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  1. Compared to an F10? Its not as huge a jump as it was from E60 to F10, but then again, the E60 was not a hard act to follow. The G30, compared to the F10, from a person that has had both version of the car, both very well spec'd, is night and day. Everything that I didn't like in the F10 has been improved, materials are a different league, more comfortable, more refined, better standard spec, better looking in my opinion. If you get a chance, drive one back to back. I did the other weekend after having my G30 for almost two months. The difference is absolutely vast
  2. Base system in F!0 didn'thave tweeters either, I mean like the most basic possible option Also, boot has shopping hook. Only one tho, on left hand side, even the 4 series has two...
  3. Dipping Mirror is now part of comfort pack only and requires memory seats. Which is nonsense and its only a bit of coding as far as im concerned. Hence B<W are looking to offer retrofits for this (apparently) will find out with mine next month when it goes in for investigation.
  4. shockingly high consumption. Im on 2300 miles now and car has settled in at 46mpg. But i do give it the beans rather often
  5. comfort pack does not have power boot lid, but the description can be understood both ways. I'd call BMW up on it and ask them sort it out. The problem you have is that you could see your car and what features it had before buying, you didn't spec it from scratch if that makes sense. BMW have done a few bust ups on the G30/31 with options moving and changing from F10/11, without altering texts. Mirrors with auto dip and dim are the same, they were advertised as both mirrorS and dip, but this is not part of the option it seems. I've called BMW up on this and car is going for investigation. I wanted dipping mirror and paid for it. Would like a retrofit or a refund on that option and would make the same argument if I was you
  6. What do I have to show for it after 3 years? I get another car?? With all due respect Andrew but if you bought car for cash and owned it for 3 years, you have the same car 3 years later, worth half the value, whilst I'm in a new car again. I don't want to sound like a di*k but id rather pay the £20k in affordable installments rather than £40k in one go and the struggle to sell 3 years later if I wanted to get a new car. As Yokazuna put it, "Horses for Courses" and I completely agree with that. It is down to personal preference. If you want to spend cash on a car, fair be it. I don't and I don't see the point in doing so. I also don't like the idea of owning a car outside of warranty (I had a world of trouble with my old F10 just as it was approaching its third birthday and had to reject it) and finally, its rather satisfying to know that no one farted in my seat before me
  7. Right, to answer the above points. I can either pay cash or trade the car back in. I wouldn't take another loan out. The difference (biggest one tbh) is that if I stumped up over 40k in cash (i wouldn't get the same deal for cash as on PCP, I asked) I would have dropped 40k into a depreciating bucket - lets not beat about the bush, you cant buy a car and not lose money on it. Instead of that, I put in £3500 deposit, will run the car for 3 years and trade in before warranty finishes. That means the car will cost me just over £20k in three years time, rather than list price minus what I would get back for selling it after 3 years use. Now, this breaks things up into several factors. If you can do cash for that kind of car - why not invest elsewhere? If you only keep a car for 3 years tops like me, how will you find a cash buyer for a car with a market value of around £23/£24k (based on average miles). There is very few people floating around on the second hand car market willing to drop that sort of money to a private seller and if you part exchange, you lose a great chunk of value. That's what it boils down to me. I'm more than happy to suffer a 3.9% APR on finance for 3 years, with a small deposit and a huge over 12% discount, rather than lock money into a car and get a worse deal. And to whoever said that you can get a deal as good with cash as with PCP, you can't. The dealer sells you a PCP product not because they get paid commission by BMW Financial Services, they sell you a PCP because they know that 90% of people on a PCP will return after around half way through their deal, trade their car in and take a new one. Thus allowing them to sell you another PCP deal and more importantly, sell your old car twice. Its about continuity. If they sell your car twice or more they are bound to get any discount given to you back as its always expensive to buy approved used from a dealer. Its simple economics guys, never invest into a depreciating asset. If something is bound to lose value, you lease, where you can be sure to cut yourself out at some point and not allow your asset to become worthless. If you know an asset will appreciate, you buy, like with property.
  8. it isn't cheaper to buy cash. Far greater discount available on PCP, easily off sets the increased apr. My car will end up costing me, even if i pay off with balloon at the end, more or less list price on a new 520d m sport. Difference is mine has £5k worth of options on top of an M Sport
  9. You shouldn't have any marks on there, just dust. Can of compressed air if you don't have access to an air compressor.
  10. They come with headlight wash which should prevent the issue no? Surely winter fluid will be strong enough to agitate snow off lens and let wind speed do the rest?
  11. Dull LED pack is £1295 includes: Icon adaptive LED headlights - new shape Headlight Washers Auto dip feature. Out of all of the options I picked, by far my favourite .
  12. This post intrigued me. I emailed and visited the dealer i purchased my car from yesterday. Service said mirror should 100% tilt. Rather important option for me as I reverse my car right next to a hedge at home so it would be nice for the mirror to dip rather than do it manually. About 3 people were baffled by this and they came to the conclusion that its a coding issue and should be easily fixed. The only problem, first slot they had was the 4th of September and thats when the car is booked in for. If they can't code it in, I will be asking for my money back as well.
  13. Just had a look on BMW uk site. A 530e in the same spec as my 520d would be close to £55k, thats £10k more than my car. Company Car tax baffles me but surely there isnt a £2500 a year saving on a 4 year lease in this BIK thing even when compared to a personal lease no?
  14. Unless this is only 530e specific, G30's are produced much quicker. Also may depend on what slots your dealer will be able to get. Ordering direct from BMW (Park Lane) or a bigger network may get you the car quicker. My 520d was ordered on the 13th of May, told delivery will be 15th of July. Car was with dealer on the 10th of June, I picked up on the 30th of June as I didn't want it that early haha
  15. Mines covered over 700 miles now. Daily commute is 40 miles out of London on the A12, m25 and up the M11. Town traffic on either side of the motorway blast both morning and afternoon. I average around 48 mpg. Tend to drive in Eco Pro on my way to work. As stated above, check all Tyre pressures. Go into Eco pro and ensure that everything is switched on. Most importantly, coasting. I find this saves the most fuel. I tend to be doing the speed limit or just over. Cruise control most of the way. My old F10 averaged around 42mpg on the same commute so fairly chuffed with 48mpg to be honest, think that that is a very good result for such a big car.