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  1. I'm considering these LEDs https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07JR8K3XV/ which have canbus and are a smaller size. 12000lm seem to be one of the highest light outputs too.
  2. Deviant

    What TO-DO-LIST should the car have to be immortal?!

    I read a few years ago to pour a little engine oil down your glowplug holes a week or so before you planned on changing them. Stuff like this is why I bought an "i" and not a "D"
  3. Deviant

    What TO-DO-LIST should the car have to be immortal?!

    Yeah, I'd leave the glow plugs alone too. Listen to that noise...
  4. Deviant

    Spider Wheel f*ck up actual WORKS!

    A lot less choice. A matched set means around 6-7 choices. Probably £800 plus if you want the front and rears to match on 19s
  5. Deviant

    Spider Wheel f*ck up actual WORKS!

    245/35/19s all round would certainly be easier and cheaper to buy rubber on Spiders. I love my staggard Spiders so fuck it. All Seasons would be nice though. I could live with these too.
  6. Deviant

    Front suspension.

    Rust jacking between the hub and the brake disc can cause that too. Always clean your hubs up and spray them with grease/rust protection before fitting your discs.
  7. Deviant

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    They didn't say that in the alert I got. I'll keep watching out for it.
  8. Deviant

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    15% off today from 10 am on ebay. Good time to buy for those waiting to pull the trigger on one of these.
  9. Deviant

    IBS or Not?

    He gave the car time to go to sleep but it wouldn't with the IBS connected. He's a diagnostic machine diagnosing around 20 cars a day on average. He knows what he's doing.
  10. Deviant

    IBS or Not?

    It could be the IBS Just learned something here, I thought it could turn off modules, but it can turn them on as well...
  11. Deviant

    IBS or Not?

    I thought the IBS was supposed to be able to shut down modules when the battery hits a certain level so the battery can start the car one time and not you leave you walking. The mulf if I'm correct is 10 amps so you might be right. Parasitic draw tests are the way to go.
  12. Deviant

    IBS or Not?

    It's late and I've been drinking, why are you throwing an IBS sensor at a probable parasitic draw? Unregistered/coded battery?
  13. Deviant

    Oil consumption e60 525i se

    My gearbox hasn't missed a beat, I'll probably give it a filter and oil change in the future.
  14. Deviant

    Oil consumption e60 525i se

    Which is one of the reasons I gave mine a spill and fill. I've renewed a decent percentage of oil where as a flush might cause trouble with clutch packs etc.
  15. Deviant

    Oil consumption e60 525i se

    Look on the brightside, if your engine is devouring 12 litres of oil a year, your engine is effectively getting an oil change every six months.