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  1. That looks great, especially for the money you got it for!
  2. Sounds like bs to me, doubt its the diff itself. If he ends up being right just drive carefully for now and save for a Quafr LSD coversion at Birds Auto. It ll fix your problem and make your car faster
  3. Slap some 19 inch Spiders on this beast with some H&R lowering springs, would transform the look and handling.
  4. If you do sell, get a better/higher spec E60 The only way to replace it imo. For 4-5k you can find some 530 and even some 535d's... bare in mind they will be pre-lci and most likely not well optioned out but still. What do you want from your car? More power, better ride ect... ?
  5. Dr

    Good, the only way to do it. People should take note! #priorities
  6. What you want is gloss black Since its so hot today i decided it needs a quick clean before service this weekend.
  7. So mine being a 57 plate should be ok with the oil level? Not that I even look at that option as I regularly check my oil via the dipstick anyway. Thank you!!
  8. Have you had any issues with that retrofit? Is there anything that isn't working on the CIC that was previously ok on CCC? I heard people having issues with Engine Oil level not being read correctly ? Thanks
  9. It improves the car in a lot of ways, some very minor improvements and bug fixes, but some like are bigger such as making the gear changes smoother and slightly better power delivery. This is stuff I have read online, I have not updated my car yet, but will be doing so after I service the gearbox.
  10. That was with DRL mate, let alone on side lights... The inner one is extremely bright though to the point where even in direct sunlight it is giving out an amazing light output (really shows how powerful these 80W LED Cob bulbs are). However the one around the xenon is just dull, like it's not even there. Not sure why BMW decided this was a good idea. I would of preferred 2 bulbs per headlamp, 1 for each ring. The brightness would then match or be even stronger than the brand new beemers with their LED AEs which I deem blinding in the afternoon hours... The voltage only seems to increase the inner circle. I wonder if I can mod these somehow, I really don't want to remove my lights for halogen LCI just because of some angel eyes...
  11. Me trying to be artistic with a phone... lol They look so different under warm light. Sp hard to capture though. Cant wait to slap em on
  12. How much is it ? I will order ctek and dcan cable this weekend.
  13. After driving a few days with the led's on, ive had enough. The only thing you can see is the inner circle, the other one is only visible when its like pitch black and in drl mode... the inner one is ridiculously bright tho not sure why the light isn't transferring over :/ yellows are a lot more visible and warmer to the eye during the day, so they are going back on till i can figure out the issue...
  14. I wouldn't call it obsolete man, most people out there are still on 720/1080 and will be for a while unless 4K matches 1080 displays in price. I am a complete tech junkie and have already used Dell's new 8K monitor (around £5000!) which has insane picture quality, build quality and 100% Adobe RGB Colour accuracy. It was at a London event not too long ago. But that kind of tech is nowhere near the mainstream. 4K content is barely out there as it is on TV and streaming services so we have a long while to go still. 4K OLED is the way to go if you want the newest most affordable tech at the moment in my eyes, and still is a price to swallow.
  15. As the others have already mentioned, go for the 6 pot man. I personally wouldn't have any 4 pot BMW, there are much better 4 pot engines out there imho. 530d, remap and happy days For 14k I would wait for one with good options and a nice interior colour combo, black doesn't bring out the best in them.