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  1. Problems with first start in morning

    Thanks for all replies Guys
  2. Problems with first start in morning

    Would a test show up a faulty controller???
  3. Problems with first start in morning

    Steve-Savalas If the engine pre-heats when you unlock the doors, then why am I getting the "Engine Pre-Heating Please Wait" message when I go to start the car Steve??? Am I starting the engine too quickly??? should I give it a minute after I enter the car in the morning???
  4. Problems with first start in morning

    Thanks for replies Still a bit unclear with your replies. Do I push the key in and get the ignition lights on and then press start button WITHOUT depressing the clutch. Would this pre heat the glow plugs. Then depress the clutch and start as normal.???
  5. BMW 2008 520d 2L 177BHP Hi Looking for help and advice with a start problem I have. On the first start in the morning I found that the car almost hesitated to start. It felt like the Starter motor was jamming for about two seconds, then it would suddenly kick into life. After that in all other starts during the day were OK. It was just that very first start. I don't know if it was a starter problem or a glow plug problem. Then yesterday I noticed a message on the central information screen at the bottom telling me "Engine Pre-Heating Please Wait" I have never noticed this before. Am I meant to press ignition button sort of half way until the glow plugs heat up and tyen start engine or what??? Would be very grateful for any information and advice on this. Thanks
  6. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    The Situation Thanks for all your help. When you take on these tasks you think know one will understand what I am talking about, but you came to my rescue. Cheers matey Des
  7. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Ok The Situation And finally if you have a few minutes, regarding the dipped beam headlight bulbs. Can you recommend a decent bulb I can fit to give out a bit more beam???
  8. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    To replace the whole headlight unit for a newer design
  9. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    The Situation I am not going to buy a new set of headlights but could I renew the whole unit if I wanted to???
  10. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Appreciate all replies, it has made this whole bulb set up a lot clearer. Boom Boom
  11. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Or I could buy a set of the "NEW" design headlight units???
  12. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Thanks The Situation. Why did they make the lens of the dipped beam that smoked glass effect.??? It seems that it is that smoked glass effect that is holding back the light.
  13. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Ok Misterbish It sounds as if BMW boobed when they opted for this design. Which is very unusual for BMW. Would you recommend a complete headlight change??? It seems that is the only way you will get bright Angel Eyes. And what would you recommend regarding the dipped beam bulbs??? They are terrible on my car
  14. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    Regarding the Halo Ring Angel Eye bulbs, the present bulbs are 10W and these new types are 20W bulbs so should be a fair bit brighter No???
  15. Angel eyes bulb replacement

    It is 55W halogen bulbs I have.