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  1. sjak92

    Real world mpg and range

    I'm not saying its unrealistic just that the quoted range is (i presume) in optimal conditions. Warm, no AC, little heating, no bum warmers all of that drags a lot of power. surely, you didn't buy a 530e for personal savings and cheap running costs? There is another topic on the 530e where i had a discussion with 530e owners and seems that they only make sense as BIK machines as the range is negligible in any event.
  2. sjak92

    Real world mpg and range

    Hold on, im no EV expert but you drove 4 miles and range reduced by 7. You are aware that temperature, traffic etc etc will all have an impact?
  3. sjak92

    Specification Question

    But he has a 530d...
  4. sjak92

    Specification Question

    Heat? Have you got a webasto in your car?
  5. sjak92

    Specification Question

    I’d ditch as well. Can’t imagine using the clunky display key any time soon unless you have remote parking. Has the change to use the gesture control in a 7 loaner I had. Used once, got annoying immediately
  6. sjak92

    Goodbye F10...

    Swap alloys over before VT?
  7. sjak92

    Car theft trends

    From car theft to corporal punishment as a result, like I said, this thread swung incredibly quickly. Shoukd we we have a vote? Hahah
  8. sjak92

    Car theft trends

    Wait, so he devised a plot to kill them? Talk about going from a light light hearted conversation to full blown murder
  9. sjak92

    Car theft trends

    I have mine in the boot, mum had "her" Stanley knife in the glove box. I hope I never seriously have to use it. Honestly speaking i bought it when I needed to get my wheels off to paint my calipers. Although I must say i did have have a run in with some East London Chavs on the battleground know as Romford Tesco Car Park one Friday night. Was packing the shopping into the boot and the Mrs was going to take the trolley back to place that they store them (trolley house?) The bay next to us was free so she turned around with the trolley to be on her way. At that point two cretins in their ancient fiesta with Halford's alloys and baseball caps pulled into the spot. They only saw my Mrs and not me (was behind the boot). One of them decided that the phrase "move you slag" was an appropriate way to ask her to free up the space. Now knowing my Mrs, if they had acted normally, she would have actually apoligised for the inconvenience but this track suit wearing gimp then decided that slamming his hand onto the horn was the best form of dispute resolution. Instinctively, i pulled out the breaker bar (its in that cubby on the right hand side of the boot) and emerged from behind the boot. The breaker bar slides open as soon as you lower it (must have looked proper badass!). All i did was asked "what the fuck did you just say?" whilst raising it up and pointing the thing at them and not really having any intention of using the thing as my brain does not work that far ahead on Friday evenings. I must say, they must have remember of a fairly urgent appointment they were late for as they left in somewhat of a rush. TL;DR? Two youths were scared of the breaker bar whilst i inadvertently threatened them with it. 10/10 would buy again!
  10. sjak92

    F11 535i

    Really? Either the picture is weird or that leather is rubber away very badly for such low miles?
  11. sjak92

    F11 535i

    This must be the very first 535i that ive seen without a leather interior and small nav! Looks very nice and I love the alcantara steering wheel, looks the business!
  12. sjak92

    A bit of decorum, if you please...

    Do you all swear at each other for making the emotional/idiotic decision to own a Italian car? It should be noted that I would love to own an Alfa!
  13. sjak92

    Car theft trends

    I have one of these in the car: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Extendable-Wheel-Telescopic-Socket-Wrench/dp/B01MEH5KNT/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1542374640&sr=8-4&keywords=car+breaker+bar And frankly speaking, who could ever caution you for that? My mum did get pulled over once, she had a stanley knife in the car (my dad always insisted) luckily the car was registered to him and for business use (building contractor) so police had to admit that it is a work tool. Otherwise, could land you into hot water.
  14. sjak92

    Goodbye F10...

    I agree with the above 100% and have been laughing at everyone who says that diesel prices will plummet. This is absolute nonsense. 15 years ago e had the threat from the government that petrol is bad, then a brief spell of saying that manufacturing hybrids is awful, in 10 years time, they will use the excuse that recycling batteries in cars in bad for the environment. If diesels are so bad and so much effort is being made to get rid of them by the government, how comes road tax went up for petrol's as well? Also, if they are dropping in value, why is a base 520d M Sport now almost £41k OTR but was just above £39k OTR when i ordered 17 month ago? It is all absolute stupidity to scare people, why is Germany (who uses diesels much more than we do) not banning to the same extent at all as we are? We only loose out as the government tries to get people out of old cars, into new expensive ones on favorable PCP's so you pay more tax an they get more money from it. If it wasn't for this stupidity, we would have cars like the M550d or even 540d which would sell at volumes but BMW is not prepared to offer them because of this dieselgate nonsense.
  15. sjak92

    Goodbye F10...

    Right, I should make one thing straight (if it not clear already) I’m not providing you with legal advice and anything that you attempt or do is at your own risk. I have merely explained what the letter of the law says and have provided links (above) which reaffirm that and provide far more in depth detail about the Voluntary Termination Process. You must however remember that just because this is the case that does not mean that this will always be the case. As an example, if you are contracted to do 8k miles a year over 4 years (at 9.9p per mile excess) but end up doing 100k miles and attempt to VT 2 months before the end of the agreement, then I’m fairly sure that any manufacturer will pursue you to an extent for then £6732 (as per example) due. With such a sum, maybe even through courts and you may be the precedents that rules forthwith. Esentially, what I’m saying is you can except use your rights, but don’t take the piss, as you may get your wings clipped. if your son is worried about a substantial amount of miles over the allowance then maybe it’s safer to visit a dealer now and see if they have cars available on 0% Apr that will get him out of a rut and do a deal on the day (as dealers are often willing to do that). Also, I don’t think diesel will have anything to do with VT’s. If, on the flip side you are within your miles and trade the car in, you will always be in some (however small) positive equity due to the GFV the dealer guaranteed you on your car.