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  1. Deviant

    Bonnet stone chips, repairing.

    That Larry from Ammo guy is so far up his own arse he waxes his hemorrhoids.
  2. Deviant

    Is it worth it?

    Carbon Black looks good. Sod keeping it clean though.
  3. Deviant

    Which Battery

    Five years or so seem typical of batteries, although I think that one comes with a five year guarantee, so you would expect a little longer service form it. I upgraded from Lead Acid to an AGM when I had to replace my battery. Probably overkill, but I think it charges three times faster than an lead acid battery, So I'll have my seat heater on all the time in the winter
  4. Deviant

    Which Battery

    Your battery is buggered. Mine lasted 10 years, shows the IBS works.
  5. Deviant

    Which Battery

    https://www.tayna.co.uk/ are good for batteries on price and delivery. Can't fault them.
  6. You did all the hard work.
  7. Like this?http://www.gasgoo.com/showroom/evitek/auto-products/35112402.html
  8. Deviant

    What antifreeze do I need

    BMW spec'd G48 for Low silicate and Nitrate, amine & phosphate (NAP) free to prevent rust, corrosion and pitting caused by cavitation to aluminium and other coolant system metals. I doubt whatever is in your system is that much different.
  9. Deviant

    What antifreeze do I need

    Hides the oil. It would be more obvious in a clear expansion tank. You can get test kits on ebay cheaply that will tell you if your head gasket is gone.
  10. Deviant

    What antifreeze do I need

    All that being said, I don't think you go by colour these days, they make pink, red, G12 is orange here you go https://www.valvoline.com/our-products/antifreeze-products/antifreeze-education/engine-coolant
  11. Deviant


    battery and alternator next.
  12. Deviant

    What antifreeze do I need

    I changed mine because I bought G48 expecting it to be green and finding out it was red. I couldn't top up and so had to change it. That's the trouble with black expansion tanks, you can't see what's in it. G48 is blue/green
  13. Deviant

    What antifreeze do I need

    The previous owner might have used an OAT long life coolant instead of the G48. Mine was the same. Coolant used to be easy, but like oil these days, you need to check the specs. BMW spec'd the G48 because it was silicate free or something and to prevent corrosion because of certain metals used in the engine iirc. I doubt it'll make any difference, but if you go to your fave parts website and see what antifreeze your car needs, it'll be G48.
  14. Deviant

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    When I read the threads on here I think one thing, Thank fuck I didn't buy a diesel. I had a petrol E46 for three years and my petrol E60 for 15 months and neither have left me walking nor have had I had a huge bill. Just the normal wear and tear stuff.