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  1. sjak92

    Powered boot lid opening distance

    that's exactly why i said
  2. sjak92

    The 7 Series then...

    Ahahaha. Like I said, a Donington Grey car with full shadowline i.e no chrome whatsoever looks very very nice in person. You look at it and it screams road presence. I hated the chrome trim on the Pre LCI on the boot, this looks better, plus it does this fancy thing when you open and close, but not as wild as the A8 with the light effects Side profile is very similar to the new Phantom actually
  3. sjak92

    The 7 Series then...

    Poor eye sight is an age thing
  4. sjak92

    The 7 Series then...

    I genuinely don’t see a problem with it. It’s a change in design language. Audi is doing oversized grills, Lexus seems to only have a grill and no front bumper but no one complains. BMW crowd can be stuck in the 90’s at times it seems. No to bigger grills, no to down sizing, no to wider rear “L” lights, no to anything but a 3.0 i6... There was so much hate on the Bangle era cars too. E60’s have aged very well as have the E65 LCI’s especially on those fancy 20”s and my favourite the M6 from that era. move on people, what you’re looking at here in the 7 LCI is a blown up version of the G30 LCI and the design language that will follow on all BMW models in the years to come
  5. sjak92

    Powered boot lid opening distance

    Only in hatchback models mate. If you have a G31 it will be under vehicle settings > doors/key id guess
  6. sjak92

    The 7 Series then...

    That grill looks absolutely fine on the car in real life, photos do not do it justice. Base SE trim looks very nice. Donnigton Grey will be an option, also looks very good with full shadowline. As does the grill on the X5 and X7.
  7. sjak92

    The 7 Series then...

    Not to revive an old thread but: I'll be having one of those. Don't mind the front grill either.
  8. sjak92

    Real world mpg and range

    Had a longish test drive in a B5 Touring. Posted some pictures on here. Stupendous car!
  9. sjak92

    Bad smell & BMW response - help/advice?

    +1 to the above. Mr X as I like to call him had an issue with his sunroof but this was (as I recall) caused by a fuse blowing constantly not allowing it to open at all. My memory may be off here. Seemed a simple enough fix but he insisted that BMW took the car back rather than replace fuse or do any further work. Seem you may have an issue with the seal around the sunroof enclosure, something BMW could certainly rectify. My suggestion is raiding an old shoe box, getting some silica gel packets and wedging them in as close as you (safely) can to where you think the damp is. Remove after a day and if they have soaked up moisture you are close. Report back to BMW and get them to replace the seal. Easiest test for them would be to remove headlining and have someone sit in the car whilst their "valeters" are spraying the roof down with water. If that is the case, insist on a new headliner also as loosing that damp small will be a) difficult b) never 100% The worst case scenario is that the roof is not bonded properly to the actual car. As this is an automated process I doubt but could be a possibility. If that was the case then insist on rejecting the car as its simply structurally not safe. Good Luck!
  10. sjak92

    Text message on display

  11. sjak92

    "We aim to get you out ...

    Sounds like a very good deal although a high deposit nonetheless. Will be hard to beat on your next one.
  12. sjak92

    "We aim to get you out ...

    What do you mean? That you pay £270 a month? Thats only due due to a high deposit you put in I presume?
  13. sjak92

    "We aim to get you out ...

    I'll break it down for you Any time at all, as long as you are willing to trade in and financially a different car works for you, then you can do that at literarily any point during your agreement (excess millage etc may apply) You have a 4 year agreement, say you are 19 months in (random example) you go into the dealership and they have the car you like on offer/great deal. They calculate how much your car is worth and how much your settlement figure is. You are then in a position of negative equity (owing more on finance than the car is worth) or positive equity (being able to carry over the remainder as a small deposit). You then work the figure on a new car and order. Collect, hand old one back. Agreement is paid off and a new one is started, simple. My agreement ends on the 30th june 2021. If (big if) i was to keep the car for the full term, I would start making plan for a replacement (if ordering new) around 3/4 months beforehand. This gives you enough time to pick a spec, settle on a deal and more importantly, get the car built and delivered. My original thinking was as follows: Car delivered on 30 June 2017 (6 months into overall production) LCI predicted 42 months later (based on normal BMW timelines and F10 in particular pre LCI being produced between Jan 2010 and July 2013) Order replacement LCI around month 34 of my PCP to hand car back around month 36 coinciding with LCI and end of warranty I now would personally not keep one a day out of warranty and think I will be changing cars much earlier than month 36 in any event. What you are talking about here is voluntary termination. This can be triggered once 50% of the entire loan is pad back (you must remember that the bubble will remain in that figure. I.e if your purchase price was £42k the bubble (guaranteed future value/residual) will be around 40% of that at £16.8k. To achieve 50% repayment, you have to pay off at least £21k i.e half of full amount. You have to remember that any positive equity will be gone on a "VT". On the flip side, legally, if you have gone over your allowed millage you can hand the car back and not suffer any penalties (except for wear and tear) under law as long as you don't sign that you accept any excess charges - which the finance company will insist on. If you are not taking the piss by handing back a car after 3 years with 60k miles when you were only supposed to do 8k a year, you'll likely get away with it. Setting a high guaranteed future value in future deals means it will take longer to reach the VT 50% point as repayments are smaller on a monthly basis. Exercising right to VT should not mean that BMW finance for example will refuse to give you another car in the future. If you want to decrease costs, now will probably be a bad time, 5 series are at an all time high of 4.9% APR. Having said that, if you got a small discount on your current car and the deposit was not to high, it may be worth having a browse through CarWow etc. Getting a good discount on a new car even with slightly higher APR may be able to decrease your monthly payments especially if you are under your mileage allowance and leading up to March 2019 as dealers will be doing cracking deals to register as many cars as they can on 68 plates and getting rid of new registered stock. Haggling on the APR is also possible with BMW finance. Edit: Alternatively, the current 3 series is on cracking deals at the moment with 0% APR across the board. I know one person who got almost 40% of a 320d Shadow Edition with Pro Media, front and rear PDC and reversing camera (was a car ready in stock) and another who got almost 30% off on a very wel spec'd 340i on a short 24 month contract Good Luck!
  14. sjak92

    Text message on display