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  1. I generally leave mine in Eco Pro being as tight as two coates of paint, returns 630 miles from a tank, agreed it definitely deadens the response. I will have a pint of what the bloke from BMW has been drinking
  2. Had to leave mine in work car park, getting there was bad enough.
  3. Brake fluid replacement

    Thanks, any recommendations re an Indy (Uddingston) and I assume they will be less expensive than Parks?
  4. Car looks great, enjoy.
  5. Car was in Parks , Baird street Glasgow yesterday for its free MOT as they sold it to me without a full year on it which is against their policy apparently. Car passed without issue, (2013 , 58K, 520D M sport, yeah I know agricultural tractor ) however they said it’s due a brake fluid flush and change about £80 , can this be done elsewhere and have the i drive updated or only by dealers and is it really necessary. More worryingly they said the rear tyres had 5mm on them, I told them they better not they were brand new last Friday unless the Kumho wears really quickly.
  6. I have had the Kumho Ecsta PS91 NRF on the rear now for a week, they are definitely quieter and less harsh over the crap roads up here, would definitely recommend them to anyone who is thinking of changing to non run flats and not a premium brand.
  7. I certainly don’t drive as if I just stole it (haven’t heard that for ages ) too busy Trying to enjoy driving smoothly and since I am as tight as two coates of paint cost played a major factor in my choice, if the Kumhos reduce the harshness of the run flats and keep me out of hedges I will probably put them on the front when they are needed. Likewise I have ran different manufactures front and back and never had an issue. Everyone to their own though, wouldn’t be much of a discussion forum if we all agreed.
  8. Side/Daytime Lights Fault

    Have had this myself one or twice, definitely dampness, only had it after washing the car, will flag it up to dealer before warranty runs out
  9. As MOT due next week I have finally decided to ditch the run flats on the rear and replace with with Kumho PS91's, getting them fitted on Saturday morning. Will see how they bed in and what they are like
  10. Need advice on tyres

    I posted a similar question re changing my rears on F10 520D MSport, still not done yet but after weeks of research looks like I am going to ditch the run flats on the rear and go for the Kumho Ecsta 275 40 18, price being a big factor
  11. F10 p/x values.

    Leave it just now but stay in touch with them until the last couple of days in the month, if they are needing the sale to hit their monthly target they will come and go a bit more with you. I am sure you can increase the value of yours by a fair bit.
  12. Spoke to a fitter today who suggested Kumho tyres, he said BMW are about to approve them , I can’t find anything on line , has anyone had any experience of them?
  13. Thanks working my way through them, also tyre guru worth a look. Will even try eBay
  14. Thanks for all the comments going to spend even more time researching prices, waiting on a few internet quotes coming back
  15. Folks After reading every web site possible recently on this subject I have totally confused myself and gave myself a blinding head ache with what to put on the rear of my 2013 520d MSport , 350m alloys. I currently have Continental run flats all round however the the rears 275 / 40 / 18 are down to just under 3mm while the fronts are still 5mm. I find the Conti’s really firm and unforgiving however I am not in a position to change all 4, I cant decide whether to ditch the run flats on the rear (don’t really fancy carrying a spare or a jack ) Being drawn to the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT ROF (£205 fitted) which claim to be the quietest of the premium brands although I have just noticed Falken do a run flat as well. How is the ride with run flats on the front and non on the rear? Apologies if this is a continual question, any advice would be appreciated.