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  1. Mijmap

    New car time - decisions decisions

    If boot space isn’t high on your list the BMW 435 Grand Coupe, lovely looking car and drives and handles great in my opinion.
  2. Mijmap

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Exactly the same for me, changing the oil more regularly than the service police suggest will undoubtedly help in my opinion, mine was in a independent garage recently and I spoke to one of the techs, he said in his experience about one in twenty N47s experienced problems.
  3. Mijmap

    F07 Summer Tyre recommendations

    I recently ditched the continental run flats on the rear when they were due to be changed, replaced them with Kumho Ecsta PS91, definitely quieter and more comfortable and won’t burst your budget. Bmw are now using Kumho on the 3 series and other models. When the fronts need changing they will be going on there also, much nicer ride in my opinion.
  4. Mijmap

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Getting easily in excess of 45mpg from my 520D N47 tractor in eco mode right enough as I am tight as two coats of paint
  5. Mijmap

    Which Alloys

    Have my original 350’s (I think that’s what they are) still like them
  6. I generally leave mine in Eco Pro being as tight as two coates of paint, returns 630 miles from a tank, agreed it definitely deadens the response. I will have a pint of what the bloke from BMW has been drinking
  7. Had to leave mine in work car park, getting there was bad enough.
  8. Mijmap

    Brake fluid replacement

    Thanks, any recommendations re an Indy (Uddingston) and I assume they will be less expensive than Parks?
  9. Car looks great, enjoy.
  10. Car was in Parks , Baird street Glasgow yesterday for its free MOT as they sold it to me without a full year on it which is against their policy apparently. Car passed without issue, (2013 , 58K, 520D M sport, yeah I know agricultural tractor ) however they said it’s due a brake fluid flush and change about £80 , can this be done elsewhere and have the i drive updated or only by dealers and is it really necessary. More worryingly they said the rear tyres had 5mm on them, I told them they better not they were brand new last Friday unless the Kumho wears really quickly.
  11. I have had the Kumho Ecsta PS91 NRF on the rear now for a week, they are definitely quieter and less harsh over the crap roads up here, would definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking of changing to non run flats and not a premium brand.
  12. I certainly don’t drive as if I just stole it (haven’t heard that for ages ) too busy Trying to enjoy driving smoothly and since I am as tight as two coates of paint cost played a major factor in my choice, if the Kumhos reduce the harshness of the run flats and keep me out of hedges I will probably put them on the front when they are needed. Likewise I have ran different manufactures front and back and never had an issue. Everyone to their own though, wouldn’t be much of a discussion forum if we all agreed.
  13. Mijmap

    Side/Daytime Lights Fault

    Have had this myself one or twice, definitely dampness, only had it after washing the car, will flag it up to dealer before warranty runs out
  14. As MOT due next week I have finally decided to ditch the run flats on the rear and replace with with Kumho PS91's, getting them fitted on Saturday morning. Will see how they bed in and what they are like
  15. Mijmap

    Need advice on tyres

    I posted a similar question re changing my rears on F10 520D MSport, still not done yet but after weeks of research looks like I am going to ditch the run flats on the rear and go for the Kumho Ecsta 275 40 18, price being a big factor