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  1. I do the same...(although not for the BMW currently)
  2. Similar to the above, but I stalk* my car remotely so soon know if it is being mistreated along with the dashcam sitting there. *in numerous ways some more obvious others less so....would like to get my dashcam working properly remotely though. For those with BMW Labs then it is definitely worth getting it working (a PITA to setup an IFTTT) but once sorted the things you can do nicely extend your ability.
  3. 550i vs M6

    You either take as said above 550i v M5 or 650i Gran Coupe v M6 Gran Coupe (although the 650i is like hens teeth). I would be careful choosing an x50i though with the N63, the N63tu definitely resolved many of those problems (oil and coolant problems in majority). Funnily enough the M version as the S63 never seems to suffer with those issues...(although I have heard of the odd oil issue with the engine still).
  4. Advice on winter wheels

    As @535i Andrew I run 17's on my 640d absolutely brilliant, they do look small on the car coming from 19's or 20's though. But as Andrew highlighted the way you can barrel onwards without fear of potholes is brilliant. When is everyone else getting them on? Mine is in on the 28th for a interim oil service at my own cost (yes I do not believe in BMW's extended intervals), Winter tyre change and to sort my window again. Regarding the actual tyres then I have bridgestone lm-32's (no longer in production), but they are awesome and have never found any undue issues. Just watch though as the section is much smaller for the rears (or at least stepping down form 275's for me) I found you need to judge deploying the throttle a little more carefully. Make sure they have the snowflake mountain symbol to be "proper" winter tyres, not just M + S. Having driven mine it was fine on snow, just be careful on anything frozen though as you are the same as every other sod (this side of studded tyres at least). But on the fresh stuff just plough on as the grip levels really are impressive. Which N63 engine designation does it have? Hopefully you say N63tu (as I know far to my yanks with the earlier engine issues mentioning oil and coolant issues like confetti which the tu seemed to sort).
  5. Neither of them appeal, the bills the Phaeton can produce are huge, as for the Bentley simply no (even if I originally come from near where they are hammered together - used to always see them out on test runs from the factory down the A500). Hmm...I do have a soft spot for Lexus though sorry! Lord knows what will replace the 6 in the future, and do not mention the 6GT to me (sorry GT owners). For now I am enjoying 640D ownership (minus my increasingly frustrating driver's window issue), if someone would like my 20" tyre bills please send me a PM though.
  6. Weird window issue

    Cheers guys (it is booked in again anyway), the window trim on that side was changed not long back anyway after they damaged it when sorting the mirror. So I did think the two were related possibly. I will get them to fix the trim, I do have gummi pflege, but I also have the more powerful sister of it Krytox.
  7. Weird window issue

    I know technically the wrong forum, but we share a lot okay! Occasionally (intermittently) my drivers window on the GC in auto up stops and drops as though it is going to trap something. It has been in previously and had it all reset, however the issue is back again. Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be?
  8. Drive Train Error Message

    At least it is fixed and you got an apology (I have had the odd frustrating experience with my own although not on the same level). Ever since strangely enough I have never had to get frustrated (I tend to just ask for the SM by first name now, I also know the Brand Director by first name because of the original issues...it was his car originally...). In regards to the tech though in the original instance that is just being a lazy, poor worker and does everyone damage when the customer still finds the problem.
  9. @535i Andrew I think for me personally at least with the N57 it never ever seems to be able to restart smoothly (no diesel jokes!). I find you push the throttle and the engine suddenly goes "oh shit" time to go again. And having done the journey in similar conditions it seemed to make no difference at all, the only time I really feel compelled to use it is when I know queues are going to really happen and then I use it.
  10. Don't get me started on the stop start in the 640 it might as well be pissing on a bonfire, equally goes for Eco Dull, I might as well get out and walk the way it picks up.
  11. You 530D lot have the wrong number of turbos....I will admit though if I get anything past 40 mpg (usually mid 40's) it means 2 things: 1) I have been on a longer journey 2) Probably sat somewhere with a smart motorway. My average at the moment is 34-36 mpg in day to day driving...
  12. How many miles do you drive per year?

    16K in the 640, 4K in the MX5 (being sold soon though).
  13. Automatic lights.

    @535i Andrew Does yours have selective beam? I must admit like you the light output, bending beam in conjunction with the selective beam is truly impressive and makes night time driving far less "demanding". My only "complaint" is other road users not realising that the car has moved the beam over or dipped. LED's also seem to suffer a little in heavy rain as well in comparison with xenon headlights.
  14. Automatic lights.

    Love the adaptive LED's on the 640. Just god forbid if one needs replacing as they are eye watering in cost. Only other thing sometimes is even if dipped some clown still thinks I am on main beam...urgh. 90-95% of the time the car does the right thing and bends the beam and or dips the required headlight. Have had one oncoming car flashing from miles off and was clearly never blinded but decided to be a git anyway. As for auto mode I think it only makes sense on cars with adaptive as it has to be in that mode for it to be used. Do no forget most cars won't recognise fog though. Although I have bizarrely found out my car will allow auto, adaptive with high beam on and fog lights to be used all at the same time which apparently it is not supposed to allow....
  15. Winter tyres worth it?

    @535i Andrew I agree with driving in the rain, I think it is more noticeable for those coming from larger wheels with lower profile tyres. Switching to the Winter setup you do feel more "secure". I also think that for those with larger wheels the cost comparison v risk is much wider. Taking into account one 20" wheel is over £700 from BMW without tyre, the tyres are easily £230 roughly speaking a corner switching to a tiny Winter is a no brainer when the tyres are so much cheaper. I doubt the difference is so great on a smaller wheel to begin with. Added complication for me is the Summer wheels have been refurbed by Lepsons so it is not even just the costs of damaging one wheel really, and even a single refurb is not a cheap for a 20", it is almost one 17" tyre cost. Having driven with my Bridgestone Blizzak's the snow was easy peasey, many backed off, but it may as well have been dry the car was that stable (note when I say "snow" I mean fresh fluffy snow and not frozen which can still be hugely dangerous even on Winter tyres without studs).