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  1. sjak92

    Headlight dance?

    Xenons standard on LCI, adaptive was still an expensive option. High beam assist was like £200/£300 but fairly rare
  2. sjak92

    Rear seat protector for G31

    I would presume those things are fairly universal? They hook around the headrest don’t they? also, why would you spend a fortune on a BMW one when you can get a “non official” one for 10% of the price?
  3. Because there are safe limits that can be reached which are still higher than what comes out of the box with your car in stock form
  4. sjak92

    530e - digital speed / edrive mode

    Ive had it coded and it shows it on the speedo next to where the center of the dial would be. Looked a little out of place tbh and normal dials legible enough for me
  5. sjak92

    530e - digital speed / edrive mode

    Can be coded in from memory using stuff like Carly or Bimmercode
  6. sjak92

    2016 (16) BMW 520d M Sport Auto

    Hi Mate, All M Sports came with leather, Heated seats and Keyless Go so that is standard spec. Maybe grab a space list from http://bimmer.work/ and paste the full thing? Good luck with sale
  7. You've seen an E46 front on an E46? I'm sure you mean a saloon conversion? Was very close to getting one of those Compacts as my first car back in late late 2010. Was a lovely black 54 plate 318ti M Sport, one at the very end of production. It was a lovely spec, had heated seats, upgrades audio and white leather, sitting on MV2's. It was everything the 18 year old me dreamed of. Price was right too, until the dealer said that the car is sitting on "optional" MV2's (which was bullshit) and he wanted another £800 for those with new budget tyres. Walked away, probably shouldn't have, ended up in an Astra SRi , hat an anti climax that was!
  8. sjak92

    Parking ticket Belgium

    I literally posted the link for you? why don’t you call them, they will 100% have a English speaking line, it’s a very common language in Belgium
  9. sjak92

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Hello All, I have created a separate thread for this as the feedback has been really good. The people I have so far who have provided me with VIN's is as follows: @Hudds.taz @microcar @Hurly_Dog @TameAutumn @Boba @saintalan @Babaikram @dicky.hillary @davey Have not got your VIN yet @Carrera77 Have not got your VIN yet @FernandoLosada - as you are in Spain, we wont be able to help. All the cars will need to be present. I can ask about remote coding for you if you wish but I presume you would need all the tools, Laptop, cable, software etc etc Inclusive of myself that Makes 11 people. The requisite is that we all have a KAFAS 4 camera. This should be standard on all UK cars as they all have the basic pre collision warning etc etc From various places that I have spoken to, FSC code from the dealers is a cost of around £160 a car. They wont budge on this price. I would - as i presume will the rest on here - would prefer a legit code rather than some dodgy one. The other thing is that we would all need to meet (cool group picture!) As we are all over the place, a central place will be most fair. For the purpose of being fair, I have suggested Birmingham. One of you is from Scotland I believe, if this is too far, please let me know. Most of us seem to be from either Yorkshire or around London so its a good middle ground. I have just heard back from the guy im in touch with. The price he has quoted me is £250 per car. That was based on around 6 cars. If we manage to get the 10/11 people, I have told him it needs to be significantly less. The Coding takes around 15-20 minutes a car. a Profit of around £100 a pop x the amount of people we have is massive. If I cannot cut him down a little more, I do have someone else that could do the coding. I will speak to them shortly. Please respond on this thread so that we have a single thread on the topic. Thanks!
  10. sjak92

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Don't mess around with wireless. If your connection drops that's too risk. https://www.amazon.co.uk/World-Data-BLACK-Network-Cable/dp/B00KEAA042/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1539700425&sr=8-8&keywords=ethernet+cable+50m Its cheap as chips to get a long enough cable. Also, BMW will never force update a car unless they need to, i.e something is glitching out. A software update is an "overnight" process from BMW and costs around £200 so I doubt they would ever do it just like that. Best thing to do is to take your car to them to get the latest software and then do the coding
  11. sjak92

    The ONE bucket wash!!!

    Nothing wrong with a mop bucket. I actually use those as i prefer their shape and easier to get into sink to fill up with hot water. Obviously never seen a mop in it and washed thoroughly before each car wash. Using the abrasive side of the dish sponge often gives that desired matte effect on the paint
  12. sjak92

    Cement on paintwork

    i can really recommend offset detailing but thats all they way in Rayleigh, worth the travel nonetheless!
  13. sjak92

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    Must look rather neat with LED angel eyes up front great looking motor!
  14. Well done on the HK, nothing worse in my opinion that being stuck in traffic or on a long journey with a shite radio. HK is always worth the upgrade. Bowers and Wilkins is amazing but i would debate if the £3k premium over HK makes sense. In terms of heated steering wheel, i thought I would regret not ticking the box (i had this on my E90) but the steering wheel seems to warm up much better that in my old F10 so I dont actually think its needed tbh.
  15. sjak92

    Hiccuping on acceleration

    nope, turbo lag wouldn't be a hiccup. Could be a loose hose somewhere, bad air to fuel mix ratio and the engine panics. Maybe the maf sensor
  16. sjak92

    Parking ticket Belgium

    Look I did the work for you: https://stad.gent/mobiliteit-openbare-werken/producten/parkeerretributies google will translate the page for you. 30 euro is not worth the aggravation, its like £26 pay it have it over and done with
  17. sjak92

    Eco Pro question

    Let the man vent! haha
  18. sjak92

    Remap or not?

    Youre sort of right and wrong. That Audi 1.8 was sort of the same engine, but all different engine codes suggesting the differences you mentioned. The 2.0 bmw engine is all the N47 and later B47.
  19. sjak92

    G31 front doors - Squeaky when wet?

    I had this last week. Good clean, dry and gunmipflege. i also noticed that I had less air in the tyres. Pumped to spec and no more squeaks and rattles
  20. sjak92

    Coding Costs

    That worked in F series cars with no issues. Bit more difficult on G Series which I was enquiring about
  21. sjak92

    Missed these discounts

    First year hit is non existent if you know how to negotiate. First year failures I agree with
  22. sjak92

    Missed these discounts

    Who drowns all of that cash in a depreciating asset and who wants that asset to have no options selected? (looking at the 7 available at least)
  23. sjak92

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    The SE has no spec in an F10 base as it is as far as I’m concerned. The police cars are gutted further of sat nav (even the basic model), heated seats, xenons (usually), parking sensors etc etc.
  24. sjak92

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    Whats wrong with white? Arguably the best looking colour on a lot of modern BMW's