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  1. Rob_535d

    E61 535d - better late than never!

    Ha! What a small world. I went to St Leonard's as a kid and then Lostock Hall high. Is there a BMW club around Preston?
  2. Rob_535d

    Mechanical surge/droning from 535d engine

    I've got air suspension? Didn't know that! Don't remember seeing it on the option list I pulled up! Is that standard kit?
  3. Rob_535d

    Mechanical surge/droning from 535d engine

    Mine does it all the time. Would it regren constantly? I sometimes get a sound from behind me when I turn the car off. It is like a pressure relieving hiss. Is the fuel pump and subsequent potential lack of pressure regulation from the pressure regulator a potential cause of the noise and hiss? After all the swirl advice I will look into that asap. Thanks all.
  4. Rob_535d

    Mechanical surge/droning from 535d engine

    I'll have to have a look into this then more than I thought I'd need to! Appreciate the advice both. Do we think this could cause the noise or are you both just warning me of the danger? Cheers,
  5. Rob_535d

    E61 535d - better late than never!

    We will be moving to Burscough. I'm a Preston lad by birth. Where abouts are you?
  6. Rob_535d

    Mechanical surge/droning from 535d engine

    Really? I've heard so many mixed messages about whether they actually need doing. Ok yes if they fail it is catastrophic but if they really were a week point they would be recalled surely?
  7. Hello all, I've been scouring the forums and can't find anyone really pinpointing the same issue I potentially have so I'm trying a new post. I have a slow sounding mechanical churning/droning noise. It's only really audible at idle. I have noticed at very low speeds it sometimes surges in drive too. It kind of builds up over 30 seconds or so after starting. There is also a bit of a pressure release hiss when I turn the engine off (maybe unrelated and normal). The closest forum post I found seemed to point out a fuel pressure regulator as a potential culprit. I've just been looking again and some comments about swirl flaps sticking. I've just taken a short film of the noise which I hope is clear. It seems to be coming from the rear of the engine and closest to the oil filter is where it seems the loudest on the video. The sound isn't as pronounced on the video as it feels in real life. Anyone experienced this or have a strong suspicion? It's a 535d auto lci. I don't know if swirl flaps or dpf have been done. Thanks Engine vid.mp4
  8. Rob_535d

    E61 535d - better late than never!

    Currently in Bristol but soon will be moving to Lancashire (back home). I need to make more effort to check for replies! Sorry for the delayed response!
  9. Rob_535d

    E61 535d - better late than never!

    Cheers all!
  10. Hi all, Im Rob and I used to work for BMW about 10 years ago as an apprentice. Absolutely loved the E61 and the 535d engine and finally decided to go for one. Pictures below! INPA ordered. Few little bits I want doing: tailgate centre light strip replace needs a new brake sensor on the front as they put new brakes on for me but no sensor grrr! maybe order some or vinyl cover the lower steering wheel plastic trim and the train around the start stop button and finally get myself a new cup holder as one is broke. I will have a look through the classifides Will also have a look through the DPF, EGR, swirl flap section and think about what to do! Until then, thanks all