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  1. sjak92

    Anybody Planning to keep G30 52OD long term?

    Define long term? i personally will not keep it a day longer than the 30 year warranty so 30 June 2018 will be the last possible day that I will own it. As lovely as the car is, considering I’ve already had the headlight changed (non warranty cost would have been £2k+) steering wheel and a software update, I dread owning it outside of warranty
  2. There is also a scam where people "make" money on cars being stolen/written off. This is based on Return to Invoice Gap. Say you own a £45k vehicle based on invoice price. After your discounts and deposit, say the price for the car is £38k. You drive the vehicle for 3 years, it is then written off/stolen. You get a payout from your insurers which will cover trade value most often, say £21k. This will probably leave you with a shortfall to pay off for the finance (as if you were buyin the vehicle outright) £25k for example. RTI Gap steps in, covers the shortfall and pays out over and above, returning you to invoice money, so you get a further £24k less any difference between insurance payout and finance pay off. Obviously your pay out cannot be higher than the maximum insured loss you agreed to originally.
  3. sjak92

    G30 520d vs F10?

    More Importantly, the S90's residuals are appalling. I think its a great car, and the XC90 is class leading IMO, however, they are both priced pretty much the same as their German counterparts (only about £600/£700) difference between a base 5 series diesel and S90 diesel. But, a less than year old S90 in top trim level can be gotten for under £25k? They are superb value second hand (especially as Volvo often does 0% APR deal on USED cars - brilliant concept) but i dont think I would risk one new. The monthly payments would be high or youd almost always risk being in negative equity upon return. And yes, the rear of the S90 is a bit Marmite. I think it looks OK in that rip off version of Estoril Blue but the V90 is a very handsome car indeed.
  4. sjak92


    Now that everything is (almost) at a happy ending, can I joke about the forensics looking something like this:
  5. sjak92

    Insurance on 520d

    That's a big ask at 20! You will pay a lot for insurance no matter what, a 320d would be considerably less to insure. The 5 will always carry a premium. My First 5 series was a two year old 520d two and a half years ago so at the age of 23. had 2 years NCD and insured at £800 a year. My current G30 was £600 a year when bought new last year at the age of 25. As mentioned above, Chris Knott does great prices
  6. sjak92

    Icon lights failing?

    Hi Guys, my Icon LED’s are behaving odd (or I just noticed this now. The he left hand light lights up but the outer light is a dimmer colour. Pic below - it’s almost yellowish the right light however is fine and shines full white. When the dipped beams come on, the faulty light brightens up and goes full white at that point. can you guys check if your cars do that or is it a service visit for me?
  7. sjak92

    Icon lights failing?

    Car is back, everything working o-ok!
  8. sjak92

    Service notifications

    Thats putting the car into diagnostic mode. I dont think you want to be messing with that and resetting your service intervals on your own whilst car is still under warranty?
  9. sjak92

    Service notifications

    Nope, will stay there until its done. If you have a service pack, it can be done as soon as the counter dips below 1000 miles
  10. sjak92

    Light Switch Settings

    Light switch on “0” will mean lights will never come on unless ignition is on. I.e when you open doors, lights will stay off etc etc. Can be coded to be completely off however.or if you want to run on the DRL only, switch to the next position up.
  11. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    That makes sense, but apparently each light has 4 control units and BMW Germany suggested to start with those - I guess they are cheaper than the light unit itself
  12. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Knock on wood but we live in a top floor apartment, allocated parking and a constabt CCTV fred onto my parking space so it’s hard to distinguish which place belongs to who without putting a real effort into research. That + the extra pair of doors and a “superb” guard dog in the form of a 9 month old beagle let’s me sleep easy haha
  13. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Still 320d, probably won’t be back in mine before the end of this week
  14. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Flat head screwdriver allows to remove the grill in less than 60 seconds. No joke, it’s a doddle
  15. sjak92

    Speed Limit Display?

    Again, to those interested, please send me the last 7 of your vin, will be able to get better info then. Would like to have everyone interested contact me by Wednesday, will be writing to Simon with a list then. Thanks everyone
  16. sjak92


    Absolutely agree, dealing with insurers on the Legal Side of things is a pain and i'd like to say im clued up on what I say, an average Joe Bloggs will often be taken advantage of unfortunately with things like excess etc etc. @mobilejo if there='s anything you need advice on in terms of insurance or legal, PM, will be happy to help
  17. sjak92


    Result! I'd go straight to BMW and have the keys reprogrammed!
  18. sjak92


    Oh for fuck sake! Gutted for you mate but glad everyone is OK. At the end of the day its just metal. Maybe post your number plate etc on here and Facebook? car could get recovered but I dont think you'd want it after theft, I wouldn't anyway.
  19. sjak92

    Boot mat recommendation?

    Very cool. Two questions: 1) second picture, what is that black bmw labelled thing? 2) do you always keep your key in the boot?
  20. sjak92

    Arm Rest

    Dont think ive had a CD played in any of my cars since like 2014? Ipod/MP3/phone into USB is by far the most convenient. Nowadays with Spotify, you don’t even need that tbh
  21. sjak92

    Icon lights failing?

    Well I have a service pack. I think I may ask for the M Performance Grills in that case, mine are wrapped black but might as well have the proper ones
  22. sjak92

    Icon lights failing?

    You are right, the 1 and 3 are a much cheaper product and it feels. Currently in a 320d whilst this is fixed and the cars, both 17 plates, are light years difference. But then again, a F10 seems poor compared to a G30 for me. The differnce wasnt so vast with E46 and E39 or E9x and E6x imo. in terms of a refund - comon this is going to hunt this forums for ever! Wouldn’t bother and they can fix it, just a mis hap - car is great apart from that
  23. sjak92

    Speed Imit Indicator

    Send me your last 7 of your VIN
  24. sjak92

    Icon lights failing?

    Seriously? I’m not even contemplating a refund - that would be dumb, but you reckon I should ask for some freebie?