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  1. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Nice, as for tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is what you want. I've ran them for a few months now, and I have no words... Insane grip both in wet and dry and wear seems to be good so far.
  2. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    No longer for sale, thanks for looking.
  3. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got a pic of the bulbs on mate? I am debating between those and Osram CBIs. I did the same as you and absolutely hated it. The inner ring is far too bright compared to the outer mainly because the warmer yellow light is able to travel further and makes them less obvious. Reverted back to OEM personally. Next on your list should be some 19s with spacers imo, will really set off that dark blue colour.
  4. F10 door corrosion

    My E60 has been far more reliable compared to my neighbours F10, and looks better too
  5. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I know right! He couldn't put one properly constructed sentence together, how can he expect me to take him seriously lol. Probably thinks he trolled me to hell and back as well His last message when i told him about the ban was: I somehow doubt getting your account suspended is worth a few lines of stress relief haha.
  6. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I sometimes wonder how certain low lifes get a hold of an internet connection and a computer.... Have a read through this: 1st Message I receive: ^ Pretty sure my car is not 1150k (wish it was lol), also wow the salt is real. I ignore it and then 2 minutes later, this comes in: At that point I advised him that he should start looking into some Cat D cars which can probably better fit his budget, and brain cells. Then I get this: At this point I told him that he has been reported and most likely will get his account suspended for this. He didn't believe me.... LOL So yeah, just another day in the for sale section of Ebay. And I thought this forum was bad with people low balling Ah well, a week left on the adverts and it can come off for sale and get more upgrades instead
  7. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Yes it is, the price is now £11,495 with very close offers considered. I have had a change in circumstances so if it doesn't go by the end of the month I will be keeping it and probably ordering that B12 suspension kit lol.
  8. Lovely car bud, all the best with the sale! On another note, frimley ey? Those shots by the little community centre building right? Used to do karate there with my buddy a very long time ago haha.
  9. What is LCI?

    Usually LCI is from 2007 onwards for the E60, many people retrofit the LCI rear light cluster to older cars though.
  10. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Yeah, how about no ? Enough opinions, if you are not interested in buying it, don't comment
  11. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Thank you mate, that's precisely it. Now that the price is lowered, I don't see how it is in any way a bad deal for anybody. All receipts present of all maintenance and upgrade parts are present for the buyer to view as well. A well sorted car that will take time to sell but it will sell, I'm in no rush what so ever. Regards, Sid
  12. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    No it was debadged at one point and the previous owner put it back on but not to the best alignment out there lol. I have been meaning to get around to doing it, might sort it this weekend actually if the weathers nice.
  13. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I know exactly where you are coming from mate, plenty of people will go after the newer car but not take into consideration the options, condition, and history of the vehicle. Especially rarity. When I looked for my E46 M3 before this car, there was a few E92 M3s for the same money give or take, but the way I see it, if somebody wants an E60 535d in this spec, then this is what they can buy. I am not trying to market it to people who want a 535 for 12k, it is for people who want a superbly maintained E60. It gets more way comments about it's looks from my colleagues at work compared to the rest of them in the car park and most 5ers here are F or G series... I am not in a rush anyway so it's ok, thank you for the input though I appreciate it! Hello there bud, Unfortunately I will have to decline that offer. I am looking to buy something else and would prefer the cash instead. Many thanks, Sid
  14. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Final price drop £11,995 as is. £10,995 if you bring your own set of wheels. As for the above comments, thanks for your input but it really makes no difference. It is priced as per spec, condition and rarity. If you are unable to value that, it is not the car for you, stick to CAT D 520d's for 4k Cheers, Sid