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  1. Id say its not a big issue. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  2. Hv u changed ur gearbox oil? Cud be just the sensor Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi im looking for a shop that could do muffler delete with straight pipe at a cheap reasonable cost? Im nearby southend. Really need help. Bmw 535d e60 2005. Txt me at 07516807702. Thanks
  4. Mods as in changing brake rotors etcs. The simple stuff or maybe handy man?
  5. Hi does anyone knows an indy bmw shop where i can do some mods on my bmw 535d e60 05? I just got the car 1month ago. Would be nice whose from southend we cud chill out.
  6. Haha like turning old now. From blue to now light blue. Yea thats a really good idea! I'll have a look online how much itl cost
  7. Hahaha LOOOL
  8. Hahahah initt.. just a random post haha.. where r u from bud
  9. Hey bro congrats! I just got mine last week! Im considering to either paint or wrap aswell as my colour is now faded. Its a blue colour.
  10. Im from southend! Driving bmw 535d e60
  11. Hey bro same with me. Any shops found yet? Im in southend aswell. Call me. 07516807702 erwan
  12. Hi all, im Erwan and im a newbie here. I just recently bought bmw 535d e60 2005. Its my first time ever to experience diesel turbos. I must say. Its brilliant! The torque is massive with just stock turbos. The car came with remapped and egr delete so i dont know how the actual stock power delivery is. But diesel has no lag whatsoever compared to my other heavy modded bmw 335i e92 n54 in other country. I now live in southend on sea, i need bmw communities around here and some friends who could recommend me cheap repair shops? I know most repairs by DIY but i dont have tools. It would be great if i could have a mechanic indy shop that i can be loyal to and have a good connection. My number is 07516807702.