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  1. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    A 530d SE is cheaper than a 525d M Sport. That would be very hard to justify for me
  2. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    I'll volunteer to swap my 19 inch M Sport alloys with your 20's if I must
  3. Audio & iPods 540i

    As you mentioned, USB sticks need to be formatted on a windows or in MS DOS. There is also a program (name escapes me) that allows you to copy data over from iTunes onto a memory stick and keep all of the metadata so albums, playlists, album artwork etc remains. in regards of the iPod classic - the reason why this takes long to work and often freezes is plainly down to old tech in the iPod itself. The physical Hard drive as opposed to a flash drive takes far longer to cache and sort the thousands of files on it and scan over the capacity of the drive. Hence the older cars used a Y cable for dual connectivity with simple audio and the the USB for data. Another issue with the iPod classics is that because they are physical hard drives and not flash memory, I have seen music jolt or stop over a speed bump or deep pot hole. Best solution for this is to upgrade to a newer iPod i'm afraid, one that runs of a flash drive or stick to a big USB stick.
  4. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    I'm actually looking forward to using the LED Adaptive Lights to their full potential
  5. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    525d is the exact same engine as the 520d also with one turbocharger. See here: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0270585EN/technical-specifications-of-the-new-bmw-5-series-sedan-bmw-520i-bmw-525d-bmw-540d-xdrive-valid-from-07/2017?language=en only difference is a tune and in that regard, the 525d does not make any sense if the tune costs you 3/4k over 520d. You get nothing more in terms of spec apart from m Sport Brakes. Buy a 520d and wait for the M Performance Upgrade to drop (should be the of this year, early next) gives you bigger intercooler, bigger front brakes, eco tune just less than the 525d and will cost around £1600 like it did on the F10
  6. Passenger mirror not tilting

    I was told I will have this retrofitted in around November when package is out. Also, have BMW do you a software update. There is a camera glitch that they found (but unless you complain, you won't get it) which has the camera go black with no images all.
  7. Bought a G31 530D xDrive M Sport Touring

    Does this Mega spec'd GhostWorks 5 Series exists or was it just BS?
  8. New 5 series - G30 headlight queary

    The Icon Adaptive Led's do "bend around corners" trust me I have them. Amazing driving at night
  9. G30 535d/540d?

    plans for anything above 530d cancelled for the UK for now, confirmed to me by dealer
  10. Adaptive LED headlights-highly recommended

    Icon adaptive headlights do split between cars mate
  11. Anyone gone from f10 535d -> G30 540i?

    G30 is a lot lighter than F10 and the 4 series convertible has a very heavy roof mechanism so could be true. In terms of quick, i drove the G30 530d, and to me, it feels as rapid as F10 535d, especially in xdrive, it takes off like a rocket. 540i is bound to be quicker still
  12. Differences between F10 & G30

    True about the diffuser, i only realised this yesterday. Nonetheless, it makes the process cheaper. M Sport ones are not fake, it was the first thing i checked when I got the car. I thought that they would be just a decorative item with normal pipe sticking out inside - if that was the case I would have gotten rid of them, but luckily, its actually a proper part of the exhaust
  13. Differences between F10 & G30

    Dont get me wrong, I liked my F10, it was unbelievably well spec'd for the car it was. The G30 is just on another level, everything is improved. Oh and the tail pipes are not do even out the line or hide exclusivity etc. Its cheaper to produce the car having one bumper design, one set of back boxed etc rather than two
  14. Differences between F10 & G30

    Compared to an F10? Its not as huge a jump as it was from E60 to F10, but then again, the E60 was not a hard act to follow. The G30, compared to the F10, from a person that has had both version of the car, both very well spec'd, is night and day. Everything that I didn't like in the F10 has been improved, materials are a different league, more comfortable, more refined, better standard spec, better looking in my opinion. If you get a chance, drive one back to back. I did the other weekend after having my G30 for almost two months. The difference is absolutely vast
  15. Differences between F10 & G30

    Base system in F!0 didn'thave tweeters either, I mean like the most basic possible option Also, boot has shopping hook. Only one tho, on left hand side, even the 4 series has two...