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  1. I don't believe it but its true

    He should just sit and fume.
  2. I don't believe it but its true

    Trolling diesels again? Anyone would think you had a complex...
  3. Tyre pressure warning

    ...Kwik Fit? Last time my system tripped, I did indeed need a new rear tyre....
  4. Hitler N47 Rant

    We like to live on the edge.
  5. Hitler N47 Rant

    No - I used the word spaghetti all by myself. My mum came over to our house and checked the word. She said it was good, and that my English teacher would like it.
  6. Hitler N47 Rant

    Apparently, all N47's post-March 2011 got upgraded timing chains, or systems, or whatever. As the proud owner of a NOVEMBER 2011 520ED, I'm really, really confident that my spaghetti timing chain won't fail. Fo sho.
  7. Boring Question

    ...depends on the dealer and/or person making the offer???
  8. Led lights on door handle query

    Classic. I'll write that one down. Well done!
  9. Led lights on door handle query

    Tell me - does your car have...SIX cylinders?!?! Woo. Anyway - I had a 118d M Sport with 245 rear tyres, 18" M Sport alloys, puddle lights, a re-map, and the body kit in le Mans blue. Damn pretty. Much nicer than a 5. So - come on, then. Let's hear it!!!!
  10. Led lights on door handle query

    Puddle lights. Apparently. Had them on my 1-Series..... Pretty things.
  11. Water Leak BMW F10 5 Series 2012

    I believe it is water ingress from the engine bay: there's some kind of weird channel which lets water in to the rear of the car if it fills with gunk/debris/leaves etc. No doubt someone will be along presently to give you the link. Anyway - this is a common 5 problem. Which is a major pain...
  12. Sat nav randomly thinks I'm in a field

    'Our Mutual Friend'. He's a top bloke: agreed.
  13. Sat nav randomly thinks I'm in a field

    Thanks to a certain anonymous benefactor, I now have 2017 Premium mappage. No issues for me: all sparkly clear, and without any field action. Deep joys.
  14. Interesting

    I do enjoy triggering you. I must say. Anyway - semper fi. The Union will be staying where it is, unless Kranky has her way!!