is incredible! Looking for rear seat if poss in pine green.