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  1. Interior Colour Choice

    And based on all of above, cognac is love/hate, black is boring, ivory is hard to maintain. Midnight Blue is different, does not stain and easy to keep clean. I did not like it at all when ordering but its grown on me massively. Wouldn't pick anything different now tbh
  2. BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Speaking as a lawyer who deals with things like this. Cancelling the finance is the stupidest thing you could do. Finance company is not at fault for selling you a lemon, they will sue you for beach of contract. What you want to do is REJECT the vehicle, with the dealer and the finance company simultaneously. You hand the car back and finance is settled. Stopping payments puts you at a breach and is an attempt to hide your head in the sand. Go go speak to a professional so that you don’t ruin you credit history and so that you don’t get a bailiff on your back side.
  3. Kerb View Mirror

    I can confirm, mine also booked in yesterday. Key is that you MUST insist that ore sale literature mislead you into thinking that dipping mirror came as part of the folding mirrors option. If no then no warranty work. car also gets a full software update
  4. Interior Colour Choice

    I have a white G30 with Midnight Blue. Give it some consideration. I really like it and it break the interior up real nice. white on white is very pimp haha
  5. G30 in the Snow

    Tyres is 75% success. my father has a 320d GT on winter tyres and he did absolutely fine yesterday
  6. Choosing an E60 M5

    I'll throw my 2 pence in. Don't know how reliable the E60 M5 apart from what I have read so will not pass comment on that. However, i'll give you advice from a different perspective. I'm a lawyer. I love to tackle car related claims (faulty products etc etc) They are not often, but I come across maybe 7 a year. Being an enthusiast, I jump at them from interest if anything else. This year I had 6 rejections on E60 M5's ranging from 2005 to 2009 cars. All sorts of problems (from complete engine rebuilds and warranty not accepting them to gearbox) from all sort of dealers, small indy to main BMW. I am shocked as to how problematic these can be and in one case, I saw someone spend £15k on the car and then a further £7.5k to fix within a month and still not usable. As lovely as they are, they seem to be way to plagued to own outside of a Fully Comp BMW warranty
  7. G30 in the Snow

    yup, tried DTC and manual and into 2nd gear on paddles to control throttle as best as I could but snow was fresh and it was all mushing up under the wheels. I found it hilarious, wife was rather pissed off (we were supposed to go see a puppy) When I suggested ill go to BMW next weekend and trade in for an Xdrive she was even less impressed haha. Hoping that snow sticks over night, still plenty left. Think I may have to work from home Darn It!
  8. G30 540i Xdrive Headlights

    Inner lens wasn't used for anything since F10 LCI. The dipped/full beam works on the same lens using mirrors on normal cars. Icon LED don't even have lenses anymore and Dipped and Long beam is separate light bulb
  9. Kerb View Mirror

    anyone have access to this bulletin? My dealer promised this and now avoiding me
  10. G30 in the Snow

    I tried driving today, live on a small incline and cobbled street. Did 70 yards, ass started wiggling about, reversed back in and now I'm out of beer
  11. ^^^^^^ That sounds expensive Mobilejo
  12. I think the G30 is super spec'd from factory even in SE trim. However, I went for the following: M Sport Plus (nicer alloys, KH sound system and tinted windows big difference on a white car) Reversing Camera No need for anything more than this and car is easy enough to navigate - however, surround view would have been nice around kerbs and car parks. Folding Mirrors (they were supposed to DIP - retrofit promised by dealer) nice to assist parking with dip and fold in so good in car parks ICON lights (MUST HAVE) absolute superb option, car looks far more premium from front the effectivness of the lights is amazing Power Boot Lid I didn't go for the HUD as I wear polarised glasses and whilst its fantastic, it flickered and sometimes completely vanished due to the polarisation. Dealer told me this is likely to be the case. I'm biased but i really dont think there is anything more you need to tick to make the car very very competent day to day and have plenty of toys to play with regardless.
  13. Keyless Theft

    I don't think comfort access makes for a better car. The Comfort Pack gives you a reversing camera, folding mirrors, memory seats and comfort access. I drive my car 99.9% of the time, no need for memory seats, spec'd camera and mirrors separate. Avoided comfort access despite living on the 2nd floor and my keys being a good 20m away from the car in a straight line. Its just asking for trouble as far as I'm concerned and since i have my keys with me and in my hand to lock up my place so how hard is it to press a button?
  14. G31 Roof bars

    As if you guys think that BMW would design a product where you can transfer your accessories from one model to another without any issues
  15. Im sure that this is just a way an iphone/ipod cache's music and neither of those 5 options above will help