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  1. Caliper Painting

    Since it’s not high temperature paint, have you not found any issues with flaking etc?
  2. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale "PRICE REDUCED"

    Hi there mate, id also remove your personal details from the sales invoice (Y) lovely car, good luck with sale
  3. What can be coded?

    You can do the following: Air Conditioning Memory Air Con Auto always turns on AC (or/off) Acoustic lock and unlock confirmation (beep beep) Ringtone from phone rather than BMW one DRL can be switched off on '0' position - a checkbox comes on in iDrive menu iDrive and Cluster startup logos can be changed Cluster can be changed to Alpina style Compass in cluster Tyre temperatures can be added to tyre pressures Zoom on reversing camera Change sports display colours Ambient lightning colours can be changed (but they will continue to display stock options in iDrive) One click close on remote for auto boot rather than hold down Video in Motions and all codecs can be installed Thats just off the top of my head that I can think off, majority can be done through BimmerCode app and Carly in the near future
  4. B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    The F10 and 2.0 diesels are shocking poor on economy. I averaged just over 40mpg in (lets call it) 12 months of ownership. Just not a good match in that car for some reason. My G30, same engine, avarages 45mpg happily. On a long run, 400 miles at motorway speeds, happily did over 58mpg on cruise control.
  5. What can be coded?

    +1 to above, it is enhanced rather than extended haha you don’t get the hardware like wireless charger ofc but you get all the software aspect of it
  6. What can be coded?

    Extended Bluetooth for one, saves you couple hundred pounds
  7. Time to Change the Company Car

    Missed the fact that these are business leases. Like for like a 730d M Sport and 530d M Sport will have minimal monthly difference last time I spoke to the dealer
  8. Caliper Painting

    Any chance you could send me a link to the product you used?
  9. Time to Change the Company Car

    The majority of the options you’ve picked are standard on the 7 series. With the humongous discounts available on that, you’d get better value considering the options you want
  10. Time to Change the Company Car

    No Icon Lights?
  11. Which Alloys

    351 was the most expensive upgrade wheel on a f10 5 series as a stand-alone option and probably most desirable. Although I’d did become a part of the M Sport Plus pack so it’s not as if it’s rare M5 had completely different set
  12. New car questions?

    Only exception where car will not shut down with phone in car is if there is an active call via bluetooth. Leaving in charger will cause it to "bong" to remind to take phone but not override a shut down.
  13. someone correct me if I'm wrong as i cannot remember but G30 allows you to configure Eco Pro to enable coasting etc, but keep engine and chassis in comfort, sport or eco. Did the F10 have this? if so, solves the sluggishness for most of you (Y)
  14. New car questions?

    It will not shut down on door pull if you don't switch off the car. For example, you get to your destination, you park up, put the car in Park on gearbox and the engine will shut down. You then pull the handle. That will turn the car off( if you pay attention to cluster, you will see it show off) If you get to your destination, you park up, put the car in Park on gearbox and the engine will shut down, then press the engine stop button and pull the handle, it will turn everything off.
  15. New car questions?

    Hello gents, all can be changed in terms of your issues. Nav - go to connected drive with phone plugged in, go to connected drive app and switch off suggested routes. Then go to nav, hit options and route preferences and un tick learn routes. Id be inclined to keep both on. Yes it is annoying at first, but give it a couple of weeks. I took my car to a takeaway few days after delivery, for 2 weeks or so, it was under the impression that I work there and wanted to navigate every morning! Now the app has learnt what time i get to work and what time i should leave based on traffic and which route is best to take. System - go to settings, vehicle settings, keys/doors and select as you please. Car will always shut down on closing. However, if you turn of engine and cluster says "off", the cluster itself will shut down after around 5 minutes. iDrive probably takes around 20. Options can be changed to shut off as soon as you pull the door handle - if you cant see this, its easily codable