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  1. Ive actually been told that the 550d won't be coming to the UK after all. Apparently BMW dealerships were told of this this week, all down to diesel gate. 540d will be most powerful diesel i suppose
  2. That there in the picture is the M Sport Model, you can tell by the shape the exhausts. Normal SE has round exhausts on each side.
  3. Not really a fantastic deal if im honest. Mine comes in at £459 a month, but is an M Sport and retail on it was £44k. I get £8k more options for £10 a month more and a small £3500 deposit. If you know how to haggle with a dealer, you'll get a good price. If you went with what BMW suggested on their "deals", my car would be circa £600 a month. That's a massive difference.
  4. Vin number came through yesterday. Car is waiting to get on a ship... Soon...
  5. awesome Its really good to see how many options became standard on when comparing the F10 to the G30
  6. Nice car Since your's is a similar spec to mine, can you tell me if the G30 has illuminated door handles on the outside? My F10 had this and would like to keep the option but wasn't something i found to tick (maybe part of a pack?)
  7. How are you finding the cognac leather? Ive got a white M Sport on order with Blue Leather. I liked in the showroom but was also interested in Cognac. Does it get dirty etc? I've still got time to change my spec haha
  8. Hi Guys, I'd like to introduce myself. 25 years old, Legal Professional and BMW fan boy. I'm a fairly active forum member on Bimmerforums UK. Just placed an order on a new G30 520d M Sport in Alpine White with Blue leather, M Sport Plus pack, Visibility Pack, reversing Camera, power boot lid and folding mirrors, estimated delivery 2nd week of July. I previous had a 2001 Vauxhall Astra SRI (at the age of 17, imagine the insurance I was paying on that )2003 318i, a 2011 320d and most recently a 2014 520d which, despite me absolutely loving the car, was a pain for the brief year that I owned it. Luckily car was still on warranty and on a PCP deal via BMW. Despite only having 9000 miles when i bought the car, it was a pitfall of problems. Overall, the following the changed all under warranty: Rear Diff x 2 Output shaft Rear Diff Offside Rear Wheel Bearings Nearside Rear Wheel Bearings All alloys All Tyres (didn't get to keep new ones - thankfully) Rear Windscreen has been masked up Gearbox bearings New gearbox New Bushes all around iDrive iDrive Screen Condesnor for AC (as part of recall) All expect the condenser and iDrive (which was flickering all of the time) were due to unidentified howling noise coming from the back of the car at around 58 to 62 mph when lifting off the accelerator. As you can see thats quiet an extensive list. Have not actually had the car in my possession for over 3 months this year due to all of the issues. Repair bills would have been well over £30k in my estimation. Something that you can really class as a Lemon on Friday Car. However, no point of crying over spilt milk. New car is ordered and I'm rather excited to get my hands on. As soon as the car comes in its straight off for a proper wax and seal and have a few personalised bits added to it (mirror caps, kidney grills, chrome on door handles and lip spoiler all going black) so will post pictures once the car is here Look forward to contributing on the forums. Thanks, Sebastian