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  1. Tail Pipe change 520D

    Infact I think it will be a chrome plated exhaust
  2. Tail Pipe change 520D

    Hi Dotcom The tail pipe I bought is a stainless twin tail that goes into a single pipe. The whole thing is about 8" long. The twin pipe goes into a single pipe for joining onto my existing exhaust. The single pipe has a slot cut out which goes half way round the pipe. They also supplied a Large U Bolt. I presume that when you slide the new pipe over the old pipe then you can make a U Bolt connection. If it would help I can upload a picture of it. Thanks
  3. Tail Pipe change 520D

    BMW 2008 520D 2.0 177bhp Hi Has anybody any advice on changing the tail pipe on my car. I have the large single hole tail pipe. I bought the twin tail pipe to give it a bit of a makeover. Is it easy to change over??? Thanks Guys
  4. Holy Moly!

    Can somebody tell me what I just watched. ? I feel out of the loop here LOL
  5. Right Hand Goose Yes flush it out with a couple of gallons of clean water before attaching back up again.
  6. I suggested using 4 table spoonfuls ,, well what I actually done was pour in enough so I knew it would be enough to sit in the bottom of the tank and work on the gunge overnight. So maybe the amount was slightly more than 4 table spoonfuls. Live life on the edge and put more in if you feel like it LOL I hope you all have the same success with it as I did.
  7. Dark Horse: As for the brand,,, I used Domestos, Sink and Pipe unblocker. Hope that helps
  8. Thanks for replies Guys.. Dark Horse: Regarding quantity,,,I put in the equivalent of about 4 table spoonfuls.. It is only a small tank when you think about it and so it wouldn't take a lot of drain cleaner to clean such a small area. As for risk to components, I would say that there is absolutely zero risk to the lifespan of any components. These cleaners are designed to clean up grime and gunge and little else. So as far as the risk to components, as I have said there will be none. I am still amazed at the power of water coming out of the jets now. It was just one of those things that you stumble into and it works. i would give a good flush out about every year. Hope this re assures you Dark Horse.
  9. BMW 520D 2008 2.0L 177BHP Last week I asked the forum is anyone had any solutions to low water pressure form windscreen washer tank. Some suggested taking the tank off completely and cleaning out the dirt and gunge. I thought of an other idea and it worked a treat. I emptied the tank by using up the water that was left in it. I then poured in some kitchen drain cleaner. I left it sitting overnight. Next day I disconnected the two pipes below the spray nozzles on the bonnet. I pointed the pipes into the gutter drain in the engine bay and filled the washer tank with water. I then sat in the car and pulled the washer handle at the ignition until it emptied the tank. The water that came out of the pipes was thick with dirt. The drain cleaner had done it's job. I repeated what I had just done with filling the tank with water and emptying out through the disconnected pipes. I then connected the pipes back onto the bonnet nozzles, filled the tank again and the washers are working stronger than ever. It has made such a difference to the washers. Really pleased with outcome and I suggest everyone should do it if they come across low pressure problems again.
  10. No 520 d badge on boot.

    OK Guys Thanks for all the posts. I suppose I will leave it off then.
  11. BMW 2008 520d 177hp 2.0L Hi I have just noticed that I don't have the chrome number on the back of my boot. Is this normal or has someone stole it???? There is no holes for it to secure onto. Or are these numbers glued on??? Wouldn't mind some advice here. Thanks.
  12. Low windscreen washer pressure.

    Thanks guys...will get that looked at.
  13. Spare wheel Space Saver Problem

    Thanks for that Dotcom Cheers
  14. Spare wheel Space Saver Problem

    And for the record the guy at the car breakers took £20 for his tyre,,so will have to return it tomorrow and get my £20 back. Does anyone have an opinion on whether to make a spare out of a normal tyre???
  15. Spare wheel Space Saver Problem

    Thanks for reply DotCom I was just happy that the guy had a BMW space saver and he told me it would fit. You live and learn. At the start of the day I knew very little about Space Savers and now I am an Expert LOL Thanks everyone