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  1. Bear with me and don’t laugh. So car sits on 12k Miles, leather has faded above the volume buttons. I’m OCD about cleanliness and keeping car in top Knick so this is bothering me. Pic does not do it justice, looks far whiter in person and noticeable when driving. I don’t tend to put my thumbs/fingers here and use the grips and 10 and 2. i know steering wheel leather is of the higher quality hence more delicate grain. Anyone has any ideas how to cover this patch up? Car is in for a service next month - I could mention to dealer but I doubt they would entertain this or has someone ever encountered poor quality of leather on certain elements? suggestion? And please, for the love of everything don’t say reject. Any leather specialist out there?
  2. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Really, I was going to get the black alloys but forgot to tick the box. Was convinced I did and wa surprised on delivery. plan was to get them redone to black to have things match but sort of stuck with the standard ones. How bad bad do yours end up looking after say 3/4 weeks?
  3. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    odd that the thread is gone too... anyway, I will be washing my car this weekend. Will post a quick clip to show you how effortless C5 makes washing alloys
  4. sjak92

    Reverse Camera G30

    No, can’t be a 14 year old, they’re free time seems to be occupied by riding bicycles on one wheel up and down the country and I can only imagine that in terms of internet, they spend they’re time on other websites maybe just a Mercedes/Audi driver trying to piss us off haha
  5. sjak92

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    Agree with above. Places like TyreLeader will allow you to buy direct from Germany where they are super cheap now from the season just finished
  6. sjak92

    Time to Change the Company Car

    What, you get brake dust on your wheels? Reject it mate, you’re still within 30 days no? on a serious note, never used that product, but I have used this: Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour (15ml) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004JNVO7C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WPHaBbM97ETRX best result will be wheel off and good wash with favourite product. Then apply the C5. dirt falls away on subsequent washes with just a power wash on my polished 19’s been on for almost 12 months already and still works well tbh.
  7. sjak92

    Reverse Camera G30

    I’d be on the phone to them tomorrow hahaha i actually I have access to a friend friend in Bavaria who can get a full report on a car, every bit that was ever done or replaced, where it was done, what The mileage was etc etc. No bad! Must not get involved any further. Let’s stop hijacking this thread lads haha
  8. sjak92

    Reverse Camera G30

    Probably would since its been in 2 times for the same thing now but, unlike others, I'm not an utter bell end haha
  9. sjak92

    Reverse Camera G30

    Yes i have the exact same thing especially with the sensors but apparently, the car has not stored any fault codes! going back in on the 4th of June
  10. sjak92

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    G30/31 has new offsets compared to old F Series cars so you will need new wheels. Ebay will be your best bet to get cheapest wheels and out winter tyres on those.
  11. sjak92

    3 gens of the 5 series

    Thats rather epic tbh. I know promo shots do similar stuff, but would be nice to have all alined next to each other (plus e6x) to see how times change, especially as all are dark colour
  12. sjak92

    Real world mpg and range

    Just a quick glance through here and ill make some points. My daily commute is 38 miles both ways, london traffic, M25, then else traffic. ready in the afternoon. I average 44mpg and get way over 650 miles per tank. Funnily enough, never been on a long run yet. Will be going Leicster next weekend so around 120 miles, hoping to see 55mpg on the motorway. Now, sub points, 4 cylinders are the future, like it or not. Porsche now doing 4 cylinders, and the A45 AMG is rightly so, the best example to show high performance from small displacement and cylinder count. We all know that high capacity engines are a dying breed. Next M140i will be a 2 litre 4 cylinder I know this for a Fact. It will produce circa 400bhp. I also heard that the same engine may be used in the next M3/M4.Yes a Straight 6 3.0d BMW is a joy to drive, but honestly, in todays day and age, a 2.0d is more than enough for 99% of the population - until they are banned all together that is.
  13. sjak92

    G30 530e - Driving in Europe

    As above, best thing is that if you have Icons, they still adapt in EU. Still find them amazing after a year haha
  14. sjak92

    Is It Just Me?

    In a 520d? hahaha, feel that pain too But i think you are right, wasn't this the case when they swapped the plus and minus around on manual shifts? Was to be more "race like" Ive never thought about it to be honest, just used to in now haha