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  1. Got rid of the Runflats

    Surprised re the Nexens I had a set of 8000's on my Mondeo titanium X and found them ok , i got 30000 out of them .
  2. Hitler N47 Rant

  3. Would these fit?

    Don't know if this helps identifying them. Another Gumtree image
  4. Would these fit?

    Here are the other pics
  5. Would these fit?

    I had a look at the ones on the south side of Glasgow, they are pretty cheap however wheel has been kerbed and all four would need refurbishing. below is a photo of one them.
  6. Gave it a good clean and polish arm aching!
  7. Would these fit?

    Nice wheels , wouldn't mind them myself
  8. Impressive hire car, quieter tyres!

    Likewise if I was I would probably go and see them at least
  9. Impressive hire car, quieter tyres!

    There is a set on Gumtree at the moment in the south side of Glasgow, would need refurbishing.
  10. Impressive hire car, quieter tyres!

    cheers when it's time to change the Continentals apart from probably coming away from RFT I will definitely look at the Bridgestone and Dunlop's. I have also been thinking about changing my alloys to the updated versions ( can't decide , opinion changes on an hourly basis at the moment) I have the 2013 six spoke wheels (350) however the latest 5 spokes (613) on the hire car are growing on me.
  11. Impressive hire car, quieter tyres!

    Car has done 53k tyres aren't original as they have 5.5mm
  12. Picked a hire car for work purposes today and was pleasantly surprised to find this 520d, m sport, paddle shift gears, auto, full leather and only 100 miles on the clock. Noticed the road noise was considerably quieter than my continental run flats, it is sitting on Bridgestone's and difference was night and day.
  13. How many miles do you drive per year?

    Use it everyday to work return journey 20 miles, after that it's generally 10k a year.
  14. I have a new 2 Series

    I can't believe how good it is tbh, the 3 cylinder 1.5 turbo is amazing, its pulls nicely and handles well. Managed to negotiate the 3 year servicing package so if there any issues it will be right back, but so far quite impressed.
  15. I have a new 2 Series

    After I changed to my auto 520d Msport in May the wife fell in love with auto's after driving one for the first time so much so her VW beetle is going and she's getting a 2 series 218i sport on Wed