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  1. Yes really slow till 3500rpm then takes off pulls really hard for the last 1500rpm till 5000rpm
  2. Cheers for the reply bud its single turbo on the 530d its twin on the 535d a know that but cheers
  3. Yes any gear any speed no power boost till 3500rpm then she goes bud
  4. Hi all am looking to see if anyone has had this issue witch is my car has no power in it till over 3500rpm then goes like stink any pointers welcome cheers P.s the car is a e60 53 plate 530d auto with 120.000 and had new turbo before a bought it cheers
  5. Tam

    No sound from stereo

    Its got the multi disc player in the boot but no amp in the boot bud
  6. Hi all a bought a 520i SE e39 2 days ago and the standard bmw stereo has no volume coming out the speakers at all the stereo can change to cd ,tape, radio and change radio station from the stereo or the sterring wheel controls but I have no sound at all coming through the speakers , does anyone have any ideas as driving around using my phone on loud speaker is no very good option cheers