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  1. Yep, he does drive like a cu..in a spirited manner *
  2. Looks amazing that bud, just not keen on the black wheels as they get lost in the car that way. Interior colour is amazing too!
  3. Great car bud
  4. There are Pros and Cons to doing so. If you are only wanting to go up to Stage 1 remap (350-360bhp) then why not leave it in if it is not blocked? Also if you do a lot of city driving and barely any motorways then it's a good idea to not have it in there or give it a good rinse down the closest dual carriage way for 10-15 miles once a week to keep the regen going and it clean. I've had mine taken out and the car mapped. Feels much much faster and more free flowing. However I could not live with the fumes of the decat, and the tiny bit of smoke that comes out (a haze during the day and more noticeable at night). Most importantly the small turbo whistles like crazy as there is no DPF to mask the noise now, and it was really fun at first but gets super annoying after a week or so with it. Going at 20-30mph and getting some real odd looks by people lol. So to fix the above I have ordered a new DPF from Germany and will be having the map tweaked to accept it so it regens as normal. Should be here next week Anything above Stage 1 requires it out anyway as it is very restrictive (for a reason). Hope this helps you!
  5. Sounds like a Lemon and a half
  6. You like boats? Jokes aside, this is good news. CSLs have been heavily overpriced as it is, glad to see some falling to more sensible levels. Now only if MK4 Supras and 32/34 GTRs come down a bit that'd be great
  7. That story is a good advert for BMW Prob a mapped 535d haha
  8. Fine for me too. Maybe it's a sign you need to get a Porker ?
  9. Got my 535d mapped at the weekend, should be making around 360-370bhp but the torque is insane. Flashes the TC at 80mph on dry motorway lol. Gave this Audi TTS a run and a half today
  10. Not too bad a price on there too I guess, £18 http://1outlets.uk/vht-sp402-engine-metallic-burnt-copper-paint-can-11-oz-burnt-GBP-ccy/sku/3RUJai9l7YK2A06qyQqsEY/ Let me know how it goes, for now I have stuck with colour coded calipers
  11. Round 2. I present you Light Black Chrome: Bit lighter than before:
  12. Depends what you mean by better. If it's performance stock for stock 545 is faster than a 535d, but a mapped 535d will leave it for dust, especially stage 2 (400bhp). Sound wise, diesels will never win that contest, but in return you get great economy and enormous amounts of torque! Makes driving them fast so effortless. What is your budget?
  13. There are a lot of statements which conflict or essentially are the same thing but said in other words in that survey bud. Also some really cheesy stuff haha.
  14. So to sum it up, if I stay at 100mph or so, my wipers will work brilliantly?