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  1. I know my dealer has had lots of EGR replacements on 520D's with B47's (not sure if the same part is used on the larger B series 6 pot diesels???)
  2. Ninja59

    ISTA and DPF Regen History - SOLVED

    Matthew I know Carly can read the the figures, but yes the engine does need to be running to show the values in my attempts to find further information.
  3. Ninja59

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Oh i could agree and I do. Coming from someone who is a Winter tyre fan (and user) saves my 20 inch Summer tyres from the worst of the weather and potholes.
  4. Ninja59

    New car time - decisions decisions

    6GC over 50 demographic? Most I know on 6post are early 30's! (I am only 28!) The real issue is they can fit a lot in, they do have good capacity. It is just the entry to said areas to hold stuff are tight. Even a wooden bird feeder (about 6 foot) with a little house bit and extended base at the weekend took negotiating in the car. Getting the 35D/40D is easy though, as nearly all of them are 40D's. Furthermore, they do not sell well so discounts off even young cars are good (and production ends soon).
  5. Ninja59

    New car time - decisions decisions

    I was trying to gently avoid that topic. I do wish I could suggest a 6GC, but practical it is not.
  6. Ninja59

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Put the cat amongst the pigeons for a moment, if you want a 7 series comfort style, and if you can ignore the exterior to some degree you could always consider a 5GT?
  7. Ninja59

    New car time - decisions decisions

    I will be brutal in regards to the 4WD/AWD thing, I wanted RWD. I have driven a few xdrive models and felt underwhelmed and the driving experience left a lot to be desired as it never felt as "natural". But I have a bias and have never enjoyed any form of AWD/4WD. Even with the 35D/40D I have never felt a need for xdrive. I cannot understand why BMW are pushing xdrive so much, but I suspect it involves the words "safety" and "winter". For many in the UK will mean no need to change tyres (not that it would have entered many minds). I think the surround view will be your problem in specification, honestly if keeping with BMW. The A7 is not a bad car at all, but personal tastes all come into it. The CLS for me was ruled out on the gearbox, emissions, power and MPG. There was a shooting brake where I used to live in red very nice looking, but I just felt meh when I saw a GC. I will say though in regards to your OH comments about size, that yes any cars of the A7/CLS/6 (more so GC) are VERY large cars and struggle with some of the UK's narrower roads and car parks are an issue. To put it in context a 6GC is longer than the British Standard car parking space and many full size SUV's (think your XC90, current SWB Full Fat Range Rover)
  8. Ninja59

    New car time - decisions decisions

    535D -going to be fun finding one really. But IMO I would recommend it based on having the two turbos alone. 435 Gran Coupe - the interior from a 5 might upset you, unless it has been optioned well to include the nicer bits. Having been in a 1/2/3/4 I still felt underwhelmed by the interior and could not wait to get back in my 6GC. A6 - not entirely knowledgeable, but probably similar to the A7 below. A7 - I did consider one of these when looking at my 6GC, but most I saw were single turbo, I hated the backend and just something about it felt "meh". I never really gelled with it. Not sure on whether it was an 8HP ZF in these? CLS Shooting Brake - rare as hens teeth. I did consider the normal CLS, but the engines were poor in comparison with the 35D/40D engine in having less power, more emissions and less MPG, I did have nerves over the gearbox as well as many merc boxes get very mixed reviews. Also, frustratingly many cars came with vinyl interior as standard, Artico, not even Dakota which like it or not is still at least a form of leather!
  9. Ninja59

    TPMS Nightmare

    Actually they will reset even with the other wheels in range as they need to sense rotation It does take longer than a normal reset procedure though and at different speeds so be prepared to drive a few miles.
  10. Ninja59

    Pre Reg Bargains

    Nothing to write home about they discount the GC heavily i dont know one person who ever paid list price (pre reg or new build). Including me! The diesel bashing is nonsense and totally ignoring direct injection petrol particulates.
  11. Ninja59

    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Sorry prefer my 6GC, sniffle production ending soon.
  12. If it is anything like the F series cars then just swap the wheel over to another set of wheels with TPMS. It does take a good few miles and different speeds for the system to update, but there is no coding or any programming, it just simply self learns. Never been an issue with mine, but prepared it does take a few miles for the system to "update" to the new wheels. Hopefully BMW have not changed it on the new G as it was (and is) a very good aspect of the F series cars unlike many other manufacturers.
  13. Ninja59

    Request for Harmon Kardon owners

    I have noticed similar buzzing on mine, but only on hands free.
  14. Ninja59

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    To be fair and this is going to sound very "wrong", but I do not consider 300 bhp "a lot" these days. How times have changed when 300 bhp is nothing to really truly write home about, more so as so many more "mundane" not [insert performance version of choice] now come with such outputs (and even in specific cases smaller hatchback type vehicles sporting 2 litre engines with a turbo bolted to it - your Focus RS/A45 etc.) The problem for me is they just sound poo inside (and the popping exhausts) when really progressing on, so much worse than my N57. Some context is my dad bought as a retirement pressie to himself a V60 Polestar, but not the older T6 6 pot, no the 4 pot 2.0 with turbo and supercharger. Now at low revs it sounds nice with the supercharger at higher revs inside though the tappety/rough nature only frustrates. Even if it is significantly quicker than my 6. Outside the Polestar definitely sounds better than most of the other 2.0 litre cars (mostly because of the slightly antisocial exhaust).
  15. Ninja59

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    It was meant in the context of comparing it with the 530D and 535D. I can sort of see where he is coming from - and unfortunately of course the 525D did get "downgraded" to a 4 pot. I am not saying any of these engines are "slow", and can easily exceed our stated limits easily, it just how easily they achieve that. For example I got put behind 2 N57's one in an F10, the other the hideous X4. To me the 5 was interesting as even then I found the single scroll turbo not as smooth in delivery and punchy as my 640 with the twin setup.