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  1. Ninja59

    Next job...

    WTF? I will admit the air guide looks a pig to replace after I have had a general nose through newtisnewtis
  2. To be fair most of the remaps on the 640D's I know of go above the stated limits of the 8hp70. All I keep hearing is words like well it has not broke in x or simply we have not had one break yet. Not really that great if and likely more so when it does. Clearly this retuning is there enhance that aspect but I do wonder if these have been put in place to overcome weaker points of the 'box.
  3. Ninja59

    top up coolant or change?

    No a technical campaign is a for of BMW specific "recall" if you want. You do not pay for it and they fix it like they would for a "recall". It just means that it is less public than a full "recall" that involves public bodies, in the UK being the DVLA. This ultimately means that for a number of them they never get made public and most probably fly under the radar without getting into public knowledge. For example my 640 has the 6WB cluster, this has a technical campaign as under certain circumstances it has issues. I never knew about it but there is one on there, and I thought it seemed "faster" one time after the car had been in....well it had been "recoded". Such issues like the timing chain issues of the N47, this EGR TC either through BMW making them public or them escaping the confines of BMW's system do they become public knowledge. Most of it will be driven out of Puma situations, but then a number of changes that never quite make a full TC will be classified under "PUMA measures" if a car comes in with issue X and needs Y. I don't agree with TC's, as I think any issue like the EGR issue should be a full on recall as it does involve an issue of safety (as for BMW calling them thermal events just say "fire" I mean FFS) but they are becoming a more and more common way of manufacturers being seen to be "resolving" issues without public authority interference (and therefore less "public scrutiny", at least in the UK. Elsewhere where regulations (and the potential for being sued is more likely) say North America then you will likely find measures are made more public via these bodies.
  4. Just a point to note as there are some cars using coolant BMW appear to have changed the specification for cars built after July 2018. All cars prior to July were G48, but from July they began using HT-12. From factory it will be green, however aftermarket ones tend to be "magenta" if direct from BMW dealers which will be fine. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f06-640d-cou/repair-manuals/17-cooling/1Vncf26JoK
  5. Ninja59

    Rubbing noise - dodgy tyre?

    Inner tyre wear is common on many manufacturers cars now there are a number of reasons, but overall it is related to alignment of the car. You have to realise there is a difference between being within manufacturer's specification and achieving maximum life of the tyre v day to day handling characteristics. The reason I say inner tyre wear is common and it being within manufacturer's specification is that many have now changed to having negative camber in the rear of cars to make the car feel more grippy and planted. Why negative camber? Well a degree of negative camber allows the tyre to effectively be pushed during cornering from a negative moment to a more positive moment (note I said more positive moment, not necessarily will it be "positive"). During that momentary state the tyre is pushed from riding on the inner side of the tyre to the full face being "exposed" to the road surface and therefore generating additional grip and therefore the car feels more planted and enjoyable to drive for many. The less positive aspect of such setups is that unfortunately because of how the tyre rides in a straight line it will inherently have increased wear on the inner side due to the state at that moment. Unfortunately, many do not think to check the inner edge of wear patterns and it goes "unseen" until scenarios like this develop. The flipside is to head to a more neutral setup which will reduce this wear pattern, but the most major downside is the car won't feel as confident or enjoyable to drive. Having run my 640D with both a more aggressive negative rear and one that is closer to zero then I preferred the more confident albeit aggressive negative rear as the car is much better to drive. If you are running constant motorway miles though etc. you may not like that aspect or have enough reason to explore that aspect. Another aspect to this whole "thing" is runflats as some will wear in strange ways, but this inner tyre wear is common and in part is down to failure to keep track of tyre pressures which are more important with runflats combine that with the aggressive wear pattern then you may run into issues like this. I suppose to some degree it could be toe as well, but on these the wear pattern is fairly consistent with a number of other owners I have come across. I suppose overall I am "used" to it as my MX5 was lowered and had a number of other changes that meant the rear setup was very aggressive on the inner side and so I am used to getting on the ground and checking it more often than not for many owners of these cars that is possibly something not as "common". In relation to front tyre wear then the F series cars can suffer (more so on larger wheel diameters) with odd wear patterns on the outer edges due to more dynamic aka aggressive cornering. If you are uncertain then get someone who knows what they are doing and usually they will have a Hunter, I got mine done by the guys that did my MX5....it drove like a different beast afterwards.
  6. Ninja59

    Connected Drive update

    Absolutely weird bmw seem to have no logic sometimes. Surprised they wanted to charge owners for something that should be free imo
  7. Ninja59

    USB Map Update Subs

    Anyone having issues with renewing USB Map Update subs? Mine says it runs out on the 29th September, but I cannot renew it online...despite being in the 2 week window. BMW have been helpful not, as in wait until 48 hours before or after it expires and it should be available, nothing has happened so far. Anyone have any contacts or potentially someone with an answer?
  8. Ninja59

    Connected Drive update

    remote services was standard on my F06 and has never been charged for it.
  9. Ninja59

    A few months in - ownership thoughts

    Shame most of the fumes from GDI engines are laced with particulates and now more diesel like in the real world which is why so many manufacturers are racing to fit GPF's to WLTP versions. GDI versions in tests were as bad if not worse than many pre DPF diesels for particulates and soot from the exhaust.
  10. Ninja59

    A few months in - ownership thoughts

    It is sort of true! I do love diesel though when it is going in to a 6 pot (I suppose I deserve it though after my last comment re your petrol) G01 X3? Interesting I know a few that have bought the 40i versions and are impressed. I just do not know if I could come "down" to effectively something within the jacked up 3 series space after a 5 (or in my particular case a 6)? 1.8 B47 I thought the B47 was only 2 litre? The N47 and B47's I have driven have not left me wanting in terms of pace, but I do agree with the above they do lack an element of refinement that only a larger piston count can overcome. I found the B47 in the G31 I had not bad, but in combination with the car as a whole it was unpredictable. For example pulling away if I was in "640D mode" the 640 would deliver a smooth, but fairly rapid get away with little drama. The G31 with the B47 - turbo kicked in and I just found the rears struggling a little to cope with a sudden increase of power (probably not helped by the small wheel combination), if not in such a throttle mode if there is such a thing for a human it was fine. Slightly frustrating having that power but not being able to get it down smoothly.
  11. Ninja59

    A few months in - ownership thoughts

    Go try one of the 6 pot diesels....they do sound better. I have a love/hate relationship with diesels in general. But even after a few years I still like the sound of my 640D's 6 pot N57. Ironically I like it more when the regen is happening as it does get noticeably deeper in tone. Even modern petrols are sounding more diesel like in part thanks in some part of direct injection and the pressures required. But comparing any of these modern cars with older engine designs, specifically exhaust noise, they are definitely in general not as good, I even apply that to the M car engines, which I do think at times sound contrived or just simply over the top (as for the DSG farting from some of the VW Group of cars that is joke...).
  12. Nope, but it is also for the N57. Mine had the cooler replaced just prior to this all breaking out though.... The reality is that EGR coolers have been a problem on the N57 as well as the B47 issues for ages it is not a new issue. I know some have got quoted 3 weeks to have the vehicles looked at and reviewed. I suspect even with them being checked given time they will inevitably fail at some point. Just keep an eye on your coolant levels as if they begin to reduce then chances are you will have the issue (also watch for white smoke from the exhaust with any form of sweet smell). Mine had only a tiny smell, with no white smoke, but did not smell "right", the coolant was reducing as well so eventually it was all fairly obvious to me.
  13. Ninja59

    top up coolant or change?

    IT is not a recall! It is a technical campaign and has nothing to do with the DVLA. It is a sly way of doing recalls without public release.... Get it in asap as your manifold could melt taking a job that is not cheap but not stupidly pricey to easily 1500 - 2k....unless you get goodwill or have warranty. Mine had the first signs of issues but I still got bmw assist to sort it and get it there.
  14. Ninja59

    Coded NBT, over written by BMW?

    Work on the presumption it will (which in most cases it will). In regards to bluetooth being lost is it during calls? Mine turned out to be phone being more shite than the car in honesty.
  15. Ninja59

    top up coolant or change?

    It depends how define "effected". The technical campaign only covers the B47 and N57, but and it is a big "but" I believe that some of the EGR coolers are shared hence why I added the N47 as well and I know of EGR cooler failures with similar failures (and some of the Korean failures were on cars made prior to the B47 and were not N57's, make of that what you will) It won't stop BMW from extending the technical campaign as they so wish, which they have done in the past. But for now it definitely is B47 and N57 that are covered. The N57 failures have been going on for years, so why BMW did not do something earlier lord knows. There is probably more 6 pots caught up in this as it covers more years brutally.