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  1. BMW 520d 2008 177bhp Hi,, I have purchased bulb replacement for my DRLs Angel eyes. My Angel eye bulb is the small 10W bulb about an inch long. But the replacement bulb is the far longer LED bulb. I tried putting the new bulb in and it was as if it was hitting something inside the Halo Rings. Have I got to fit a certain type of bulb that is shorter, not such a long nose on it??? These new bulbs look really bright and I would like to fit them, do I need to change the whole light unit si I can fit these longer bulbs. Anyone any ideas??? Thanks Des
  2. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    The Situation Thanks for all your help. When you take on these tasks you think know one will understand what I am talking about, but you came to my rescue. Cheers matey Des
  3. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Ok The Situation And finally if you have a few minutes, regarding the dipped beam headlight bulbs. Can you recommend a decent bulb I can fit to give out a bit more beam???
  4. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    To replace the whole headlight unit for a newer design
  5. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    The Situation I am not going to buy a new set of headlights but could I renew the whole unit if I wanted to???
  6. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Appreciate all replies, it has made this whole bulb set up a lot clearer. Boom Boom
  7. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Or I could buy a set of the "NEW" design headlight units???
  8. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Thanks The Situation. Why did they make the lens of the dipped beam that smoked glass effect.??? It seems that it is that smoked glass effect that is holding back the light.
  9. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Ok Misterbish It sounds as if BMW boobed when they opted for this design. Which is very unusual for BMW. Would you recommend a complete headlight change??? It seems that is the only way you will get bright Angel Eyes. And what would you recommend regarding the dipped beam bulbs??? They are terrible on my car
  10. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Regarding the Halo Ring Angel Eye bulbs, the present bulbs are 10W and these new types are 20W bulbs so should be a fair bit brighter No???
  11. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    It is 55W halogen bulbs I have.
  12. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    OK thanks for that. How are you regarding the dipped beam headlights??? The headlight beam is terrible. That actual lens of the headlight is like a smoke glass effect and the light from the bulb finds it difficult to give out a very bright beam. Do you have any suggestions for getting the dipped beam to shine brighter??? Thanks Des
  13. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Hi I looked at that link you put up and would seem that our Angel eyes are known as LCI bulbs. They are the short stem bulbs. That is why I couldn't get the long stem bulb fitted the other day. Check out the link below and verify that it is this type of bulb I would need http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-20W-No-Error-LED-Angel-Eyes-Halo-Ring-Light-Bulb-For-BMW-5-Series-E60-E61-LCI-/162571975755? Thanks
  14. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Thanks for the link. I will go through it and get back to you. Much appreciated
  15. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    The Angel Eye bulb for my car is a small inch long 10W baton type Halogen bulb. It cost £5 from Europarts. My main question was can I fit the longer nosed LED bulbs??? I tried to fit one and it was as if I was hitting the halo ring about an inch in. Is there different types of Halo Rings for different cars???
  16. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    It is the Angel Eyes set up that I am confused with
  17. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    It is Halogen bulbs The headlights are white
  18. Oil advise

    BMW 520d 177BHP. 2008. Can anyone give me advise on type of Oil I will need for Oil change that is due? And also how much Oil does my engine take? Thanks
  19. Water in battery bay.

    BMW 5series 520d 177BHP Hi I have had problems with the restraint system fault light on dashboard. So I was going to disconnect battery and reconnect to see if it cleared it. But to my surprise the battery bay was about 1/4 full of water. Has anyone came across this problem? How is the water getting in? And is this the cause of fault lights coming on in the dashboard. How would I get water out and stop it coming back in again. Looking for help on this one. Many thanks Des
  20. 520d OIl Change query

    BMW 5 Series 520d 2L 177BHP Hi My engine is due an Oil Change and I am wanting to know which Oil is best for my engine? Also how many litres does my engine take? Thanks Des
  21. Water in battery bay.

    Thanks for that. You can push these rubber plugs out from the top of the battery bay. That is what I done.
  22. 2008 BMW 5 series 520d 177BHP. Hi I recently had my engine rebuilt and since then my airbag restraint warning sign on the dash has appeared. I tried cancelling it but it has came back on again. Has anybody came across this problem and has anybody got any idea what will be causing it??? Many thanks Guys
  23. Wiil get back to you with any codes
  24. Hi, BMW 5 Series 2008 520d 177BHP I have just had my engine re-built and took it a run today to get the 500 Mile run in done. After driving for about 15 minutes and at low revs, grey/blue smoke started pouring out of tail pipe. The car still drove as normal, there was no loss of power. The smoke was worse whenever the revs went up. The garage is not open until tomorrow. Has anyone got any idea what happened??? Thanks
  25. Exactly. I had just purchased the car, so not guilty regarding engine oil. But it is true, always regularly change your engine oil. Thanks all