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  1. Technically any car with a chain really. If you look around people make out this is strange fact is many manufacturers have and still do have chain issues. It just is less common on certain vehicles down to usage patterns.
  2. In honesty the n57 has two issues that i have seen: Timing chain issues - chain and or tensioners Main crank failure - cylinder 3/4 seemed usually the problem children The last i have seen 3 cars fail with around 100k on the clock. All serviced though at normal cbs intervals whether that plays apart lord knows. Timing chain can in theory be checked easily in situ. The tensioners similar. You need to make sure the whole top and bottom chains get checked. Obviously the top is a bit easier!
  3. The reality is that any chain will eventually stretch it is just to what degree and obviously whether it is "premature". Now whether you class that as better than a 'belt is open to debate. I think the source for much contention is the positioning of the chain in the latest engines (but I will say that more engines are putting chains in "interesting" locations that make access more difficult). Equally a problem is BMW reduced the duplex chain of the M series engines to a single chain on the N (the B also has a single chain). Main reasoning is weight to reduce emissions and the physical effort required because of that. In a bit of irony the newer B47 and N47N engines actually use exactly the same physical top and bottom chain. The same is true of the cousins in the N57 and B57. In fact many of the components are the same the oil nozzle, bolts, chains and a number of tensioners (although I will admit one or two of the chain tensioners are different PN's). At that mileage I personally would be looking to get it at minimum reviewed to see how much slack it has and get the tensioners reviewed. Having spoken with a tech about it he said the chain issue whilst "major" many of the vehicles that had most of the issues were generally of a "higher mileage". Although even he admitted the first he did on his x20D was to change all the chains and tensioners. Discussing the exact reason for the issues the biggest issue is the idiot who decided machining a sprocket on a camshaft was a good idea. Strangely enough the N57 does not have this design (and nor do the new B series engines). In fairness also he said that at best you may have got between the single and duplex chain is probably 30k - 50k ish if you consider most of the issues around single chains have been around 120k+, the duplex cars he has done had circa 150k.
  4. Tend to be into 6 figures before issues. The camshafts are very different and sprockets are not machined on to the camshaft like the N47. Regular oil changes and other elements will help mind like ever 18k+ is excessive considering how vital it is to the running of the components.
  5. No issue. I used to do that, but with my 6 I am a little more careful. My MX5 used to regularly have bits taken off to review. Quite possibly with having an IT and Law degree...PhD types agreed can be even less practical in some cases.
  6. Not really, I have no reason to sit in the back, we have no kids and I am the only one to drive my car. Furthermore, I have never had that feature before. I did look in the manual, but could see no easy reference to it. As for your removed university slur I would be interested to know what was actually said.
  7. What does the big button at the back of the window switches actually do? (the one with the window open and a cross in?)
  8. Auto wipers

    Mine have moments, but I have narrowed it down to when the car is facing the sky going up hill as the worst moments when it just goes all out mental. Going along certain parts of the M2/A2 it really hates as there is plenty of inclines and it just seems incapable of realising that it is just the sky. It has done it since I have had it though and I am used to it being stupid and reduce the sensitivity down. The only other annoying bit is when stationary it won't wipe the screen urgh.
  9. Reliability

    The original N63 was a useless engine from start to finish in the original guise. The N63tu was much better. In the US the stories of people with drivetrain errors just goes on and on - most usually had oil and/or coolant issues. That bulletin you got as you probably know brought about a number of changes and updates to the N63, but in many cases for a lot the whole engine was changed. But even now it still has the odd fault (I think many in the US referred to it more as a sticking plaster). Speaking with a few of my dealer techs the biggest issue they have is simply lack of experience (owing to rarity) and the fact that the N63 in the original format was just a complete problem child. The N63tu seems to have corrected all those mistakes in a majority (I would not say all tu variants are perfect but there does seem to be less issues). What always surprises me is how few actual issues with oil or coolant the S63 has had in comparison and how problematic the N63 has proven to be to BMW. The other factor here is in the US BMWNA bought most of the N63 equipped cars back. IMO just get rid of it, the hassle it will cause is just not worth it and more so in unfortunately in a country who has techs with even less experience with the N63.
  10. IFTTT - BMW Labs

    Do you use the Wemo for lights etc.? I am just thinking with us moving soon it would be a good idea to switch certain things on :).
  11. IFTTT - BMW Labs

    How many people have got this successfully working? (I will admit it is a pig to get working initially) Furthermore if you have what triggers are you using? Currently running mine with whenever I start driving keep a log (good for any business miles if you do (I used to but no longer do and it was more accurate than some other methods)), records when the car is parked and location on Google Maps, SMS in idrive display, the weather and 10 minutes from any location in sat nav sending an SMS to my wife (sometimes I just use the sat nav destination to save calling her en route). I cannot help but feel sad BMW no longer supports it in the G models whenever I have nosed.
  12. Service inclusive

    Before 1st Jan 2013 - 5 years or 60,000 miles (it meant you could squeeze in theory a 3rd service in if you did enough miles or at least you can on some BMW models) 1st Jan 2013 - 31st December 2016 - 5 years or 50,000 miles (essentially you can squeeze only 2 services in under the service pack 1st Jan 2017 - 3 years or 36,000 miles
  13. I got my metal ones for free from them...x2 sets. Copper Slip on the thread to get them off nicely. I got a reminder mine needs topping up (not washed the car in about 4 weeks so it is filthy). Slight problem there was none in the garage, dealer did not have any 5 litre ones so just bought 5 1L's, did me a discount to the same price as a 5 litre version though :).
  14. All UK Cars are leather Dakota, Nappa and Merino. It is just different sections and processing. Baby wipes are okay for every so often but be careful if they have any alcohol content or aggressive pH as they can damage the surface. Similar to jean dye etc. For me Dr Leather or LTT Leathercare every time.
  15. How secure is your car...

    Mine worked perfectly next to the start button stopping the car from even knowing the key was there. Make sure you use a decent one and in the full protection bit of the bag not just the partial.