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  1. One of them is in prison at least. It just seems to have spread beyond Kent now. I know some areas got hit by that pair multiple times.
  2. Technically any faraday cage that blocks it should reduce the range to minimal amounts. Even without CA in practice if you got access and the key signal you could start the car as the car could believe the key is present if not blocked by the FC. In regards to PCP it all depends, essentially they will pay the finance off and that is that as it were. Not sure on the leasing front, but I suspect it will be similar. GAP insurance would likely just again pay the finance off to bridge the market value and remaining finance rather like the insurers would. Although if in the first year and first RK you may get a new vehicle, but at the current time with WLTP it could be tough.
  3. Ninja59


    I would consider layering and upgrading your home security IMO. Definitely at best getting toughened glass on large doors replaced with laminate, upgraded locks and additional security lighting. These twats don't give a shite about CCTV, but lighting should make you more aware. Most are going for the rear were security tends to be more lax, and many don't know about the toughened safety glass in many doors which is piss easy to get through, unlike laminate.
  4. Just a warning to everyone that this spate of thefts is now spreading through the UK. It really seems to have started down my way in Kent (they caught one of the two guys - who had been deported from Sweden 4 times for doing the same thing and walked in to the UK). I have recently seen a few around Merseyside (G30's no less) as well as other locations like Yorkshire where F series cars have been stripped of various bits. Brutally, the market for second hand parts, lack of traceability makes it rich pickings. Many cars have been written off because of instances like these.
  5. There is a massive market of this going on, it really started down my way in Kent and South East. But it appears it has now spread further North. However up until now I have only seen F series cars targeted this is the first time I have seen a G series car targeted like this. No information on the methods of entry, but it could have been via key extension or via other methods like used down in Kent to silence the alarm and break in.
  6. Ninja59

    BMW EGR "Technical Campaign"

    Personally check your coolant when cold, if there is any significant decrease in the level of coolant in the expansion tank then get it checked. It is the beginning of the failure of the EGR cooler. Whether people like this or not the EGR itself is not the issue here it is that the cooler allows coolant into the actual inlet that then mixes with the carbon build up in the inlet ultimately leading to the issues above, or as BMW are referring to it in some literature a "thermal event" I mean FFS. EGR coolers on these cars can fail in multiple ways, and just for confirmation mine WAS an internal leak which is a precursor to this issue. Looking around BMW have cheaped out potentially and they appear to have previously used Mahle EGR Coolers, but it appears they are now using Korens EGR Coolers from Korea....ironically where this all kicked off, irony is strong. http://www.korens.co.kr/eng/?folder=business&page=0103
  7. Ninja59

    "Chugging" at low throttle

    My thoughts as well, on reflection after thinking of mine the EGR Cooler failing I remember the odd moment hesitation where there was a loss of power I do wonder whether this was the "beginning of the end" before my cooler began leaking.
  8. Ninja59

    BMW EGR "Technical Campaign"

    EGR cooler failure chaps.
  9. Ninja59

    BMW EGR "Technical Campaign"

    Yep mine falls within the recall build period. But EGR coolers just seem common irresspective of age i suspect though it is the later cars that are euro 6 are more problematic.
  10. Ninja59

    What price for next service?

    The online service prices seem a complete joke in fairness you rarely get quoted the price it says. Although saying that I won't moan when it is cheaper than the website, which historically it has been with my main dealer.
  11. Ninja59

    BMW EGR "Technical Campaign"

    Nope but based on the report done by him it is just a suspect EGR cooler, but as said above I would watch your coolant more as the issue really starts before then. Reading around the F30 forums and on Pistonheads though there is at least 5 people I now know of that have suffered actual holes in the inlet manifold in the UK. All had similar coolant dropping patterns. Warning lights are commonly not present either.
  12. Ninja59

    BMW EGR "Technical Campaign"

    Andy according to the tech it has not melted and was in serviceable condition, I still think it had a little mark that looked suspect, but they apparently go to holes pretty quickly - I would focus around the front bend of the inlet manifold. Although holes can appear higher up as well , coolant was down. We had a bit of a disagreement over the term "low" I consider minimum to be low for obvious reasons, it appears BMW definition is the coolant warning been on. Mine had literally sapped all the coolant from max to min in a short time span of about 3-4 weeks. In the time I have owned it the car has never got so low, in fact I would go as far to say it has barely moved in that time period, so it moving over that time period with a similar regular mileage in itself is "suspect". Either way the tech topped it off followed me to the dealer and happy days. Brutally, watch the coolant more as it really is the lead on to the EGR cooler failing and eventually the inlet manifold melting. Do not work on warning lights as they may not appear although in some cases they have because of the incorrect parameters from the EGR cooler or because the EGR is getting stuck I think part of the problem is that there are so many "variables" in the nature of these failures, the parts involved are the same, but the routes of them failing have subtle differences that can dictate whether the EML comes on or not.
  13. Ninja59

    What price for next service?

    How old was your car at the time and mileage wise? Mine is just under 3 years since registration, but more like 3.5 years since build, 38k.
  14. Ninja59

    What price for next service?

    Hahaha, I probably am better off I know Pat at Ashford well (which is where my car happens to be today after this morning - suspected EGR Cooler failure lovely). It is in anyway in a few weeks for servicing, MOT etc. I know there has been quite a change of frontline staff in recent times so I do pick them carefully, some as you say are good others you just a little like hmm...nope. Hence why I made the complaint I did after some of her comments!