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  1. Ninja59

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    In an ideal world you replace both. But with Summer approaching I would be tempted to do the 18's. However, I would also look over the Summer to do the Winters as even at 3mm they are effectively no longer Winter rated as most technically speaking are only good to 4mm.
  2. Ninja59

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    It is all down to the PUR or glue to create a seal. Ideally it should be done in one run around the whole screen (have a look at Paul from glasstec). Furthermore using the cutting piece the way he was will damage the A pillar trims...idiot. what for seconds to remove the airbag cover trim, 1 bolt and a few clips.
  3. Ninja59

    What do you all get on full tank?

    Just looking back at my Drive Logs (updates automatically everytime the cars moved - Date,Time, Long and Lat, Mileage, Fuel Range, and Google Maps Link*) my best range after filling up was the 7th December 2018, just over 42k and a theoretical range of 692.2 miles. Last fill up was yesterday at 43861 miles and it showed 617.6 miles. The reality of all of this though is the tank would last about 520-550 miles, it usually gets filled with around 130-150 miles remaining so late 300's/early 400's. The reason being I find mine is much quieter on BP Ultimate over many other fuels** (including V Power Nitro, which does being honest probably have a slight MPG advantage over BP ultimate, but it seems to give the car a harsher tone and I find the DPF regeneration actually occurs sooner. Reason being from my somewhat "limited" understanding is that whilst less soot is produced (due to V Power using Gas to Liquid (GTL)), the soot that is produced actually requires even higher temperatures to be "burnt off" by about 50 degrees!). If I do end up putting Shell in future I will just stick with the normal stuff. Having tried BP's normal stuff as well it never gave quite the same feel as ultimate either. *All set up through IFTTT/BMW Labs and I also have Nest and HUE attached to know where the car is....sad. I will never understand why BMW got rid of Labs (well I do as it gave them a chance to monetise these "features", whereas Labs was free (although you need BMW online to make it all work nicely). ** I say that as a major fan of Shell usually as well (yes I am a "snob", but one use of Tesco diesel some years ago (pre DPF) put me off ever using supermarket fuel again, I know the base stocks in many cases are the same, but f me the additive packs can make major differences).
  4. That is down to the dealer attitude more than anything and in honesty that usually comes from the top down.
  5. As said they only ask once for it. Furthermore, as said by other posters they will increase it with 30 days notice across the board as necessary. The 60k point increase has been known for a while so not something new.
  6. Because BMW increase the price significantly on annual policies by about 25% if the vehicle mileage is over 60,000 miles. Whilst monthlies can (and do) increase, people are generally less exposed as they don't ask you to disclose the mileage.
  7. "We reserve the right to vary your monthly premium at any time by providing you 30 days notice in writing to the last address you provided us with." Page 21. The issue is that they increase the prices significantly beyond 60,000 and annual policies require you to disclose the mileage...the monthly one does not. It does work out slightly more expensive but personally I did not want to have to disclose my mileage come the renewal.
  8. Ninja59

    The 7 Series then...

    Having seen the new X5 and 8 series in person they were stupid. But then I have always hated the 7 series grills and was just beginning to accept them Pre LCI. Being called a BBQ grill won't help things on the LCI.
  9. Ninja59

    The 7 Series then...

    Not really true...BMW ones on the Pre LCI were huge and had just round exhaust tips within it...the new 8 has the tips horrifically oversized in comparison with the real exhausts just like the new Z4. Also bizarrely on some models the wing air breathers are real, on others they are fake...
  10. Ninja59

    525d 3.0 engine noise

    At a punt you will probably find the chain will make some additional noise at start up, at idle it won't make noise because the pressure is held steady and a similar case during the initial input, but as soon as it releases again then the chain is a bit slack and is bouncing off the plastic guides. It is hard to say without stripping which of the two timing chains are the problem child - top or lower but just do both. The very bottom chain really is not a timing chain as it is for oil an always has some slack (unlike the other two which should really have little to none). Sometimes the top chain being slack sounds worse potentially as it can bounce off the cover.
  11. Ninja59

    525d 3.0 engine noise

    timing chain...
  12. Cheers @Matthew Ashton. If it is I just hope if it is not the glowplug module that they dont snap one in the head!
  13. I know my car is not an F10 or F11, but same engine as a 535D so my issue... Slightly rough idle at cold start up for a few seconds with a slightly slower start than usual used to be 1 crank but it is nearer 2 now. Under full throttle onto a slip road when half warm there is a metallic rattle that is very fast in terms of speed obviously until I let off, this noise is only these under load not at any other time. When up to normal temperature it sounds just as smooth as usual for a 6 pot diesel even under full throttle.Mpg is probably about 0.5 to 1 mpg down around 34. No white/grey smoke from the exhaust but it has done a regeneration twice this tank instead of the usual once. Head is saying diesel injector or glowplug, but it is booked in for diag with bmw end of Jan. But just want ideas. I have extended warranty so not that worried regarding costs honestly... Mileage is 44k. I have read some of the previous thread with similar noises that turned out to be the glowplugs/glowplug relay, but I doubt that because of the regeneration cycle being twice in fairly short timescales (in which the mileage increased probably by about 100 ish miles between regen...
  14. Ninja59

    Farewell and thanks

    Depends how you define downsizing....many of the newer engines are going in the opposite direction larger capacity as the smaller engines are useless and no more fuel efficient in the real world. I don't actually have anything against the triples, I actually think they sound better than most of the 4 pots ironically. Almost like a mini 6. The issue with a lot of triples though is balancing them and even BMW have had issues with the triples and the issues of counterbalancing them properly. In fairness it is semi "pointless" talking about cylinder count as in essence nearly all manufacturers base it on modular architectures with 500cc in many cases.
  15. Ninja59

    Farewell and thanks

    I would not call it a willy complex as such, but there still is no real "replacement" for having more cylinders to "count on" when it comes to smoothness. More cylinders not working as hard clearly is going to be doing less work than fewer cylinders. If I were being 100% honest I preferred the 3 cylinder 218i (gearing on the manual was a tad long, and the CDV pissed me off) I had for a day to the 320d (in both N47 and B47 variants) as well as the B47 in a G31 520D. Yes the 4 pots are "adequate", but if you just want to get home in quietness with minimal intrusion then having the 6 pot there even in diesel still has more appeal. Ironically, despite years of downsizing to meet emissions targets many manufacturers are going back to larger capacity engines as in the real world under WLTP and RDE conditions these downsized engines performed rarely better than a larger capacity one. Even now I find the 3 litre N57's economy amazing considering only a decade ago I was driving a 2 litre diesel 4 pot that only got a whisker above it in terms of MPG (and that was in a car verging on 500kg lighter to boot!). I know which I would prefer sitting behind now, even with more emissions gubbins. Mine will have been in for the EGR Cooler, yellow peril and as yet a slight tappety noisy in colder conditions and not there when fully warmed up (suspect glowplugs/glowplug controller/injector) yes I will have to pay a bit, but brutally I still cannot really get behind some of the more recent models in terms of design or function (and I do sadly find the presence of more numerous tappety 4 pots frustrating)