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  1. Engine fully warm and at normal operating temp which for an n57 will be 100 degrees. Once stopped wait 5 - 10 mins on a level surface
  2. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Grizz now got an m5 I see...decided to get rid of the e60? Probably quicker to just check the bonnet drains as if they are slow it will in all honesty be worth cleaning and stripping the grommet area down. Cleaned they flow very quickly.
  3. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I don't see how you can from pictures online there is loads of stuff in the way much easier going in from underneath.
  4. Ninja59

    Fuel filter intervals?

    Every other service effectively is a filter replacement service in my experience.
  5. Nope it is the cooler only that gets checked. The complexity and my understanding is that as part of the cooler replacement you get a new valve as well as on real oem the part 1 cooler is shown as including a new valve.
  6. Ninja59

    Icon lights not happy in cold weather?

    Bmw spec less lumens to save putting in headlight washers ;).
  7. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I think you will have sorted the drivers side by cleaning it out imo. But check the grommet as well.
  8. Ninja59

    DPF Regen question

    I usually notice my 6 doing it around 40mph as it drones more than usual, but usually the most obvious factor for me is it holding the gears for longer than it "usually" does and that happens long before the exhaust noise slightly changes.
  9. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Right all sorted guys newnew plate in drilled one hole higher up and removed part of the seal the water flow is much better new yellow grommet in place.
  10. Ninja59

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    I am used to those problems I just don't need rear seats he says.... If anything I am tempted to go down the z4 route next.
  11. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Flapped drains seems a thing rather like you manufacturers seem to like them. My mx5 had the same design. A lot of it is to do with NVH. But it seems stupid when the drains end up retaining the very water they are meant to get rid of.
  12. Ninja59

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Interesting move. The 6GT is a very big car though (even larger than the old 6GC).
  13. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    That is looking at a slightly angle into the drivers side drain, yep essentially you are looking at the "top" of the grommet. The flaps are on the bulkhead side of the grommet.
  14. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well I have to say thank you as well to everyone on here as this potential issue could have been ruinous for me (hopefully the work goes fine on Saturday now that I have someone I trust on there). I am glad you managed to find the drain and somehow get to it, I think you can see how tight access is though! It does (at least on my 6, which has under the skin all the same components) use the yellow grommet drain far more than any other drain on the passenger side in my experience. Compressed air (I would love to get my compressor back), a long set of fish tweezers, some fuel/fish hose on a hoover is helpful. I have endoscoped the drains that Matthew did and mine appear clear, I just need the yellow grommet sorting (it has a tide mark that I know of) and the cover now and it will all be clean again.