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  1. sjak92

    Front Parking Sensors

    What? How far do you want them to see? Two car lengths??? when you’re pulling up to an obstacle turn them on and creep up. Constant beep means stop. What would be the point of them beeping for things further away?
  2. sjak92

    Not run flats on the new car

    I did on my F10, regretted it after 40 or so miles. Cornering at speed was dangerous. Good thing dealer bought the car back off of me soon after.
  3. sjak92

    Jacking Points

    there are jacking pads behind the side skirt right at the front and right at the back. You will need a jack adapter pad to not crack them. One like this will suffice: https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAKPART-Rubber-Jacking-Adapter-Damage/dp/B077N5RH61/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1531386727&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=bmw+jacking+pad&psc=1
  4. sjak92

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    I've had OTA updates before. I read somewhere that OTA is only a partial Map Update. Car will only run it if there is a road change in the area it knows you drive in - hence the learn routes thing in Nav settings.
  5. sjak92

    Paint query

    You'd have to be very unlucky to get a bad finish on a paint job. This is due to the fact that all 5er's are painted by robots and dried at the same rate (this is not a hand built and finished car) Paint can be corrected easily. Any good detailer will be able to get rid of orange peel however, a multi stage polish is costly. I'd raise this with your dealer, maybe they will go as far as paying for a correction if they agree that the finish is poor.
  6. sjak92

    G30 520d vs F10?

    I went from an N47 F10 520d to a B47 G30 520d and found it noticeably more responsive and flexible on the motorway and off the line. despite the fact that the G30 is miles ahead of a F10, I dont think I could go into one that is bare bones (my F10 had decent spec). When ordering my G30, my Mrs told me to go for a 530d but I couldn't justify the extra £175 or so a month. Whilst the 3.0d is super to drive, with my Spec it would be around 55k when purchasing. For that money you could get a 740d after a massive discount from BMW and 0% APR and that would tempt me far more than a 530d. They effectively cost the exact same amount to but if you can negotiate.
  7. sjak92

    Not run flats on the new car

    Most SE trim cars cars run normal tyres as a cost saving exercise. All M Sports will come with Run Flats and if you lease, need to be returned on RFT too. I changed to non RTF on my old F10. Excellent Kumho KU39's based on all reviews, completely spoiled the car, became wobbly in fast corners. I suppose M Sport suspensions are far better with RTF
  8. sjak92

    Paint query

    Glad it worked
  9. sjak92

    Deposit paid 520 SE xdrive

    Surprised your going form an M Sport into an SE. Whats the spec?
  10. Just browsing the BMW configurator, thought some people may find it interesting. 518d now available with 2.0 B47 and 150bhp.M Sport starts at £39,275 (520d M Sport started at £39,350 this time last year). 530d M Sport now only £505 shy of £50k!!! I guess the 518d will be the go to car for company car drivers apart from the 530e. 620d also available now, starts a5 £43,785 for the SE, M Sport at £47,385 (still generous spec for that Price) On a side note, 8 series configurator "sort of" live now. Fully spec'd its much less than I was expecting
  11. sjak92

    Will there be a 518d?

    518d configurator just gone live. Doesn't make much sense, considering it costs £75 more base than my 520d did a year ago...
  12. sjak92

    F10 Car Cover

    Windscreen will not stain and easy to wash. Paint will get fu*ked up by tree sap and bird dropping
  13. sjak92

    F10 Car Cover

    That cookie crumb trials still freak me out a little
  14. sjak92

    F10 Car Cover

    Drill, plus several holes deep in, plus syringe, sulphuric acid = no tree
  15. sjak92

    F10 Car Cover

    If the tree was rotting and dying, council would chop it down due to health and safety * hint hint *